How Long Does An Amazon Background Check Take?

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world with over 1.5 million employees.

Large companies including Amazon leverage background checks to ensure that employees are a good fit for the job. 

Background checks verify an employee’s identity, work history, education history, and even criminal records.

However, the length of a background check and the information it reveals depends on the intent of the search.

Learn everything you need to know about Amazon background checks below.

What To Expect From An Amazon Background Check

Amazon is a big company and it employs a lot of people. To ensure that everyone is up to Amazon’s standards, most roles require a background check.

Therefore, it’s important to know what to expect when you apply. Depending on the job you’re applying for, you may be subject to a few types of background checks.

We’ll take you through what you can expect below.

What Are The Types of Amazon Background Checks? 

There are several types of Amazon background checks and they’re similar to background checks at other companies.

Background Check

Typically, Amazon wants to verify your identity and learn about some of your other public records.

We list some examples below.

  • Identity verification: Amazon will verify important personal information like your social security number, name, and date of birth. Education and work history may also be verified.
  • Credit check: Employees applying for jobs that involve handling money may be subjected to a credit check.
  • Criminal records check: Some Amazon positions will check an applicant’s court records, criminal records, and jail records.
  • Driving records check: Applicants who are delivering packages or driving large trucks for Amazon may go through a background check that looks for a specific type of license and a clean driving history.
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When applying for Amazon it’s possible to go through one or a combination of these background checks.

How Long Are Amazon Background Checks?

According to Amazon’s website and application process, it takes up to 10 days to complete a basic background check.

However, some circumstances increase how long the process takes. In fact, some Amazon background checks can take upwards of two weeks. 

We’ll take you through some factors that influence the length of an Amazon background check below. 

Factors That Influence The Length Of Amazon Background Checks

Several factors impact the length of an Amazon background check. Typically, it depends on a few key factors like the amount of applicants who are applying and the type of background check. 

Learn about some of the common factors below.

  • The type of background check: Some background checks take longer than others – criminal background checks may take up to 10 days, while identity verification is quick.
  • Availability of your public records: Some public records may be hard to find, which may delay the process. For example, it might take a long time to contact past workplaces and educational institutions.
  • The number of prospects being interviewed: High amounts of prospects lead to longer wait times for background checks.
  • Errors on the application: If you make mistakes on the Amazon application the process can take longer.

These are only some of the factors that influence how long an Amazon background check is.

How To Prepare For An Amazon Background Check? 

The best way to prepare for an Amazon background check is to run one on yourself first.

Doing so will reduce the risk of making mistakes on the application and prepare you for anything that shows up on the report.

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Learn about how to run a background check in less than 10 minutes below.

How To Run A Background Check Using

Background checks are simple to run when you use the right tools. Websites like make the process fast, inexpensive, and precise.

Background Check Using

To run a background check using follow the steps we list below.

  1. Visit and navigate to the background check lookup.
  2. Enter your personal information and select Search.
  3. Provide additional information when necessary and scroll through the results until you find yourself.
  4. Open the Full Report.
  5. View the information in the report to see your results.

When you run a background check using you’ll find everything about yourself that’s a public record.

This includes information including your personal information, criminal records, court records, and sex offender status. 

You may not find some sealed police records but you’ll have more than enough information to be prepared for an Amazon background check.

Prepare For An Amazon Background Check Today

It’s not uncommon for Amazon to run a background check when you apply for a job. The good news is that you don’t have to panic.

With the right preparation, you’ll know what to expect and how to handle any information that comes up.

Plus, when you run a background check on yourself using a tool like first, you can explain any discrepancies.

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