Top 6 Adsense Alternatives

Have you ever heard about Adsense?

Surely, when you want to look for alternatives, you must already know about what Adsense actually is.

As you can see, technological advancements are always growing. By the day, we can see more opportunities coming up thanks to how fast the technology runs these days.

Other than making people more connected, technologies also bring more kinds of jobs, some of them being Youtubers and Bloggers.

Youtube, as we may know, is the biggest video-sharing platform on the entire internet. In this platform, people can be Youtuber when they can gain profit and stable earnings from Adsense (as long as their videos are good).

However, not all people are granted opportunities. Despite how clear the criteria have been given, it’s not that easy to get accepted in the Adsense program through YouTube.

You see, there are some criteria that you need to fulfill first, for example, the subscribers and watch time.

All the indicators have to be fulfilled (which is signified with the green color) in order to be accepted.

It may take months or even years to get the proper amount of subscribers, especially these days when the competition is getting fiercer.

The same also goes for bloggers. Basically, Youtubers and Bloggers are working in the same way.

They can get earnings from the ads that are displayed on their platforms or channels, and these ads came from the advertisers who advertise their products or services through Google Adsense.

Yes, as an ad network, Adsense both servers the advertisers and publishers.

You, as a blogger, usually have the ability to adjust the ads so that you can maximize your profit.

However, the functions are limited to the ads format adjustment only. You still can’t decide what kind of ad that will be displayed on your platform.

After reading the short paragraphs above, we think you got the idea. Getting accepted on Google Adsense is not that easy.

Oftentimes, it feels so hard as if there’s not any possible way to do so. If you’re dealing with the same frustration, no need to worry because we’ve already prepared the 6 best Adsense alternatives that you can try. See more below!

What Is Google Adsense?

Well, you might be familiar with Google Adsense at this point. Adsense is a marketing product by Google that can accommodate both advertisers and publishers to display the ads and gain revenue from them.

In order to feel the benefits, you have to be accepted first, and the process may take some time.

After registering your channel or website, the review team will take a look at your platform manually, and decide whether it’s worthy enough or not.

And we’re talking not only about the display, but also the traffic. The more traffic you get, the higher the chance you will get accepted.

Google Adsense can be used for both Youtube channels and websites. And to be honest, the amount of revenue someone can get from it can be promising.

Many people left their old jobs to either be a Youtuber or blogger because of this potential.

Although remember, all the process you need to take is definitely not easy, so prepare your most patience and skill beforehand.

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Why Google Adsense?

“If it’s so hard, then why are people working hard to get accepted to Google Adsense?”

Well, there are plenty. First, the CPM and CPC. Adsense offers a good amount of CPM and CPC for both bloggers and YouTubers.

However, the amount is usually tied to the traffic. For example, the amount of CPM you can get from European audiences is way bigger than those in Indonesia or New Guinea.

The same thing also goes for CPC. CPM means Cost Per Mile, which is basically how much Adsense would pay you for every 1,000 views.

If your video has 1 10,000 views and the CPM is around $10, then the total amount you will get is around $100 per video.

Bigger Youtubers usually have at least a million views per video and generate more than a billion views per month.

If you add the number, they could get at least $10,000 to $100,000 a month, which is huge.

And this is probably the main reason why there are so many people who want to be Youtubers, although the process is sure not that easy.

Meanwhile, CPC means Cost per Click, the amount Adsense would pay if somebody is clicking the ads.

There’s also the cost per impression, which is probably the lighter version of it. If somebody scrolls through the ads (not even clicking), you get the revenue, although the amount is not as high.

So, in order to get bigger revenue through blogging, proper ad placement is mandatory. They need to be properly placed, and not intrusive so the audience won’t feel frustrated.

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Whether you’re a Youtuber or a blogger, you need to get accepted first before actually having the chance to display ads on your channel and platform. And here’s how you do it:

Joining The Program

First, let us start with Youtube. As we’ve explained above, Youtube can get revenue from ads and endorsements.

Usually, new Youtubers will have the ad revenue first before actually getting the endorsements later on when they get bigger.

So, in order to get the ads revenue, you need to register your channel on the Adsense program, and fortunately, Youtuber offers a special page that’s prepared for that.

Within the page, you can see all the indicators starting from the subscribers, watch time, and so on.

Plus, the type of content you create will be an important aspect here, so make sure to not create anything offensive, contain adult materials, and be controversial.

Kids channels can’t be monetized as well, or even in one of your videos have kids in them, every video is likely going to be demonetized.

So stick the rules is important here, and you want to learn about the algorithm since it may bring you knowledge about what kind of content to be made to get more exposure.

The algorithm is always changing, so make sure to keep yourself updated at all times.

As for the bloggers, there are no indicators shown anywhere. They only have the general rules like trying to create quality content by not having any offensive or adult materials in it, and plus, they have to be interesting.

Underline the word “interesting here”. Google loves to have a page that’s crowded with visitors. As long as the content is following the rules, the website will likely be accepted in a short matter of time.

Once a blog is accepted, all the info about the ad configuration and how much you earn in a day will be displayed on the Adsense dashboard.

This works with Youtube channels as well. On this website, you can also configure some important settings, including your address and payment methods.

The amount of money that can be withdrawn should be at least $100.

Considering The Alternatives

As you can see, Adsense can really be the potential to gain your ads revenue. However, there are some things you need to know.

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In order to be accepted on the platform, you need to make sure that your website or channel has to be eligible.

And honestly, it’s not that easy to get accepted to the Google Adsense program.

For example, in the case of blogs, the blog owners have to make sure that they get at least 100 views per day or 1,000 monthly views.

The more you can get, the better. 100 may seem to be really low, but in reality, getting that amount of views per day requires you lots of time and effort.

You have to make your website fully optimized in order to gain rank. The better the rank of your website, the higher the chance it gets to be placed in the first place by Google.

The same thing also goes for Youtube, basically. In order to be eligible for the Adsense program, your channel should have a certain amount of subscribers and watch time.

And in order to gain those, you have to create interesting content consistently. People love funny or informative content. Content that sparks interest within them is also useful.

That’s how difficult it is to get accepted to Adsense. But don’t worry, other than Adsense, there are other ad networks that you can always consider. These ad networks generally work in the same way.

Ad networks are basically the middle agents that connect advertisers and publishers. You can see it as a bridge between the two.

Advertisers surely want their products and services to reach a broader market. One of the best ways to market them is by putting ads on the internet.

Yes, ads sometimes can be intrusive. But with the proper design and suitable target market, ads may bring lots of conversions.

When advertisers enter the ad networks, they wish to find excellent publishers who can accommodate them with high-quality websites to market their ads.

The relevance between the ads and the content publishers provide is highly important. Soft selling marketing is in fact more effective than the hard-selling.

When crafted properly and beautifully, good content will deliver more traffic to advertisers.

By doing so, publishers may get revenue from the ad space that’s bought by the advertisers. That way, this mechanism creates a mutualism symbiosis when both parties are satisfied.

Top 6 Adsense Alternatives

1.) CodeFuel

The first one on the list is CodeFuel, one of the most reputable ad networks that have been around since 2014.

image 12

Many people do love it because of how hight it would pay publishers for the great quality websites.

CodeFuel is the place if you want to maximize your revenue, whether it’s from ads or other methods.

Besides the ads, publishers can also monetize their other digital assets, including extensions.

The platform also allows further ad optimization, which may give the publishers an opportunity to get an increase in their total profit.

Best Features

  • Different monetization methods
  • Great ad configuration to achieve the best ad revenue possible.


  • Quick payments
  • Good ad configuration
  • High CPC


  • The minimum requirement is too high. In order to get accepted to the program, you need to have at least a project with a value of around $10,000. Of course, this would be pretty challenging for beginner publishers.

What They Said About It

Most people do like working with CodeFuel. With all the features that they can make use of, it’s really possible to highest revenue through website, extension, and other digital assets monetization.

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The problem here is the minimum requirement. The $10,000 is probably too high for most people.

So unless you already have a reputable website to run, it would be hard to do. Check CodeFuel

2.) PopCash

As the name implies, PopCash is the platform is you are specifically working on the pop-ad.

image 13

Usually, publishers have their own favorite ad formats, and it’s different from one perspective to another.

So, if you also tend to run pop-up ads on your website, then PopCash will be a suitable platform for you.

The ads served by PopCash might be a bit aggressive, and sometimes can be irrelevant to your website.

But, if you don’t mind these conditions, you’ll likely receive a higher ad income compared to the others.

PopCash is still considered decent for offering some useful features, including low minimum payment, daily payments, and quick approval.

Best Features:

  • Quick Transfer
  • The low minimum withdrawal amount
  • Good pop-up ads configuration


  • Works great for pop-up ads
  • The money can be withdrawn very quickly


  • Ads might be too intrusive and irrelevant

What They Said About It

Well, the response to PopCash is generally positive, with some people mentioning how quickly it is to withdraw their money from the platform.

However, the problem comes from the ad format itself. It can be intrusive, and some people have reported irrelevancy with the topic. Check PopCash

3.) Bidvertiser

The next one on the list is Bidvertisers. This platform will help you to monetize the website using various ad formats.

image 14

Bidvertiser says that they will grant much support for both desktop and mobile devices, making sure that each ad will be displayed in the best way possible.

And yes, Bidvertiser also offers pop-up ads for those who want to work on more aggressive ads.

Best Features:

  • Quick approval
  • Low price
  • Customizable ads that fit the website’s aesthetics


  • Low fee for advertisers
  • Excellent ad customization
  • Lots of payment methods


  • Low CPC
  • High minimum deposit

What They Said About It

Most people would say that this platform is at least decent. It works well, and the approval can be done very quickly.

However, there are two things they disliked the most, the low CPC and the minimum deposit that’s too high ($100). Check Bidvertiser.

4.) Skimlinks

The next one on the list is Skimlinks. This platform is more specialized for those who have e-commerce websites to work with.

image 15

At first, the platform will scan your content and match it with more than 48 thousand advertisers around the world. Plus, it also has automatic affiliate links for those who are interested.

Best Features:

  • Automatic affiliate link
  • E-commerce website optimization
  • Auto content scanning


  • Easy navigation to the market
  • The affiliate links work very well


  • Analytics can be improved

What They Said About It

There’s a mixed reaction to this platform. The goods tell platform is a good ad network to work with since they offer gradually increasing revenue for hard-working publishers.

The bad thing is the analytics, really, which can be improved later on. Check Skimlinks.

5.) BuySellAds

The next one is BuySellAds, a pretty simple name. Don’t let the simplicity fool you because the platform might be one of the best ad networks you can consider.

image 16

The platform can list your ad space in its marketplace, which can be used by advertisers to buy your space if it’s available.

It basically works in a similar way to a marketplace in general. You put your ad space in and wait until the advertisers look into it and buy it from you.

Best Features:

  • Comprehensive system
  • Publishers are free to put their ad space here


  • Good email reminders
  • Great sponsorship opportunities
  • Useful insights
  • Great analytics


  • Conversion data is lacking
  • No direct way to add funds
  • High costs

What They Said About It

People do love this platform. They mentioned how useful the platform is for them through the great features offered.

However, some of them also reported downsides, including the lack of conversion data and high costs. Check BuySellAds

6.) Monumetric

The last one on the list is Monumetric, one of the highest-paying ad networks. Similar to the above, the platform will offer the functionality to adjust the ad space.

image 17

After putting your ad space, Monumetric will work using its system to optimize it.

Best Features:

  • Great ad customization
  • Ad space optimization
  • Great CPC


  • Great amount of potential revenue
  • Excellent customer support
  • Low requirement
  • Referral program is good


  • The platform pays for every 60 days (not monthly)
  • here’s a setup fee to pay

What They Said About It

If you want a high-paying platform, this is the one to go. It offers great CPC, which can offer you a stable income for the whole time.

However, the system pays you every two months, so you need to be patient with that. Check Monumetric.


And that’s all the list of the top 6 Adsense alternatives, hopefully, they might help you in reaching the most potential ad revenue.

Although joining Adsense isn’t as easy as it seems, there’s always a way for everything. Find the best one for you, and be consistent in creating good content. Good luck!

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