What Online Industries Are Growing in 2022?

Online industries have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. As more and more organizations prioritize online business, it is only natural that different sectors are making waves in the digital ecosystem.

So, which are the fastest growing online industries in 2022?

Online Marketing

It goes without saying that online marketing is the leading online industry. With many businesses offloading their physical storefronts and office blocks, there has been a renewed focus on the digital world.

Successful online marketers have never been in as much demand as now. This industry’s prospects are bright because the more competitive the landscape becomes, the more difficult it will be to make an impact.

Online Gambling

Casinos listed at TheGameDay have continued to invest in their online efforts. Casinos have always been popular worldwide, but it’s only recently that the US has begun to relax its notoriously stringent gambling laws.

Gambling has been able to offer new gaming experiences by transitioning online. Millions of people who previously never had access to a casino can now join in the fun from their own homes.

This trend doesn’t just apply to traditional online casinos but also to sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports betting platforms.

Online gambling has never replicated the land-based casino experience better than today. Technologies such as augmented reality and high-speed internet connections enable the live experience and allow for a greater social scene.

However you like to gamble, your experience will never have been more engaging than in 2022.

Social Media

It may surprise you to hear that social media still has a tremendous amount of room to grow. While everyone you know may already be on social media, the same cannot be said for the rest of the population.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn are attempting to push into new markets in developing countries. As high-speed internet and smartphone access grow globally, social media still has a lot of headroom.

Moreover, social media giants are still examining what they can do to keep their existing audiences engaged. People log in in droves to attempt to become Instagram famous overnight, and it’s this desire that keeps social media profits buoyant.

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Furthermore, questions over new features and various moral/ethical concerns persist, which may drive change across all social media in 2022 and beyond.

Online Streaming

Streaming has spelled the end of the line for traditional forms of media like television and radio. You can now stream your favorite TV shows directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can download your favorite shows on many services, which means that Amazon Prime and Netflix will continue to record huge profits in 2022.

It’s not simply the presence of online streaming and partnerships with traditional networks that is driving more people to these services.

Online streaming launched through making classic movies and TV shows available online. However, as the world continues to throw its lot into online streaming, expect even more original content.

The fact that shows not available in traditional cinemas are being nominated for major Academy Awards demonstrates that online streaming is now the norm and will only accelerate its growth.

Digital Advertising

Any online industry needs to produce ads to capture the attention of its target audience. While marketers focus on the high-level view of an organization’s profile, digital advertising concentrates on the classic billboard ads within the online world.

Whether it’s social media, Google or email ads, digital advertisers are seeing massive growth. In 2022, the global digital advertising industry was valued at 455 billion dollars. By 2024, analysts predict the industry will top $645bn.

Online ads have never been more crucial. The auction-style system of most platforms means that segmenting audiences and ensuring your ad gets seen is not something most entrepreneurs can manage in-house.

Experienced digital advertisers are worth their weight in gold, and their prices will only rise as more advanced online advertising tools become available to the masses.

Video Gaming

Who doesn’t love video games? Hundreds of millions of people play their favorite video games daily. The console wars continue as the drive to deliver the most excellent gaming experience races on. It is driving innovation on both handheld devices and classic computers.

A console shortage hit video game enthusiasts due to global supply issues in 2020-2021, and has helped manufacturers record larger profit margins.

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Innovations within the industry have spelled great news for gamers. Mobile gaming has come along in leaps and bounds in recent times. Now, you can pick up where you left off on a game anywhere, even if you only have a few minutes to spare.

The gaming industry has also worked to further improve its online gaming experience by introducing new technologies. Virtual and augmented realities continue to grow in capacity, bringing these experiences to a broader range of gamers worldwide.

Study-from-home Products

Most people associate the growth in study-from-home services as a product of the global crisis. While that has certainly helped, this is an online industry that has been in the black for some time.

Studying from home has been driven by both time and cost concerns. As the cost of education grows, more and more people are searching for affordable alternatives. Home study programs cost a fraction of the price yet deliver the same standard of education.

There are also time considerations. Everyone knows that you need the right qualifications to advance in your career. Adults with busy schedules recommend study-from-home products because they can fit their ongoing education into a busy schedule.

While many traditional educational institutions have yet to jump into this burgeoning online industry, alternative education providers have. Expect this sector to change dramatically in the years ahead.


Online industries are witnessing a golden age of innovation. As technology grows in sophistication, several major sectors have taken advantage of it to grow.

As the digital world continues to take hold and more ordinary functions move online, being tech-savvy is no longer something limited by age demographic.

Online industries are taking advantage of the new opportunities presented to them. Which industry do you believe will make the biggest splash in the years to come?

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