Five Fun Ways To Market Your Startup At A Conference 

As a startup, you need your company to get noticed. In addition to using a variety of marketing strategies, one of the best ways of attracting new customers to your brand is to attend business conferences.

There are loads of conferences you could attend, such as Startup Grind, SMX West, and the Small Business Expo in the U.S. and others around the world, like CEBIT Australia and Canton Fair in China.

Whichever conferences and events you decide to attend in order to market your startup business, you need to come up with strategies that you can implement at the conferences to make your company stand out and attract new clients.

Using a fun approach is certainly a good idea.

Here are just five fun ways in which you can market your startup at a conference.

1. Launch An Online Marketing Campaign Before The Conference Takes Place

First off, you should launch a marketing campaign online prior to the conference. It’s best to launch the campaign around two weeks before the event.

By doing so, you can get existing customers and potential customers to come along and meet you or your representatives face-to-face.

Not only is that a great way for communicating with leads and customers on a personal basis, which in turn can help to increase conversions and sales. It’s also a good way of getting people around your conference booth to create a buzz.

When other people see that there are lots of people around your booth, they’re more likely to come over and find out what your startup is all about.

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Make your online marketing campaign fun to attract more people. For instance, you could use a fun animation that’s created especially for the promotion of the event.

2. Make Your Booth Eye-catching

It can be more than worth investing in a booth at a business conference or event, but to draw people in, you still need to consider how you’ll dress up your booth and tables to make the space attractive and engage people.

Putting up a large colorful banner is certainly a good idea, as well as using a variety of eye-catching promotional posters and freebies.

But you need your booth to be eye-catching from far away and you need it to stand out from other booths, which are sure to also be using similar things like banners. So, think outside of the box.

The more fun you can make your booth, the better. For instance, if your startup sells toys, you could invest in a life-size teddy bear or have a bubble machine going at all times.

3. Give Out Fun And Useful Freebies

Giving out free promotional items is always a good marketing tactic to use at conferences, but choose your freebies wisely.

You shouldn’t just give out stuff with your logo and contact number on it for the sake of it, as no one wants junk.

On the other hand, when you give out something fun or useful, you’ll soon find plenty of people choosing to visit your conference booth instead of others. Make sure the freebies you give out tie into your brand too.

You could give out umbrellas, T-shirts, USBs, and all manner of items. The more colorful and fun you make those items, the more you’ll draw in the crowds.

4. Get Custom Temporary Tattoos Printed

Okay, let’s think outside the box a little more. If you really want to create a sense of fun and do something that your competitors aren’t doing, consider getting custom temporary tattoos printed that people can place wherever they choose on their bodies.

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And when people at the conference walk around with your temporary tattoos on their skin, other people are sure to notice. In turn, that means they can remember your logo and your brand; and your startup can gain great exposure.

5. Hand Out Printed Marketing Materials

It’s also recommended that you hand out printed marketing materials that contain branding like your logo, tagline, and concise information about your company and your products or services.

You could also include QR codes that link to your website or other relevant content. Just make sure you come up with fun and colorful ideas for the printed marketing materials to ensure they stand out.

You could even come up with something really fun and inventive, like folding your printed marketing materials into origami shapes.

And if you go with the origami approach, make sure the designs suit your industry. For example, if you sell pet accessories, you could make origami dogs out of your marketing materials.

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