How to Get and Convert Twitter Leads

How to Get and Convert Leads from Twitter

Trying to figure out how to get Twitter leads? You’re not alone with that.

Twitter is a great way to find more leads for your brand, but the trouble is that it’s a pretty crowded marketplace at this point.

This means that if you don’t have the right framework to achieve this, you’re very quickly going to do under, and get overwhelmed.

If you want to scale your strategy and turn into into a streamlined success, let’s talk about it. First, you’ll have to attract the right Twitter followers.

Then, you’ll need to scan for leads from these followers, and thirdly, you’ll need to figure out your next email marketing campaign to increase that contact list.

Let’s elaborate.

So Why Twitter for Leads?

Twitter Leads

Instead of thinking it this way, think of it another way – why not?

The final goal of having your brand on social media platforms like Twitter is to turn leads into paying customers who want to use your brand repeatedly.

While it’s good to have tweets that appealing to your audience, you’ve got to find a way to turn those followers into customers, because the reality is we all have bills to pay.

Let’s take a look at how to convert those Twitter followers into leads so that you can leverage your Twitter presence and be more successful.

How to Attract Targeted Followers on Twitter

Twitter Targeted

The good news is that you can dive right into Twitter and start looking for emails in people’s Twitter handles.

However, you don’t just want to do this with anyone – you’ve got to make sure that the people you’re targeting are going to fit into your niche and industry.

Otherwise, they’ll go cold, and you’ll be no closer to finding people who want to become paying customers.

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Companies like Twesocial can help you find the right people for your Twitter profile based on filters that you come up with together.

Twesocial can target people based on things like gender, location, and hashtags, so you know that their interactions are going to be intentional and high quality. 

If you want to turn those followers into real leads that become paying customers, you need to make the most of a service like Twesocial.

It’s the only way to set up your engagement strategy, without it taking up all of your time.

How to Get Those Leads


Twesocial helps you target accounts so that you can scan them for leads.

All you have to do is provide Twesocial with the right information, and they can start targeting those accounts for you so that you can retrieve the most relevant Twitter leads for your brand.

So, now that Twesocial has been able to help you with this, how do you go about contacting your leads, so that they become customers?

How to Contact Your Leads


When you start a new engagement strategy that you’ll scale at some point when you’re feeling more confident about it, you’ve got to remember to build a solid foundation.

Otherwise, you’re doomed to fail before you’ve even begun.

With your next email marketing campaign, you’ll be able to adjust things as you go, so that you can end up improving your conversion rate overall.

Utilizing the cold email method is wise these days because emailing someone is a great way to get their attention. It’s more effective than social media because it helps you to stand out a bit more.

However, you’ve got to figure out how to land in the right inbox. We’re all aware of spam these days, and there aren’t too many of us that want it.

  • Start slow and make sure to build up your email campaign manually. Test things like the subject, the contents of the email, when you email it, and what you’re offering to know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make sure to keep your emails personalized and compelling. Nobody wants to read something that they think is being read by hundreds of others in their inbox.
  • Don’t be afraid to catch up with them again through a follow-up email – and don’t be afraid to do this more than once.
  • Figure out who your lead is and what they hope to gain from knowing your brand. Through your emails, talk about what their goals are, not yours.
  • When you’ve managed to come up with the ultimate cold email campaign, automate it so that you can save time on your end.
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How to Grab Your Lead’s Attention

So, what is the best way to grab your lead’s attention, then? You’ve got to think outside the box. Do this by targeting them in more than one way.

Instead of just being in their inbox, try to show up on their social media pages, too.

This way, your brand will become a familiar sight, and they will feel comfortable around it. Familiarity and comfortability result in trust.

How do you become more present on social media websites like Twitter for your leads? Through automation services like Twesocial.

Remember also to create a custom audience through your email list, and curate what your average target audience member looks like.

This is how you come up with the ultimate strategy to get more leads through Twitter.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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