What Skills Do You Need For eCommerce?

Ecommerce businesses are becoming more popular, and anyone can create and build their own too. It’s a great way to make an additional income and do something that you enjoy, with the opportunity to build and grow the ecommerce business too. However, you need to be careful when it comes to starting an ecommerce business and ensure you’re not making the wrong decisions. Sellvia, is a great platform to help you with getting started and set up with your ecommerce business, but also provides great tips on what to do and what mistakes to avoid, when it comes to business too.

So, anyone can start up their own ecommerce business, which can range in a variety of different sectors too. It could be that your ecommerce business focuses on something you’re passionate or enjoy doing yourself, such as arts and crafts. However, it’s all good having the idea for the business, but what ecommerce skills do you need?

The first focus for any ecommerce is to get it set up, find your niche and start to build the business. Once you know what your business will be selling and focusing on, you can start to build it up from there. There are also great platforms that can be used, to help you will all the basics, to get an ecommerce business set up. However, you there are some things you will need to do yourself, and perhaps some skills that you can teach yourself too, to help you have a successful ecommerce business. 

Must Have Skills For eCommerce

To help ensure your business can thrive, grow and become successful, below are some skills you can learn, to help do this. There is help out there for when it comes to setting up an ecommerce business, but the main part of it all is down to you and therefore, it’s important to have these skills to help you along the way. 

Content Marketing

Having writing skills, gives you the ability to communicate online and build an online presence. Anything from product descriptions, blog posts, social media and the website pages all use writing skills, which fall under content marketing. By having good and clear writing skills, it will help to grow your business and drive the marketing. All of these things are also used to either provide information about the business or promote it, so it’s a great ecommerce skill to have.


SEO is search engine optimization and this is the process of making your web page, easy for web crawlers to access. If the likes of Google can find you and what is on your page, then they will then easily list your site, on appropriate result pages.

This means when people search for something that is related to your business, you will appear in one of the top searches. By being able to understand SEO correctly, you can use this ecommerce skill to make your site easy to find, leading to more people viewing the site. 

Data Collection and Analysis

To keep track on how well you marketing efforts are doing, as well as being able to see what works well and what doesn’t, you need to be able to collect data and analyse it too. Although there are many different marketing methods that can be used, they may not all work well for your business and target audience. By collecting data, you can then clearly see what methods are working best, what your target audience like to see, what people interact the most with, as well as being able to see what doesn’t work very well, what people don’t engage with and much more. 

Data collection and analysis can also be used to help make business decisions and change how things work in the business too. It’s a good ecommerce skill to have, to be able to analyse it correctly and then use this to help build the business. 

Project Management

To run a successful ecommerce business, having project management skills is essential. You have the job of operating across multiple online stores and potentially physical stores too, as well as everything that goes on behind the business too including finance, customer service and marketing.

By having good project management skills, it enables you to be able to keep on top of all of this work and ensures it all runs smoothly. If there’s no project management there, then the business can’t run itself and therefore, won’t be successful. 


The first thing that people do when visiting your online shop or social media pages, is judge the design of it. They make judgements on the way the site is designed and how easy it is to use too. If the design is appealing to them, then they are more likely to stay and explore the site, however, if it isn’t, then it’s likely they’ll leave the site. 

Make sure when choosing the design of the business that it fits in, you’re the brand message and values, and focuses on what you’re selling. By making sure your site and social channels are designed well and appealing to your target audience, will help to attract them and instantly create a good judgement in their head. 


Our final ecommerce skills that will come in useful, is advertising through marketing. Marketing skills cover a wide range of things from content to social media and adverts. There so much when it comes to marketing that we can’t be an expert at it all, but it’s very useful to have some marketing skills to help the business. Advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and this can be done simply by using social media channels, influencers to work with and also by keeping up to date with competitors. 

Why are Skills Important for an eCommerce Business? 

For any successful ecommerce business, you need to have skills to go with it. All of the above skills will give you everything you need to get started in a successful ecommerce business. By having the skills to do these things yourself, you can save money, but it also helps to build the business up, from nothing. They’re also things that can easily be done and will always be found in every successful business. They can all be self-taught too, you don’t have to be an expert in the field, but by having the ability to utilise these skills, will help to push the brand and business and build it up to something bigger. 

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