FeedPixel Review 2022 – Is It a Scam?

FeedPixel Review – Is FeedPixel a Scam?

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Real FollowersYesYes
Real LikesYesYes
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FeedPixel Review 2022

A couple of years ago everyone was scrambling to become Instafamous on Instagram. Users still want to become Instafamous, but now there is a new social media app in town.

TikTok is the new big thing in social media. It is primarily used by people 34 and younger across the globe. There is a small demographic of the over 35 market segments but that is under one-third of all TikTok’s user base.

Musical.ly, an exclusively lip-syncing app was bought out and rebranded as TikTok a few years ago. Since that time, it has caught on and is quickly catching up with Instagram and Facebook.

Its unique features for creating and sharing short 15-second videos as well as meme, challenges, and other unique content are only part of why it is so popular especially among the 16- to 24- year-old crowd.

Another reason for its massive growth among its users is the celebrity content. Celebrities like Jimmy Fallon pose challenges on the app and TikTok users are drawn to popular celebrities from TV shows, movies, or from TikTok fame. Once something becomes popular on TikTok, it often snowballs into viral content.

None of this TikTok style fame and popularity would be possible without people. Real people who are genuinely engaging and interacting with their fellow TikTok users.

Even though the platform is popular and unique, it is much the same as other social media channels in the realm of having followers and engagement to grow, boost, and build your presence.

Some users are outsourcing this kind of engagement through buying followers or using bots to build. The biggest issue with these methods is that they can be risky enough to get your account banned.

Another problem is that the followers and engagement you get this way often drops off even with the guarantee that they will not.

Fans on TikTok come and go according to their own entertainment needs. You may have thousands of fans, but only a few interacting with you because people are fickle. Or you may have some fake or inactive fans on your account.

It happens sometimes. It is not always about whether you use TikTok growth tools or services, but oftentimes, that is a catalyst. If you are planning to use any kind of TikTok growth company, you need to know about them to protect yourself against risky methods.

This review about FeedPixel will discuss this company and its website so you can decide if they’re legit or not.

What is FeedPixel?


FeedPixel is a website where you buy TikTok fans, likes, or views. This website not only caters to TikTok, but to other social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube.

There is little to be found online regarding their services for TikTok, and only a few reviews about their other services. We definitely consider this to be a red flag.

What are the features of FeedPixel?

The following will briefly address the getting started, features, and packages offered by FeedPixel.

Getting Started

According the website, this is how you get started.

Step 1) Choose the TikTok package that best suits your objective.

Step 2) Provide your TikTok username (URL) where you want the fans, likes, or views to go.

Step 3) Select the payment method and complete your transaction so your order can be delivered between 48 and 72 hours.



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FeedPixel for YouTube

FeedPixel for YouTube

FeedPixel says that they can provide their clients with real subscribers, comments, and views for their YouTube channel, to help them score high when it comes to their video content.

They also want to help their clients increase their channel engagement, boost their reputation, and stand out among rivals. This is all well and good, if they were a legit company that provided their clients with authentic engagement.

They say that their views cost from just $4.49, their subscribers from $9.99, and their likes and dislikes from $2.99. You can also get comments through them from $14.99.

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FeedPixel for Instagram

FeedPixel for Instagram

FeedPixel claims to know how popular Instagram is these days, and they say that they are a great choice for you to carve out your niche with the Instagram community, so that you can organically spike your reach .

They say that their Instagram features are designed for customers by customers, and they say that they are here to meet their clients demands.

Again, we don’t think that any of their Instagram engagement is genuine. You can purchase Instagram likes from just $2.99, Instagram comments from $6.89, and Instagram views from $2.99.

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FeedPixel for Twitch

FeedPixel for Twitch

If you are trying to grow your Twitch as well as the rest of your social media platforms, FeedPixel claims better help you here as well.

They say that they have real followers and views to offer their clients, and they ultimately want to help you bring your Twitch profile one step closer to your growth goals.

We don’t think that any of their Twitch engagement looks decent enough to use. You can get views from $2.49, and followers from $3.99.

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FeedPixel for Telegram

FeedPixel for Telegram

Telegram has been around for quite a while now, but you might not have heard of it, as it is still an upcoming platform that hasn’t managed to gain as much traction as other social networks out there.

However, FeedPixel is still here to help you grow your Telegram profile, and they say that they offer multiple payment options, as well as instant package delivery and quality engagement products.

If only we believe them. They say that you can get channel members from as little as $0.99, group members from $1.49, and post views from $1.99.

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FeedPixel for Facebook

FeedPixel says that you can cover all of your Facebook growth needs with their features. They say that they provide fast delivery as well as discounts and different packages, and they also promise excellent customer experience.

Their reviews start from $3.59, their follows from $2.29, and their page likes from $3.29.

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FeedPixel for SoundCloud

FeedPixel for SoundCloud

Have you ever wanted to make it big on music channels like SoundCloud? Well, FeedPixel is claiming to be able to help you with this as well.

They say that they can help you with your likes, plays, and followers, and they also say that they can help you grow your audience tenfold, and ensure that your tracks are going to be appealing to new people who visit your profile.

Their plays begun from $1.99 and their likes from $0.49. They also offer followers from $1.79.

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The features essentially reflect what you get with the package you choose. Here is what the website has to say about that.

  • Claim to provide real people
  • Claim to be safe
  • No password needed
  • Fast delivery
  • Claim to provide organic growth
  • Privacy
  • Customer support
  • Quality service (?)
  • Brand awareness

It all seems so simple and straightforward, does it not? We don’t think so. Let’s continue the review.

Packages & Prices

FeedPixel-Packages & Prices

The packages on the website include services for fans, likes, views, and shares.

  • Fans and Likes packages start at 100 for $5.99
  • Views start at 1,000 for $3.99
  • Shares start at 100 for $2.99

Bundled Packages


Bundled packages are all inclusive options for fans, likes, and views.

  • Bundle 1) $12.99 will get you 100+ fans, 100+ likes, and 2,000+ views
  • Bundle 2) $45.99 will get you 500+ fans, 500+likes, and 5,000+ views
  • Bundle 3) $73.99 will get you 1,000+ fans, 1,000+ likes, and 10,000 views
  • Bundle 4) $219.99 will get you 5,000 fans, 5,000 likes, and 20,000 views

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Is FeedPixel Safe? Is it a Scam?

Overall, this website isn’t as safe as others out there. It is not always about safety, but about reputation.

So far, FeedPixel has a relatively average reputation regarding its other social media services, and almost nothing related to its TikTok services.

Let’s go over the pros and cons.

  • The website is https secure
  • The prices and packages are visible and easy to find
  • Third-party reviews are mixed across social media services
  • There is little to nothing online regarding its TikTok growth services
  • Scam Advisor gives the website 100% trust score related to the safety of the website, but there is also one thumb down claiming it to be a scam service
  • Scam Advisor also reports this website as over 10 years old with no Web of Trust feedback and slow speed
  • Buying fans, likes, and views come with known risks

We will not recommend FeedPixel, and it is probably not safe to use.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

It is important to understand the pros and cons of any type of growth service if you plan to use this kind of engagement on TikTok. Being an informed marketer, business owner, brand, influencer, or personal TikTok user is vital to keeping your account active and your reputation intact.

This is true for every type of TikTok growth method you use. They may all claim to stay within TikTok’s guidelines, but how can you know for sure without real user reviews?

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your TikTok account, but you do want to outsource your growth, there are alternatives to buying engagement that could be fake or questionable. A list of reliable TikTok growth tools can be found by clicking here.

The bottom line is that we don’t think you should go for companies like FeedPixel. There is just soo much risk associated with using them for your TikTok growth – and the growth of the rest of your social networks, too.

Top FeedPixel Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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