What Businesses Want From The Animation Companies They Employ

Many businesses work with animation companies. They hire them and want things from them.

Animation companies set up expensive contracts with business entities sometimes. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

If you’re a business entity looking into hiring an animation company, you probably want some particular things from them.

Those include what this company can do for you and the qualities the animators should possess.

We’ll talk about the potential benefits of working with animation companies right now and how you’ll know you’ve found the right one.

The Animators Should Have Pleasant Dispositions

First, when you look around and study different animation companies with which you might partner, you want animators with pleasant dispositions and overall positive attitudes. You’ll likely meet some of the company’s animators.

You may meet in person, or perhaps you’ll have a Zoom meeting or something similar. Maybe you’ll at least have a conference call, even if you never see them face-to-face.

At that point, you can assess their attitudes. Do they seem happy and engaged with the work? Do they seem distant, surly, or uninterested?

As a business owner or operator, you and these animators probably won’t become great friends. However, you should have a good working relationship.

They should seem grateful you’re giving them this job. Maybe you’re paying them quite a bit for the animation they’re creating for you.

If they seem like they’re doing you a favor by taking on the project, go with someone else. You’ll easily find other animators who want the job more.

They Should Have The Skill Set You Need

You’ll likely find many animation companies. You might locate larger or smaller ones. Some might have many employees, while others may have just a few.

When you learn about these companies, you’ll likely find out what they can do and what they can’t. You can find out whether they can handle a huge animation campaign if that’s what you need.

You must ask them how fast they can create what you need and what tools they’ll use. You must judge their capabilities. You might ask whether they can show you previous work examples that closely mirror what you need.

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If they can do it, then you can hire them without reservations. If it seems like they are not big enough, or they don’t have the tools or the skill set you need, you should find another option that’s a better fit.

They Should Match Your Timetable

If you need some animation for your company, you probably need it relatively quickly.

Maybe you need an animation company that can create a character line that you’ll use in some TV commercials showcasing your products.

Perhaps you’ll introduce the characters they create for you on your website in some slideshows when a potential customer reaches your landing page.

Presumably, you have a timetable to which you’d like to adhere. You might want those commercials on TV within a couple of months or maybe less than that.

You may want those animated characters on your website within a few weeks since you’ll introduce some new products or services at that same time.

If the animation company can provide you with what you need in the timeframe you want, then you can use them.

If they’re simply too busy right now, or they don’t seem like they can handle such a large project, then you should probably go with another company.

They Need An Excellent Website

Maybe you learn about a particular animation company, and you feel like they might fit your needs. You may do some online research, and you soon discover their website.

Animation studios should have excellent websites. All companies should have good ones since they must hook potential customers who stop by.

Animation companies should have better-than-average technical expertise, though.

It’s true that making animation isn’t exactly website creation, but an animation company that has a shoddy-looking website probably won’t do a good job for you.

Their site should have great UX. It should show you the animation style the company cultivates, and it should make clear how much they charge. 

It should have service and product pages that indicate what they can do for your company. The site should also have an “about us” section and a way you can follow the company on social media.

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Any decent animation company in 2023 should have all that on its website. You should find the site vibrant and enticing.

If you find a drab website that doesn’t capture your imagination, that’s probably not the best sign you’ll like what this company produces for you.

They Must Fit Your Budget

You likely have a set budget when considering the new animation campaign your company wants. You may have a little flexibility, but probably not that much.

You have money you’ve allocated for this endeavor. You might have other financial resources, but they’re tied up elsewhere within your company.

If you can make your budget fit what the animation company says they’ll charge, that’s a huge point in their favor.

If they seem like a great company, and they have many five-star reviews, that’s nice, but if they charge far too much, you can’t use them.

If you’re close on the price, maybe you can negotiate, but if you’re miles apart, you can politely thank the individuals you spoke to and move on.

You must find an animation company that can do the job at your price point, or you should abandon the animation idea altogether.

Many times, you can find an animation company that fits your needs. The right one should have the proper attitude, the skill set, and the tools you need, and they should say they can provide your animation promptly.

They should work with your budget and have a website that reflects their overall excellence.

The right animation company can create visuals for you that can define your brand. You might partner with them and have a years-long working relationship.

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