How to Use Your Internet Connection to Earn Effortlessly

Is there anything the internet cannot help you do these days? You can shop, date, learn, and do a myriad of other everyday things online – and work is not an exception. But did you know you can actually earn online without adding any time or effort into it? Of course, you won’t probably make a living wage out of it; nevertheless, it might be a great way to cover your Netflix subscription fee or treat yourself with a nice frappe here and there.

A passive income application Honeygain is available worldwide for users of Windows, macOS, Linux (on Docker), Android, and iOS. Its idea is pretty simple: you log in and leave the app running. That’s it – as long as your device is connected to the internet, the app will generate passive income without you doing any active work. How does it work? Let’s see.

What Honeygain Pays You For

As the Honeygain app runs on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, it shares your extra bandwidth with a crowdsourced web intelligence network. With a peak usage of under 3MB/s, it doesn’t affect your browsing experience in the slightest, and there’s no noticeable slowdown in the device’s performance either. It’s best if you have Wi-Fi or an unlimited data plan, so you can share (and earn) more.

Honeygain rents access to its network to verified business partners so they can gather publicly available web data in a fast and secure manner without running into bot-banning policies or location-based restrictions. This allows them to work on tasks like application testing, ad campaign verifications, brand protection, etc. These partners pay Honeygain – which in turn shares profits with their users who make it all possible.

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How Much You Can Make

Sharing your internet bandwidth with Honeygain, you will earn 3,000 Honeygain credits ($3) for every 10GB. If you enable an additional Content Delivery (CD) feature, you can earn 6 extra credits for every hour your device is in Active mode – however, CD is currently only available for desktop devices in 41 countries. Nevertheless, new countries do get added from time to time, so the list is likely to get bigger in the future.

Extra credits can be won in the daily Lucky Pot lottery for active users and social media contests announced weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Typically, a user with 2–4 connected devices can make $20–30 a month. While it’s not exactly millions, it’s absolutely free money that you don’t have to work for, so… Still a pretty sweet deal.

Prior to January 2022, there were two options you could choose from once you reached the mandatory $20 threshold – PayPal or Bitcoin. Now, a third option has appeared due to Honeygain partnering up with JumpTask: you can collect your earnings in JumpTokens (JMPT) and enjoy a limited-time early bird bonus.

Is It Safe?

It’s not uncommon to worry about online safety these days – after all, as technologies get better, hackers and scam artists do too! Being aware of this, the Honeygain team focuses a lot on transparency and making sure its users and network are protected. Among the many safety features it has adopted are mandatory 2FA for every payout, limited number of active devices per account, Anti-Cheat system, and careful vetting of partners that use the web intelligence network to reach their business objectives.

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Honeygain also encourages new users to only download the installers from the official website where you can find the newest versions of the app for all five operating systems it currently supports. Beware of unofficial websites and discussion boards: they can easily become a place of spreading malware-infected installers and damage your device!

honeygain site

How to Start

To sign up on Honeygain, you don’t need to enter any extensive personal information, complete long forms, or provide the app with questionable permissions (in fact, it asks for none – which means the app cannot access any data stored on your device). All you need to input to join is your email and password. Not only is this great from the privacy point of view, but it also saves time: signing up literally takes a few minutes.

First, you need to register on the website. Then, download the app on your device(s), sign in using the same credentials, and leave the app running as you go about your day. You can even keep using your device without any issues, since the peak usage of the app is low enough to not affect its performance. Earning online was never this effortless – start now!

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