Top 8 Tips For Business Energy-Efficiency

Utilities are among the most heavy-weighted expenses any business, whether big-fish or small and independently run, face on a weekly to monthly, and yearly basis.

More importantly, this fixed expenditure, besides adding onto what you deduct from income and/or revenue expenses, is what allows business operations to take place with ease. 

With these factors constantly hanging on the balance (they are, after all, constants as utilities), the question remains: is there a way to be more energy-efficient whilst you run your enterprise? Is it possible to lower electricity bills even in parallel to growing your business? 

From our experts to you, here are steps you can observe for true energy efficiency, day in and day out, and per annum. 

How To Save On Energy Costs For Your Business

1. An Overall Audit And/Or Inspection (By Your Utility Supplier) 

Before anything else, have your utility supplier conduct an overall inspection of your business establishment’s energy spending.

From the smallest appliance to the largest machine, from apparatuses that see constant use as opposed to ones that are relied on only once every so often… there are tons of variables to be considered when counting that which contributes the most or the least to power consumption. 

And by and large, businesses that function without aid from an ideal utility supplier have little to no idea about the particulars regarding how much they ought to spend on utilities versus how much they’re actually shelling out. 

This can be expertly avoided with a good monitoring strategy towards the same. In parallel to that, constant updating of said strategy with the support of your utility agency will be advantageous. 

2. Fix Malfunctioning Appliances And Gadgets 

Many carry this misconception that as long as electronic devices continue to produce results in accordance with what they’re for, incurred damages can be overlooked.

However, what business managers and owners fail to comprehend is that damaged machines usually consume much more energy than their undamaged alternatives. 

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In due course and time, you will notice that your electric bills will begin to offer up higher computations even when you don’t change anything in how often you and your workforce utilize machines.

This can continue to transpire the longer you tarry in having these impaired apparatuses patched up. 

3. How About Renewable Energy 

Electricity business companies can now provide enterprises with programs tailored around renewable energy.

The premise behind this falls on a much grander scale— how fossil fuels are expensive to acquire (and this matter stands as a majority of the world’s population still rely on them, not to mention how fossil fuel is not exactly safe for the environment). 

The production of renewable energy is more economical than its fossil fuel counterpart. Because of this, consumer distribution and costs can be lowered.

Hence, lower fees in energy consumption from house to house and from business to business. 

The initial shift may have you pay a substantial fee as this demands completely changing your energy plan. But looking into the long run, you’ll be saving a lot more with renewable energy. 

4. Repair Cracks And Leaks 

Here’s a tip that isn’t appliance-specific but has to do with your workspace and/or building. Cracks and leaks are to be repaired immediately.

On the subject of air conditioning systems, you will be overburdening them if cool and/or warm air escapes the room because of these fissures. 

When this occurs, your HVAC devices will work double-time to compensate, therefore using up more energy than average.

And similar to how damaged machines will only wreak more havoc to your bills when left unattended, this can eventually transpire with unrepaired cracks and leaks. 

5. Keep Rooms Cool, Naturally 

It’s a fact that heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are among the most convenient solutions for keeping workspaces cool especially when temperatures rise in warm-weather seasons. 

You can ease a bit of pressure (and power usage) from air conditioners through something very practical— keep the sun out.

Besides covering windows with curtains that are able to serve as shades against the sun’s rays, try solar window films. 

A solar window film is a type of laminate that is installed on windows for the purpose of absorbing and/or blocking heat from the outside-in.

Less heat entering your business facility means not having to use cooling systems too heavily. Ergo, a lesser impact on your electric bill. 

6. Enhanced Lighting Fixtures 

Replace old lighting fixtures with their energy-efficient alternatives. Again, your initial investment in having this aspect of your business facility enhanced will be one that will be hefty. An overall overhaul will entail it.

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Then again, just as the rest of the tips mentioned will have you seeing positive results over the long term, this can also be said of choosing LED and CFLs over traditional light bulbs.

What about LED bulbs? They utilize at least 80% less energy while still providing you with the same (if not better) illuminance. Plus, they last longer than their incandescent cousins.

7. Program Your Thermostat

The norm seems to be that business establishments rely on the default settings of thermostats. This is a recipe for potentially increasing power consumption. What you should do is to manually program them. 

Doing so will stabilize room temperature in an efficient manner. Moreover, you can monitor fluctuations in temperature and align your thermostat with these changes. When room temperatures drop, follow suit with the regulator.

As for rooms that don’t need heating and/or cooling, switch off regulators in these areas indefinitely, or until needed.

8. When Not In Use, Switch Off Machines

The simplest of tasks of switching off machines when they’re not in use can pull power consumption down on the whole.

“Standby”, “sleep”, and “hibernation” modes may not be able to accomplish this as expeditiously, although they definitely come close. 

Modern machines are fitted with mechanisms to operate on extremely low currents when shifted to these idle settings.

That’s less for you to worry about in terms of spending energy that your facility doesn’t require. This holds true with lights. Turn them off when natural light can do the trick of illuminating workspaces. 

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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