Likes and Followers Club Review 2024 – Is Likes and Followers Club a Scam?

Likes and Followers Club User Reviews

Likes and Followers Club Review 2024

There is a never-ending chain of followers out there just waiting to like, comment, and engage with you on your Instagram account. You could say there are so many Instagram users and so little time, but I digress.

The key to getting attention to your Instagram account is finding followers that are interested in the type of product or service you offer. For instance, if you sell makeup, you want people who are interested in makeup. It’s essentially that simple.

How do you find them? A little research on Instagram by checking out the users who follow your competitors is a big help.

It is time-consuming. It does require effort. It will not happen overnight in most instances. These are three reasons that Instagram users, especially business users, find ways to outsource their Instagram activities.

The hardest thing about finding methods to grow your Instagram audience is ascertaining which third-party companies are using viable and honest methods and those that are using less reputable methods.

This review will inform you about Likes and Followers Club and what’s behind their methods of Instagram activities.

What is Likes and Followers Club?

Likes and Followers Club allows you to buy Instagram followers, comments, and likes and views from real and active users at a cheap price. They say they can boost your social media presence, according to their About Me page. They say they have the tools to help you be found amongst the sea of Instagram profiles. Let’s look inside their tools and website and see how they measure up in security, safety, and delivery.

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What are Likes and Followers Club’s main features?

Because this company sells Instagram followers, comments, and likes and views, they offer different packages for newbies to veteran e-commerce companies.


  • Highly Secured
  • High-Quality Profiles
  • Fast Instant Delivery
  • Instant Instagram Followers
  • Brand Recognition
  • Customized Following
  • Competitor Research

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Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?

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Like most third-party companies that sell Instagram activities, Likes and Followers Club offers packages and pricing to suit the budgets of almost any user.

First, they allow a free trial, then if you like their services, you can choose from one of these packages.

  • 100 – 100,000 Followers for between $1.99 – $600.00
  • 50 – 50,000 Likes for between $1.25 – $220.00
  • 50 – 50,000 Views for between $1.25 – $220.00
  • 10 – 500 Comments for between $15.00 – $595.00

Is Likes and Followers Club safe?

Now that we know the essentials about Likes and Followers Club, let’s delve into their website safety, security, risk factors, and pros and cons.


  • The website is https secure, protecting your activities on the site.
  • They appear to offer verified payment gateways, protecting your payment information.
  • You can contact them for support or questions and concerns via form fill email on their website and social media like Facebook messenger, Skype, and other networks.
  • Their packages and pricing structures are visible and clear.
  • They have an informative blog.


  • They have no real reviews on-site.
  • They have no dedicated FAQ page, but some questions and answers can be found on various pages of the site.
  • There is no indication that they offer 24/7 customer support but claim to provide quick responses to emails.
  • Instant delivery could be code for botting technology.
  • The claim of high-quality profiles could be too good to be true. Beware of fake followers.

This website and their payment gateways appear to be safe and secure. I believe this company has good intentions, but I am still unsure of their services since I have been unable to find many recent off-site or on-site reviews other than those written by them or someone who contracts with them.

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Final Thoughts

Likes and Followers Club caters to other social media platforms other than Instagram.

I did find some old reviews on SiteJabber that appear to be positive, but I won’t review based on old information.

ScamAdvisor reports this website as safe and ranks its popularity on Alexa here.

I seldom recommend a company that sells followers unless they have a good reputation built over time. I cannot claim that Likes and Followers Club is unsafe, but I wouldn’t use it.

Top Likes and Followers Club Alternatives

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Likes and Followers Club Coupon

I have tried to contact Likes and Followers Club for an exclusive coupon or discount code but has been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

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- Jon

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