HaasOnline Review 2024 – Is This Trading Bot a Scam?

HaasOnline Review – Is This Trading Bot Worth It?

Are you looking to automate your cryptocurrency trading because it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the ups and downs and changes in the cryptocurrency market? A good cryptocurrency trading bot can be the best thing you ever do, or the worst, depending on which one you choose. 

There are some that are effective and safe, while there are also others that are less than safe and aren’t very effective. It’s important to know the difference, which is why we are providing this HaasOnline review. 

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HaasOnline Review 2024

Once you read this information to the end, you have the information you need to decide if this cryptocurrency bot is for you or not.

We strive to provide the best information and form the most unbiased reviews possible. We want to be honest and give you our opinions about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency automation services. 

Unlike us humans, well-programmed cryptocurrency bots can keep up with the super-fast daily and even hourly ups and downs of the market. 

That said, just imagine how much time you can save by giving the best bots a try while checking in throughout the day without having to manage it all yourself.

Let’s review HaasOnline and see what you think.

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What is HaasOnline?

As we already mentioned, HaasOnline is a trading bot. This particular system is easy to understand but is hard to build and even more difficult to make profits.

Otherwise, this cryptocurrency automation tool allows you to automate your trading strategy and spend more time enjoying the rewards. 

Advanced users will find this bot easier to use than the newbie. After all, these bots aren’t for everyone, but just like with anything they certainly can be used by everyone.

Generally, these systems are designed to perform analyses as well as execute trades for you. 

How Long Has HaasOnline Been Around?

HaasOnline Automation

The official name for this bot is the HaasOnline Trading Server or HTS and it was introduced in 2014. Since that time, this bot has become popular for active cryptocurrency traders. 

This particular crypto trading bot is a download from the official website to your desktop and is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows. After you install it, you simply run it like you would any other program.

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This kind of automation helps traders work faster through reliable trades according to their settings and markets. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency based on your settings whether you are watching them or not. That’s one of the benefits of automation.

HaasOnline’s software also allows you to use sophisticated functions and speculation features. So, it’s not just an automated buying and selling bot. 

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Is HaasOnline Reputable?

For those who use this service, it’s considered an advanced cryptocurrency trading bot, though there are some traders who have not enjoyed that same experience.

A few traders that have used this automation complained about the bot’s ability to get them to profitability because of its preset, automated options, and overall functionality of the bot. 

Most of these dissatisfied traders, as we discovered, were new to cryptocurrency trading or users who were overwhelmed by the complexities of the interface.

Also, some traders tend to have higher expectations right off the bat using automation and presets since they may not have understood that profits don’t happen immediately. 

Beyond that, the user reviews for HaasOnline have usually been positive from both conventional and professional traders.

Besides the somewhat challenging user interface, users have concluded that the overall performance of this automation service provides favorable outcomes.

What Exchanges Does HaasOnline Support?

One of the metrics we use to determine the usefulness of a cryptocurrency trading bot is how many and what exchanges they support. This aspect plays a major role in how valuable this kind of service is. 

HaasOnline happens to support 21 cryptocurrency exchanges, which include the most notable digital crypto assets in the market. Here are some of the exchanges it supports. 

  • BINANCE Futures
  • BitMEX
  • bitpanda.pro
  • Bitstamp
  • CEX-10
  • bybit
  • FTX
  • coinbase Pro
  • Huobi
  • OKEX
  • OKEX Futures
  • KRAKEN Futures
  • Deribit
  • ionomy
  • HitBTC

Notice the futures exchanges that are so aptly included. That is important to most professional traders. 

Since this system supports these popular markets and cryptocurrency trading pairs, traders can buy and sell across whatever cryptocurrencies suit them.

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What Does It Cost to Use HaasOnline?

Not only does this system support multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, but it’s also considered a premium service. They use the Bitcoin pricing structure instead of USD or other fiat-type currencies. 

What does that mean? If you are somewhat new to this market, this means that you must transfer your Bitcoin via your wallet. You don’t need a credit or debit card to do this, nor can you even use this form of payment.

You will find three distinct service packages that are modeled according to duration. 

  • Beginner: 10 trading bots, 20 indicators, 11 insurances, and 10 safeties.
  • Simple: 20 speculations, restricted bot access, 13 insurances, 40 plus indicators, and 20 safeties.
  • Advanced: Unlimited access to all bots and features.
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All plans come with unlimited access to all supported exchanges and chat and support ticket services. The two lower tier plans do have some restrictions regarding signals, core features, and order limits.

These constructs also make the system a complex and sophisticated one with detailed services as compared to other services. 

Is HaasOnline Easy to Use?

As mentioned before, it is not an easy interface to use. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, there is likely a lengthy learning curve to go through.

If you are not new to this kind of service, the interface will seem familiar to you as it’s just like most other trading software programs.

What Features Can You Expect from HaasOnline?

HaasOnline Pricing

Settings: Automated buy and sell, advanced trading solutions, backtesting, paper trading, and unlimited trades and no fees.

Security: Its difficulty of use doesn’t mean it’s less secure than other services. Security measures are taken to protect traders from malicious issues. It’s recommended to use their two-factor authentication.

Support: Live chat and a support ticketing system, though live chat isn’t manned 24/7.

Profitability: No automated cryptocurrency service can honestly guarantee any profitability. If you come across such a service, give it a pass. Due to the ever-changing ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market, profitability varies among traders. Much of this has to do with your level of knowledge.

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Review Conclusion

We believe that HaasOnline is okay to use generally, though due to its challenging interface, we recommend Bitsgap or Quadency, especially for newer traders.

We have also discovered that HaasOnline programmers tend to consistently tweak and make changes to the system, so we think you might be better off going another way unless you are a seasoned cryptocurrency trader who is accustomed to these trading bots and the complicated interface. 

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