6 Ways to Make Your Instagram More Attractive To Followers

Instagram is by far among the most powerful social networks to get your name out there and get your business noticed.

With more than a billion monthly users and counting, it’s no wonder why so many brands are flocking to the platform on a daily basis to promote their products and get more exposure – perhaps including you!

And in most cases, brand recognition is reflected in the number of followers your IG account has, alongside engagements, and the likes your posts get.

This being said, how can you make your Instagram account more attractive in the eyes of followers, new and existing? 

Here are some tips you could use to appeal more to your followers, increase your audience, and improve customer interactions.

1. Do You Have a Theme?

If you hadn’t thought about a theme for your Instagram account, then this is the time. Of course, there’s a niche in the field that you are passionate about. How well do you represent it to the public? 

Besides helping attract new followers and making your feed more impressive, a coherent Instagram theme tells a story about your brand. It can work magic in helping propel your marketing strategies.

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3. Design a Relatable Grid

Your picture grid should not be a puzzle. Your pictures should relatively have a specific sequence and one that allows the audience to follow.

Unlike in the days past when you had to perform these tasks manually, you now have a lot of apps that can greatly help to get you organized without using a split collage design, leaving your grid looking fab.

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Here’s a list of such apps:

  • Hootsuite
  • Planoly
  • Tailwind
  • Sprout Social

Visual chaining, when done right, can help to improve the overall appearance of your IG posts. The coordination of your pictures will have an effect on the target audience.

3. Work on Your Instagram Aesthetics

The visual effects on your Instagram account will tell it all about the type of person or business you are. It will also determine the type of audience you attract. To achieve success, you need to be creative. 

Rather than your stockpile of content that looks like a hoard of mumbo jumbos, consider a neatly curated collection with a color scheme that’s consistent.

Whatever your niche, consistency is key for both your images and videos. There are various ways to do this, but here’s a classical example.

Use florals:

A great way to spruce up your aesthetics is using colorful images, perhaps of pictures taken while holding roses or with flowers in the background. The guys from the Bouqs, a renowned flower delivery service, even have a tutorial on photographing flowers for IG.

Colorful blooms can go a long way in adding enthusiasm and energy to your images. It’s a theme you can use to enhance your profile’s appearance and attract more followers. 

4. Consistently Post Great Content

Quality content is what makes or breaks a post. While it is easier said than done, what you put out there reflects on your brand – in more ways than you know.

It is easier to attract more people to your posts if they are visually appealing. However, great content is what will get noticed and draw the attention of the right crowd. You need to give them content they can enjoy.

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This includes stunning images and insightful video content for your profile posts, reels, and IG stories. As long as you don’t overdo it, sometimes you can even use GIFs and memes to add the fun factor.

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5. Run Giveaways on Your Instagram Account

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving your followers free stuff can help them make it a habit to visit your page. It also sends a message that you are willing to work with their best interests in mind.

To run an Instagram giveaway, you just need to be creative with your headlines, set the criteria for winning the free stuff, and have a timeline. Making sure the promotion posts are shareable across social media platforms will definitely help attract new followers. 

6. Go Live

Instagram live allows you to personalize your account. Live streaming has in so many ways helped to boost interactions. 

But it requires a lot of creativity in terms of quality, authenticity, and the time you decide to go live. You can also try using Instagram challenges to find out if your content is captivating enough for your audience.

Above and beyond, time, creativity, and the tools used can greatly help to boost your Instagram account. Most importantly, when integrating other applications with Instagram, be sure to test their features, usefulness, and authenticity as some can end up doing more harm than good.

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