6 Clues To Create A Successful Staffing Company

Are you thinking about starting a staffing company? If so, we have the clues you’ll need to create a success.

Read on to discover the shortcuts, tips, and techniques we’ve used to build successful companies–and we invite you to use our tried-and-true techniques, as well. Let’s get started! 

Clue: Discover Who Your Customers Are And What They Want

This may seem like an obvious clue to success for any startup company, however, many entrepreneurs omit this critical information in the flurry of the startup stage.

Knowing who your customers are and what they want or need is absolutely essential if your staffing company is to become successful.

First, determine who your primary customers will be: human resources executives at large corporations, personal associates at various companies, targeted personnel within a specific industry?

Create a list of customers and, following that, create the list of what services each may want from your staffing company.

Are customers seeking specific talents of employees, seasoned veterans, entry-level applicants, administrative personnel or maintenance staff members?

Add to the list those services each potential customer may request. 

Clue: Check Out Your Competitors

Whether your region has several staffing companies within it or merely a few, you will want to know who your competitors are, the services they offer, specialties they market, and prices they charge.

These clues will tell you what your staffing company can do to overcome the competition and surpass their marketing endeavors. Create a spreadsheet with all of this information included. 

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Clue: Create A Superior Marketing Strategy

When considering the marketing efforts you may want to make, consider your customers and the preferences most of them will have.

You may want to engage in email announcements, a regular blog, or targeted industry information.

Social media marketing may also be your choice, if your customers prefer Facebook and Instagram channels.

Also, depending on your clients, you may want to create a video for TikTok if your staffing company employees enjoy using humor as a marketing strategy.

Ensure that your marketing efforts within targeted channels meet the interest of your customers to get the greatest return on your efforts. 

Clue:  Build Your Business Plan 

Admittedly, most entrepreneurs do not want to build a business plan, probably because we are most interested in playing around with fresh, new concepts.

However, a completed business plan is the roadmap to a successful launch and continued growth for your company.

If you do not have one already, use this staffing company business plan as a template.

Using the template will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to complete the plan; just drop the various elements into the template and you’re ready to go back to your own creative thoughts.

Clue:  Construct Pre-Launch Planning

Yes, we know the word, “planning” does not inspire your enthusiasm; however, as an entrepreneur, you want to ensure the actual success of your launch rather than merely the thought of success, right?

Construct plans for the initial launch of your staffing company by including the following: 

  • Staff training to ensure the roles and responsibilities are clear
  • Staff training in marketing the company services during the launch
  • Preparations for special offers for new customers
  • Event or trade show representation; speaking at event or exhibiting services

Include in the pre-launch plans the efforts that will be made to market your staffing company on a community basis.

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From entering in a local parade to helping in community charity functions, there are always events in which your company can concurrently contribute and market your services effectively. 

Clue:  Evaluate And Measure 

After determining who your customers are and what they want, creating a marketing strategy and business plan, constructing pre-launch plans, and, finally, launching your staffing company, you can rest and relax for about thirty minutes.

At that point, you’ll want to start evaluating the efforts made to market your staffing company.

In fact, it is wise to evaluate the success of the launch after the first six months of business and note all measurable achievements during that time.

Why is this important? The roadmap of your business plan should coincide with the patterns of your success during this timeframe.

If so, you are right on track. If not, you’ll want to realign expectations, financial considerations, or staffing roles, to determine how to best move forward.

Checking your business plan on a regular basis will ensure you stay on track with actual company performance.  

Hopefully, our clues have assisted in your efforts and you are well on your way toward the successful launch of your company.

Creating a staffing company is a significant achievement; celebrate it and prepare for the long-term growth your staffing company will provide in the coming years. 

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