5 YouTube Social Media Strategies Vital For Success

This article covers the vital ingredients for success on social media, which doesn’t mean tricks and hacks, it means the lifeblood of being a social media content creator and marketer.

This includes all the headaches, frustrations and difficulties that come with being a creator and marketer.

1.) Sustained Quality

This takes the top spot because it is the most overlooked part of social media marketing and content creation.

The cream rises to the top. It may not seem that way when you look at the nonsense that trends on social media, but that is the white noise of popular content, often spurred by children using social media.

The stuff that adults look at, that they consume, is either good on a permanent basis, or it is ignored and snubbed.

Look at the first two seasons of the TV show “House.” Things were great but looked a little shaky near the end.

The show survived because it kept pushing for sustained quality. That sort of thing isn’t a big deal on TV now that streaming has green-lit everything no matter how bad, but in those days, a show had to fight to be renewed. 

Maintaining high-quality content takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and epic amounts of work.

After enough time and quality, properly sustained, it is impossible to lose if you are producing top-notch stuff every time.

2.) Comparative Marketing

You need to buy YouTube channels from other people who have a robust and active audience.

pexels ron lach 8357262

You need to run your various pieces of content, ideas and ads, to these different audiences to see how they react.

Ideally, you should post different content to each of them, but failing that, you could post the same content and simply change the thumbnail.

You will be surprised how differently your content is received by different people. Obviously, you learn from the stuff that works and apply what you learn to your future campaigns.

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You may also be surprised by your own targeting mistakes. For example, you buy two accounts. One is by somebody with 30K followers who posts videos of cats.

Another has 40K followers and posts motorcycle artwork. Yet, for some reason, you discover that your motorcycle novelty memorabilia sells better with the cat account than the motorcycle one.

This teaches you that your novelty memorabilia is bought more as a gift than it is by the user. You may not have known this if you hadn’t done a little comparative marketing.

3.) Frustration Flow Following

Jumping off from the previous point, there are pieces of your content that will do very well on some social media networks and not on others.

Perhaps the most “Frustrating” part is that the content you “Want” to flourish on one channel is far from guaranteed to do the best.

Often, it is the experimental stuff that does well. In these cases, you need to bury your frustration and go with the flow.

A good example comes from the unboxing trend. People, usually good-looking young people, would film themselves unboxing expensive items and perhaps setting them up.

Companies big and small couldn’t understand the appeal of this content and so left it out of their marketing campaigns.

As a result, teens and even kids were getting the sort of traffic numbers that it would have cost the companies tens of thousands to produce.

It may frustrate you when certain types of content do well, especially if you don’t want to focus on such pieces/topics, but you have to go with the flow and do what drives the most sales.

4.) Recycling And Re-Editing

Can old content be fixed up and pumped out on other social media networks? Can your stuff be re-edited off YouTube and put on Rumble?

ryan snaadt prBQ83SzZtU unsplash

Is there a way you can combine what you have added to Twitter and post as quick compilations or batches on Instagram or Pinterest?

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Don’t cycle through your stuff, taking it down and re-posting, but do recycle your oldest content (that doesn’t see any action anymore) by updating it, and do re-edit content to fit on all your social media network accounts.

Recycling your old stuff and republishing is not a great idea. In many cases, social media networks look at your back catalog as a flow chart of your up-and-coming success.

However, it is a shame if your older content is amazing and still fails to get views. In which case, re-post the content (freshly edited) onto a different set of social media networks to see if it does well.

Also, add in links to the old original post to see if it fires up some extra attention.

5.) Getting Help

This may sound like a cop-out piece of advice, almost like the writer ran out of things to say, but that is not the case at all.

As Andrew Tate says, we are living in an attention economy, and like any micro-economy, services spring up to address its needs.

You don’t have to hire a marketing company or a consultancy (unless you can afford them), but you can hire freelancers to do your social media thumbnails, soundtracks, sound editing, video editing, animating, transitions, image adverts, graphic design and so much more.

You don’t have to turn over every task to somebody else, but try to portion out some of the work to other people. In this case, you still have full content control, but you don’t do absolutely all of the work.

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