Zeru Review 2024 – Is Zeru a Scam?

Zeru Review – Legit & safe, or a scam?

Zeru Review 2024

Zeru is your answer to social media – or is it?

There are a million ways to grow your social media accounts right now – so much so that the process of choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

If you’ve been in this business for only a little while, then you might not be used to the process of finding the perfect growth service for your pages.

How do you know if they’re going to take care of you, and how do you make sure that they’re legit?

Hi, my name is Jonathon Spire.

I have a penchant for finding and sorting companies that are legit and those that are scams.

I have spent a long time in this industry, which means that I know a fair bit about what to look out for, and what to take as trustworthy.

There are a lot of companies to choose from, but once you know which you should avoid, it gets a lot easier.

Let’s review Zeru in particular, and decide whether they’re worth your time or not.

Zeru Review

Zeru Review - logo

Zeru is a company that offers social media growth across the board – from Facebook and Instagram to YouTube and Twitter.

They say that they can help their clients give their accounts the extra push when it’s needed to succeed, but we think that they’re selling fake engagement.

Zeru for Instagram

Zeru for Instagram

For Instagram, Zeru can help you buy more Instagram followers.

They say that you can get Instagram followers who are going to increase your brand’s exposure instantly.

They start at $2.99 for 100 Instagram followers and go up to $299 for 10,000 Instagram followers.

They promise that these are the highest quality and that you don’t need to share your password to enjoy them. They promise fast delivery and fast support, too.

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Zeru for YouTube

Zeru for YouTube

Zeru can help you with YouTube likes, subscribers, views, and comments.

They say that it’s going to cost you $14.99 for 100 YouTube subscribers, and this goes up to $1499 for 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

We think that these prices are more on the affordable side and less on the cheap side, which isn’t a bad thing.

Again, they promise that these are the highest quality and that you don’t need to share your password.

Zeru for Facebook

Zeru for Facebook

Zeru can help you with Facebook post likes, views, followers, and page likes.

If you want to buy Facebook followers, these start at $4.99 for 100 and go up to $499 for 10,000.

They promise their support and delivery, and they also seem to be offering a discount right now – usually, 10,000 Facebook followers would be $999.99, which is a lot of money.

Zeru for Twitter

Zeru for Twitter

Zeru can help you with your Twitter likes, followers, and retweets.

When it comes to paying for their Twitter followers, this is going to cost you $4.99 for 100, and they go up to $499 for 10,000.

They promise the same guarantees here as with the rest.

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How Did Zeru Do in Tests?

Zeru services

So, we thought that we would test Zeru out to see how well they could do against our Instagram profile.

We made sure to buy 1000 Instagram followers, which is a substantial number if you’re just starting out.

As soon as we did so, though, and they were delivered, they began to drop off again. In fact, by day three, most of them were gone.

While this might seem like a unique issue, it’s actually really common – you can lose up to 80% of your engagement with companies like this.

What About Their Team?

Most of the time, when you have a legit company that cares about their clients, they will make sure to have a little bit about them and the team behind the services on their webpage.

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This is a great way for them to connect with potential customers and win over their trust.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything like this on Zeru’s website, which implies that they don’t really care about the individual client.

Review Conclusion

All in all, we don’t think that Zeru is safe to use.

This company was actually formerly known as YT View, which has been shut down for selling fake engagement to its clients.

Obviously, you don’t want to associate with a company that has a history of having to rebrand, which is why we can’t recommend them.

We also think that they are going to get you in trouble because they’re only capable of sending fake engagement.

Avoid these guys if you can.

Top Zeru Alternatives

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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  1. Thanks for this very informative review- it was very helpful! I’m extremely nervous about using a service to generate views of my YouTube videos, but I have to try something different, because my old organic SEO approach is no longer working. Please give me any advice you can share for someone who’s new and nervous about using services like UseViral, SidesMedia, StormViews, etc to increase views on YouTube.


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