What Does An SEO Agency Do?

If your site does not reach the top in any way, it has little traffic, and there are few applications from users, you clearly need digital marketing services. They will provide you with professional services in various aspects of SEO that will help you promote your site and make it better.

What Should Be Included In The Service?

1. Semantics And Analysis

At the beginning of the work, the SEO agency analyzes your site. Study the site, topics, and competitors. They make a strategy and promotion plan and collect and group thematic search queries. After collecting the semantic core – these are the keywords that describe your activity. They help you get into the right search and get to the top.

They create a site structure based on the semantic core and draw up a technical task for optimizing the site.

At the beginning of the work, the SEO agency will need access to your company’s website, and Google Analytics account. If you are not registered, they may ask you to do so for productive analysis.

2. Internal Optimization

It includes a lot of work related to the internal structure and content of the site, here are a few of the main ones:

    • Meta tags;

    • Optimized content;

    • Website loading speed;

    • Setting up robots.txt, sitemap.xml.

Internal site optimization is the actions that are aimed at improving the perception of the resource by search engines and users. It includes optimizing the code and structure of the site, working with content and commercial factors, analyzing, and increasing the speed of the site and its indexing.

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3. External Optimization

Improving the external link mass is working with links, directories, and forums. In addition, for each project, a unique promotion strategy is drawn up that is most suitable for a particular business.

External website optimization is the process of building links. That is an increase in the number of links to your resource posted on other sites. Simply put, the more external sites linking to your site, the better in terms of SEO.

There are several methods of external optimization:

In order for the external promotion of the site to be as effective as possible, these methods should be constantly alternated and combined.

It’s also a huge plus when regular users voluntarily link to you or when the placement doesn’t look custom. A professional digital marketing agency will take care of all this.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With An SEO Agency?

1) A whole team of specialists is working on the client’s project, where everyone has their scope of work. For example, an SEO specialist, copywriter, webmaster, analyst, programmer (developer), and an account manager.

2) In the arsenal of the agency there are more proven methods, techniques, and tools for website promotion.

3) Agencies work strictly according to KPI and give appropriate guarantees.

Neither an SEO agency nor a private specialist will give you exact guarantees: too many factors affect promotion. And yet, the agency usually takes payment only for the tasks achieved: reaching the top, traffic growth, and real actions on the site.

4) Agencies work under a contract and provide reporting, for example, a list of completed technical work, a list of work on a content strategy, and others.

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When Is The Best Time To Contact An Agency?

1) The growth of the project or the creation of a new one that needs to be promoted to the masses and find new customers.

2) You have a rather complex project, for example, promoting an unusual topic. In this case, you need to use all the experience of a professional company, you will need to attract the most competent employees who have already experienced this or can develop an optimal promotion strategy.

3) KPIs and guarantees are important to you.

4) You understand that your resources are not enough. You can choose only a specific service or package from an SEO agency, depending on your needs. We all understand what a huge role the Internet plays in our lives.

The number of Internet users is growing every day, and more and more new means of communication are appearing. The Internet has become a powerful tool for advertising and marketing.

It should be noted that SEO promotion effectively affects the development of any business and absolutely any company can use it, regardless of the type of activity and the scale of implementation. Therefore, it is important to contact an SEO agency if you need help, but you need to choose it wisely.

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