What Is Behavior Analysis … And Why Is It Important For Your Website’s Success?

The term behavior analysis is bandied around a lot when discussing web design and digital marketing alike.

This is fine if you’re already in the know on this topic, but it can be intimidating if you’ve not got deeper knowledge.

To rectify this, read on for a dissection of behavior analysis in the online sphere, and how this can make or break sites of all sizes.

The Basics Of Behavior Analysis

In its purest form, behavior analysis is the process of picking apart how visitors use your website, ranging from the sites they clicked through from, to the ways they interact with the interface.

It doesn’t just apply to sites, but also to mobile applications and other types of software. But for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll focus on what it means for browser-based experiences.

The end goal of analyzing visitor behavior is to get a grasp of what makes your audience tick, and what you can therefore do to engage them and satisfy them more thoroughly going forward.

In the long term, experts expect that behavior analysis techniques will be able to span several platforms and contexts, blending customer decisions throughout the journey to a sale for even richer insights.

The Benefits Unpacked

There are a multitude of advantages that come with deploying behavior analysis to track, interpret and glean value from website visitor interactions. Let’s go through the main talking points individually to expand upon each.

Improving Your Funnels And Making More Sales

With modern analytics platforms, it’s a breeze to track the sales funnel you’ve set up and see where you’re going right, and where you’re falling short.

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The latest solutions offer the ability to pinpoint the moments at which prospective customers step back and drop off the radar, giving you the means to determine why they are disengaging and what you can do to plug the gap.

Not every analytics solution is fully featured out of the box, so don’t just go for the best-known brands. For example, there are a host of Hotjar competitors that stack up well against this dominant name in the analytics space.

Optimizing Content To Hook Valuable Demographics

Your content strategy is often the top of your sales funnel; that juicy tidbit which gets visitors to click through to your site in the first place.

This means that well optimized content must be a priority, and without it your site will suffer from a sky-high bounce rate.

Behavior analysis allows you to see how content is consumed, including elements such as the amount of time visitors spend on landing pages, how far they get through a given piece of content, and where they go after they’re through with it.

The deluge of data accumulated allows you to single out suboptimal content in an instant, as well as showcasing content that is performing well so that you can learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.

Retaining Customers And Enhancing Loyalty

The fewer pain points that are present on your site, the easier it will be not only to convert new customers for the first time, but also to encourage them back in the future.

Analyzing visitor behavior makes your site as seamless as possible, and prevents customers from getting muddled in a maze of interactions that doesn’t end with them making a purchase.

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Likewise, you can identify which areas deserve the most of your attention based on their popularity, and ensure that these are the most optimized and observed areas of your site.

Loyalty is a hugely valuable currency for brands, and as a website is often the first point of engagement with prospective customers, you cannot afford to let it disappoint.

Battling Bugs

No matter how much you test and tweak your site, there’s still the potential for unintended problems to arise. Behavior analysis is ideal for spotting and troubleshooting bugs sooner rather than later, especially if they arise on pages which were previously functioning flawlessly.

This is all part of a wider strategy for catalyzing the growth and stimulating the success of a website, and it applies whether or not you support direct transactions and sales.

Concluding Considerations

The use of behavior analysis on the web is a long standing practice which has helped countless sites rise to prominence.

There are free and paid tools out there to assist you in this, so getting to grips with such solutions is the gateway to a hassle-free optimization experience.

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