Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts In 2024 That Every Newbie Must Listen To

Back when the radio was still the ultimate source of entertainment, you probably remember how it felt every time your favourite show host came on the air.

Since that time, we’ve come a long way since nowadays, you can already replay every single episode of everything you’ve ever watched!

However, the rise of podcasts also came as many people do talks about different topics, including tips or knowledge about crypto trading platforms!

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Technology has certainly taken away some of the passion, but it gave the world podcasts.

Podcasts are first referred to as audio blogs, and they used to be just a recording of people ranting about certain aspects of life.

As the years went by, the topics grew deeper as people became productive, until eventually, podcasts became a part of every people’s source of knowledge and entertainment. 

People’s lifestyle is what made podcasts so popular – the convenience of joining a conversation with just a push of a button is just something that most people find irresistible.

You can also talk about different topics on a show, from what are the effects of certain things to Cryptocurrency talks, such as tips for newbie investors! 

As a trader and investor, there are plenty of listening choices when you want to stay updated about the crypto market.

If you go into the podcasts channel and you type in the Cryptocurrency keyword, you’ll get hundreds of channels on any platform with different topics of podcasts that revolve around investing or anything about the Crypto world. 

Here are some of the Cryptocurrency podcasts that you might want to listen to:

1. The Crypto Conversation (Andy Pickering)

The Crypto Conversation is among Brave New Coin’s Intellectual Properties, a crypto informational agency.

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Most of the shows here are driven by analysis and focus on predictions and speculations.

Also, you can learn useful information about how cryptocurrency behaves and how to learn and forecast specific changes. 

Andy Pickering isn’t the one who provides information about the world of crypto; he usually invites guests over who’s either an expert in the field or has credible experience in trading.

The guests will do most of the talking while Andy tries to ask questions and shares insights that most traders, especially newbies, also wonder about. 

2. Zero-Knowledge (Anna Rose)

If you’ve heard of the Zero-Knowledge protocol, this podcast is named after it! The zero-knowledge protocol refers to the method of proving a statement is true.

The Zero-knowledge protocol is one of the core elements of verification in cryptography. 

The term perfectly matches the type of content that the podcaster Anna Rose offers along with guests.

These people discuss the micro-features of cryptocurrency, such as privacy, updates, and systematic problems.

Their conversations are helpful for newbies as they are an informative combination of data analysis and educated opinions.


3. The Pomp Podcast (Anthony Pompliano)

While it’s common to have guests in podcasts, the podcaster Anthony Pompliano doesn’t need one!

The content of his talk show is solely based on guests’ opinions and knowledge of cryptocurrency.

This is great to listen to because even though guests talk about the same thing about cryptocurrency, every conversation is unique and approaches a different aspect as everyone has different opinions.

The main great thing about The Pomp Podcast is the wide range of perspectives of different people on some of the mainstream topics.

Different types of people go on the show – from high profile CEOs to self-made millionaire traders, who share their experience and tips.

So, if you’re interested in what successful crypto investors have to say, you should check this one out.

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4. Stephen Livera Podcast (Stephen Livera)

Stephen Livera has been on the podcast field for quite some time, with the show’s first episode airing in 2018.

The majority of his content is focused on Bitcoin and everything about it. So, if you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast, you’ll find a lot of useful information from listening to this podcast. 

Stephan discusses technical aspects of Bitcoin, including software, energy consumption, lighting network, and more!

5. What Bitcoin Did (Peter McCormack)

What Bitcoin Did is one of the top-performing podcast shows, and it talks about what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it is relevant in today’s economy.

This podcast includes educational content as there are several things that you can discover from Peter and his guests.

In addition, their conversations are easy to understand, so newbies on trading will have a comfortable time listening.

What makes a good podcast is consistency in tone and precision of opinions.

Several podcasts talk about the different crypto trading platforms that every trader, especially newbies who don’t like to read, must listen to.

While podcasts are great to listen to, there will be times that you would need to read and research important things about the crypto world, so pair reading and listening, and you’re one step closer to a successful crypto career!

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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