9 Best Apps to Get More Instagram Followers in 2024

Best Apps to Get Instagram Followers & Likes (2020)

Have you been struggling to get enough followers for your Instagram account lately?

Wondering how you’re going to sustain your Instagram so that you can become an influencer?

Let’s take a look at some of the top Instagram follower apps that can help you get more visits to your profile.

Best Apps to Get More Instagram Followers in 2024

1. Nitreo – #1 App Instagram Followers


We like Nitreo because they’ve been around for a long time and know what they’re doing.

If you’re someone who actually likes doing the engagement side of things, then you’re going to like these guys. Word of warning, though – they can only be used with Windows, so can be pretty limiting in this respect.

Where they’re not limiting, however, is their social media platforms. They can help you across the board – not just with Instagram.

We recommend checking out their helpful video tutorials online before you get going, though, so that you can really make the most of their software and not get too lost at the beginning.

2. Kicksta


We all wish we could get more Instagram likes on Instagram, but for most of us, this is a faraway dream that is seemingly unachievable. If you’re feeling this way, then you need to check out Kicksta.

Kicksta is a hub for everything related to Instagram, from branding and sprucing up your website to social media management and even advertising.

It almost goes without saying that they are experts in their field, so you can feel confident that they know what they’re doing, no matter what industry your Instagram page falls into.

They cover all the bases and can undoubtedly help you get more likes on your posts so that you can attract more followers and ultimately get your Instagram to where you want it. For a company that you can trust, Kicksta is one of the best.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister Buy Instagram Followers 1

Media Mister is your personal Instagram concierge, and it’s safe to say that they know their way around the app better than most people in the industry.

In fact, they’ve already spent a lot of time on their end developing their tools and features so that you can win on Instagram, and take your content to new heights.

Media Mister doesn’t just help people build okay Instagram accounts – they help people build amazing Instagram accounts that are going to stand out from the crowd on a consistent basis.

They know that you can make serious bank from your Instagram, and the more likes you have on your content, the more you’re going to be noticed by brands and businesses that can take your goals and aspirations seriously.

We like these guys because they are business savvy and determined to make your Instagram account the new best thing that’s out there.

3. Follow Adder

Follow Adder

There’s nobody better suited for the job than Follow Adder if you’re serious about increasing the number of likes you get on your posts. While there are always new Instagram marketing companies coming out who claim to be able to take your page to new heights, they do come with a risk of not being very good.

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When it comes to the OGs of the Instagram marketing industry, however, you know that they can be trusted to do a great job.

Follow Adder has been around for a long time now, and they’ve gone from strength to strength. They also aren’t showing any signs of slowing down, which means you can feel confident that their unique, original approach to getting you more likes on your Instagram content is going to be effective.

Follow Adder is a downloadable dashboard that can be used with most computer programs, and it’s easy to use as well, so you don’t even have to be computer savvy to make the most of these guys.

5. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram

There’s a lot to be said for your followers’ analytics – they can mean the difference between gaining more likes and going downhill with your engagement.

Followers Track for Instagram is the kind of app that can dive deep into your Instagram analytics so that you can ultimately get more likes. They can show you who has unfollowed you recently, who isn’t following you back, and who you aren’t following back when you engage with them.

You can also track new followers and see which of your content they’re engaging with the most. You can also track your unfollowers and check out what it is they’re following instead.

These guys even track followers that don’t follow you back, so you can get a really good idea of your existing follower base and why they’ve followed you in the first place.

6. Get Instant Likes

Get Instant Likes

Judging by the name of these guys, there’s a good chance that they’re going to help you increase your like count on your content. They can do this through promoting your content – and you can even try them for free once you’ve installed them through your Instagram.

One feature that we like about Get Instant Likes is that they can find the best tags for your niche so that you can use the most current and trending tags on your uploads.

Get Instant Likes can find you the top trending hashtags that are going to put your content in front of the right people. Once it’s there, you’ve got a much better chance of your new audience interacting with your content, which will include more likes.

7. Free Likes and Views

Free Likes and Views

Free Likes and Views is a free app for your smartphone that you can sync directly up to your Instagram in order to get free engagement on your content.

You need an app like this who can automate your engagement so that you can focus on other aspects of your business without the engagement process taking up too much time.

The best part of this app is that you can try it for free at first if you need to check it out before you commit to anything. We always like it when apps let you try their services before you sign up to them – it’s a great way to figure out if they’re a good fit for you or not.

8. Super Liker for Instagram

Super Liker for Instagram

Super Liker for Instagram, as the name suggests, is the kind of Instagram growth app that can help you get more likes on your photos. It even sends you likes while you spend your time checking out other people and their content, so it’s a win-win for everyone. First, you have to look at other people’s content and like them to collect points or stars.

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Once you’ve collected enough stars, you can spend them on your own content so that you get sent your own likes. This means that the more you engage with your community, the more likes you’re going to get in return, which is what the Instagram community spirit is all about.

9. InstaTags


InstaTags is one of the more simpler services to use with your Instagram account, which means what you see is what you get. It’s always nice teaming up with a company that is only going to give you what you’re looking for, and this time it’s in the form of relevant, current hashtags that are going to attract more people to your content.

You can look up your hashtags with these guys based on your niche, so you don’t waste any time searching for hashtags that have nothing to do with your profile. This is one of the best ways to find those hashtags fast, so you don’t waste any time building your engagement and getting more likes.

10. Preview


While there’s a lot to your Instagram these days, Preview wants to take it down a couple of notches and remind you that it’s also supposed to be fun and easy. They don’t want you to get too stressed building up your engagement, which is why they take the stress away for you while gaining more likes for your content.

With Preview, you can plan an unlimited number of posts for free, starting today. They help everyone from businesses and brands to personal influencers and creators. They don’t discriminate when it comes to their clients – they just want to get everyone going with their Instagram so that they can gain more likes.

11. FanBump


FanBump knows how badly you want to increase your likes on your photos, but they’re not going to help you with this by taking shortcuts.

They don’t like the idea of providing you with fake followers, which is why they’re committed to doing things the right way and building you a customizable Instagram strategy that’s going to be tailored to your niche.

Fan Bump claims to be the safest and easiest way to grow your Instagram account successfully, and we feel confident that they’re going to do this with the long-term game in mind.

They want your account to be attracting up to 3,000 new followers a month and think about how many likes you can gain on a monthly basis with 3,000 new followers.

These guys are one of the best when it comes to increasing your Instagram likes.

Final Thoughts

The path to getting more likes on your Instagram isn’t straightforward, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

With Instagram apps and marketing companies like these, you can build up your Instagram following and get more likes on your content in no time.

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