7 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Your Customers Involved In Marketing Your Product For You

There are a number of methods you can use to market your products, but one of the best is getting your happy customers to market your products on your behalf. 

When bona fide customers are advocates for your products and your business, people are more likely to trust your existing customers’ advocacy. In turn, you can sell more products, generate more revenue, and gain more loyal customers. 

Here are just seven quick and easy ways to get your customers involved in marketing your product for you. 

1. Ask Your Customers to Write Product Testimonials

One of the quickest, easiest, and most efficient ways to get your customers to promote your product is to ask your existing happy and loyal customers to write testimonials. 

Just make sure you select the right people to provide testimonials. 

Also, it could be helpful to hand out questions you would like them to answer. You can then ensure that customers write about the most important features and aspects of your product. 

Once you have gained testimonials from your customers, you can post them on your website. You may also like to include them on your social media channels, in blog posts, and in other web-based content. 

2. Ask Your Customers To Provide Product Testimonial Videos

Perhaps even better than getting written testimonials from existing customers is to ask them to record video testimonials for your product. 

When you create product marketing videos that feature customer testimonials, viewers will connect more, be more trusting, and be more interested in purchasing your product. 

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A product testimonial video provides genuine social proof for your product and your brand, and it is sure to raise brand awareness in an engaging way. 

When potential customers see live-action footage of real people talking excitedly about your product and explaining precisely what they like about it, you are sure to see sales increase. 

3. Ask Customers To Write Guest Blog Posts

Writing engaging blog posts can be an excellent marketing strategy. 

In addition to writing company blog posts about your new product, consider asking your trusted customers to write guest blog posts in which they are enthusiastic about your product and write about all of the key features and benefits. 

Again, as with video testimonials, potential customers are likely to engage more with real customers who have bought and used your product. In turn, you will sell more items and build your brand awareness. 

4. Interview Your Customers

Another way of getting your loyal customers involved with your marketing is to interview them. 

You could interview existing customers via video or by sending them a list of questions to answer. 

Once you have the interview content and have edited it, you can post the content in blog posts, on your website, and in email newsletters

As with the above marketing strategies that involve your customers, when you post content in which customers are interviewed, potential customers are more likely to react favorably to the material that is created by your customers than the content that you create yourself. 

5. Ask Trusted Customers To Co-present At Conferences And Industry Events

As long as you select the right customers, such as those who are genuinely enthusiastic about your product and brand and who are good at public speaking, consider taking some customers along to conferences and industry events. 

They could co-present at such functions or you could engage with them at certain points throughout your presentation. 

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Potential clients and customers are sure to take notice of a flesh-and-blood customer’s advocacy for your product and business.

6. Ask Loyal Customers To Co-host Webinars 

You could also ask your loyal customers to co-host webinars or be interviewed on webinars. 

Again, when potential customers see and hear real customers talking about your product and brand with enthusiasm and gusto, they are more likely to check out the product and make a purchase. 

A webinar is a great marketing tool as it enables you to demonstrate helpful tips to viewers and explore your products and their features in greater detail. 

7. Create Incentives

To get your customers to take part in your product marketing in the first place, it is a good idea to offer incentives. For instance, you could provide a discount on their next purchases, give out free merchandise, or upgrade their existing products for free. 

In fact, you should also consider providing incentives to existing customers who refer new customers to you. 

Setting up a referral program can be a great way to market your latest product and why is branding important for your business?

In Summary

Customer advocacy is a proven way of marketing products and brands, so you should most definitely utilize all or some of the above suggestions. 

To recap, you could:

  • Ask Your Customers to Write Product Testimonials.
  • Ask Your Customers to Provide Product Testimonial Videos.
  • Ask Customers to Write Guest Blog Posts.
  • Interview Your Customers.
  • Ask Trusted Customers to Co-present at Conferences and Industry Events.
  • Ask Loyal Customers to Co-host Webinars.
  • Create Incentives.
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