My Social Growth Review 2023 – Is it Safe?

My Social Growth Review

My Social Growth Review 2023

What’s the big deal about followers on Instagram? Followers on Instagram play a major role in boosting your overall credibility and exposure on the social media platform.

Do you know what is just as important as these fabulous followers? The method you use to gain these relevant followers is just as important when it comes to your credibility and reputation on Instagram.

The best way to discover which methods of engagement are the best for you is to read reviews. If you’re thinking about using a third-party Instagram growth company to boost your presence, you especially need to know what’s what in that industry.

Let’s get into this review and see if My Social Growth is worthy of your business.

What is My Social Growth?

My Social Growth is designed to be wildly appealing to a younger audience with its vividly colorful and happy site. This company claims to be an Instagram growth management service that creates connections and boosts your organic growth.

They seem to want you to be able to focus on your content and let them take it from there. In other words, you post content and they interact with it. This kind of wording is a sign that this is likely just another generic Instagram bot that is known to get accounts suspended or banned.

Still, let’s see what they are offering.

What are My Social Growth’s main features?

The main features of My Social Growth are nothing special or unique compared to other websites like it. Let’s look at how it works and its features.

  • Tell them about Your Audience– Your job is to provide them with a few Instagram accounts with the type of followers you wish to attract.
  • They Engage People – Once they know the target audience you prefer; they engage with users based on your preferences.
  • Improve Brand Awareness – While they engage with these users, they receive notifications that you have like their image or followed them. In turn, they may come to your page to look at it.
  • 24/7 Organic Growth – They are promoting the idea that their service puts your Instagram engagement on autopilot.
  • Your Content – While they are doing all this engaging, you focus on your own content as usual.
  • 256-Bit Encryption – They claim to use encryption to protect your data.
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What are My Social Growth’s prices?

Weekly or monthly methods of payment are offered by My Social Growth with the intent to reach out to people no matter what their budget.


  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • $12/Week
  • Designed for Personal Accounts
  • Targeted Growth
  • Real Organic Followers
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Similar Account & Hashtag Targeting
  • Safe & Secure


  • $39/Month
  • Designed for Personal or Small Business Accounts
  • Everything Included in the Starter Plan

Growth Plus

  • $69/Month
  • Designed for Maxx Growth
  • Everything Included in the Growth Plan +
  • Maximum Targeted Growth 2x

There are no surprises with these features, nor is there anything unique about them. They don’t seem to really increase the features of the plan as much as they do just add 2x to the Growth Plus and a discount for paying monthly instead of weekly between the Starter and Growth plans.

Is My Social Growth safe?

Before I give you my recommendation about whether this site is safe to use or not, I am going to assign positives and negatives to the tests that I put them through.


  • Https Secure Website – There is no surprise here. The activities on the website are protected. However, this is likely to benefit the website and company since it boosts Google ranking.
  • Transparency in Pricing – There should be no surprises in pricing or features since they clearly state what they offer and how much it costs.
  • FAQ/Help Page – Usually, I expect the FAQ/Help page to be separate from the homepage, but they have placed this at the bottom of their homepage.
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  • No 24/7 Customer Support – You won’t be able to get help day or night because they don’t operate 24/7 in this department.
  • Lack of Email/Phone Form – Email/phone forms are for maintaining a client database, which they don’t have here. Perhaps they aren’t planning to stick around for the long haul.
  • No Real Reviews – Sadly, it’s not a surprise that their onsite reviews aren’t genuine. The fact that they are generic and too short are signs of that.
  • No Verified Payment – Not having a verified payment system is a huge no-no. This is a major risk to your payment information.

I’m going to have to say this service isn’t safe to use. Besides the risk to your payment information, this is a generic bot.

Final Thoughts

This type of botting technology is known to get people suspended or banned from Instagram, so I don’t advocate it. I would steer clear of this service and look for one with a good reputation.

Top My Social Growth Alternatives

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My Social Growth Coupon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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