ViralRace Review 2022 – Is ViralRace a Scam?

ViralRace Review – Is It Legit, Safe, or a Scam?

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ViralRace Review 2022

ViralRace has been heavily promoted for Instagram growth recently.

Before you choose an online Instagram growth service to boost your account presence, consider things like the wording used on the website, the claims made by the service, if the website is secure, and if there are potentially fake engagement or bots involved.

Many factors should be considered before making such a decision because of Internet safety and security, Instagram (and other social media) rules and regulations, and the threat of getting suspended or banned for violating such regulations.

You do not want to be one of those accounts that get banned for any reason.

If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a reputation around your page and its content now.

This is why the stakes are higher at this point – the last thing you need is to associate with a company that’s not legit, who could compromise this reputation.

While some companies out there might look enticing and have great features on offer, you’ve always got to review and do a bit more digging to find their true colors.

Otherwise, it’s just not worth it – you could end up getting stuck with something that is harming your online presence.

Your credibility as a business decreases, which results in a downward spiral.

My name is Jonathan Spire, and I’m passionate about providing reviews to my readers that are for both great companies and not so great companies, so that you can tell the difference between the two.

ViralRace Review

To keep your credibility intact and maintain good business practices, reading reviews like this one for ViralRace can save you time, money, and your own respectability in the long haul.

Let’s get started on this ViralRace review.

What Is ViralRace?

ViralRace Review - logo

The ViralRace website makes no secret about what they do. They sell followers.

Their claim is that you can buy real followers, active followers, and automatic likes from them.

Unfortunately, TrustPilot (a third-party review website) gives ViralRace a poor overall rating.

There are significantly more bad reviews than good ones from users and former users of this service.

ViralRace TrustPilot reviews

However, we will continue with what they have to offer and provide information about the website and service.

The confusing thing here is that Viral Race offers positive reviews on their own website, that obviously are a stark contrast to the Trustpilot ones.

This means that they have either paid people to write positive reviews about their features, or they have made them up themselves. This is the only conclusion that we can come to.

There is a slight chance that they have got some past clients that had a good experience, too, but either way it’s important to consider the negative reviews as well as the positives.

Usually, the negative reviews end up exposing a lot more than the positive ones.

How Does ViralRace Work?

ViralRace Review - Features

Essentially, ViralRace provides two options for their services.

  1. You can have your followers or engagement delivered instantly.
  2. You can have your followers or engagement delivered gradually.

If you feel you must buy followers, choosing the gradual option is best because it will appear more natural on your Instagram page.

Another service they provide is upload detection.

This means when you upload new images or videos, the system detects it, in this instance within 60 seconds, and then delivers engagement to that content therefore, interacting with it.

They claim that they can deliver 10 times the amount of engagement over companies that deliver organic growth and 4 times over their competitors. They also claim they deliver no fake accounts and that they have more than 20,000 happy clients.

There are a lot of claims happening here with Viral Race, and again if they’re true, then power to them.

There aren’t that many companies out there that can say their delivery is ten times that of other companies and four times that of their rivals, so if this is an accurate depiction of what they offer, you’re in luck.

We like that they have also said they’ve got happy clients, so perhaps those positive reviews on their homepage are true after all.

You’ve got to take it all with a grain of salt, but if it’s correct, it’s correct.

One way to spot a fake review is if it’s vague, and uses generic wording. Another way to spot one is if it’s only got one name attached to it, or no name at all.

Legit reviews will have first and last names of the people behind the review, and the best reviews out there will include the Instagram username of the person who wrote the review.

The only thing that we have to say against this foolproof description is that some companies pay for good reviews, and in this case they can still have first and last names on them, but not be genuine.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did ViralRace make it?

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
4Flock SocialVisit

ViralRace Pros & Cons

No Instagram growth service is completely free from flaws.

ViralRace is no different. It also has its pros and cons as we will cover below.

  • They have spent the money and taken the effort to have a secure https website that protects its clients’ data.
  • The reviews on their website appear to be real. They are at least real Instagram handles. Whether the accounts are real or not is unknown.
  • Very poor off-site reviews with claims like the followers bought disappeared overnight and many users calling it a scam (Trust Pilot).
  • There is the potential that they are delivering fake engagement due to the off-site reviews.
  • There is no free trial option. Most people expect to try it before they buy it.
  • No money-back guarantee on the website. Everyone expects some kind of money-back guarantee from this kind of service.
  • The FAQ link at the bottom of the website directs you back to the homepage. Therefore, there is no FAQ page. Upon further inspection, there a few vague FAQs on the pricing page.
  • The Help Center link at the bottom of the page generates an error. “This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.” Therefore, they have no help page.
  • They have a chat-bot on the website where you can address questions and concerns, but it may not be manned 24/7 as their message states, “The team will reply to as soon as they can.”
  • The engagement they supply is fake.

Being able to secure your clients data on the website is numero uno when it comes to winning over their trust.

We don’t suggest you share your information with any company who can’t seem to do this.

Of course, having real and active followers is a great thing, and even better if it’s true.

They don’t make any wild claims around it, except for their efficiency, which is always worth looking out for.

Lastly, it’s hard to know whether to trust the reviews on the website or elsewhere, but we do suggest they’re all taken with a grain of salt.

While this is not particularly a “con”, it is a nuisance in our opinion. Their pricing page and signup page are the exact same page.

The page is lengthy with visible packages and pricing and a few FAQs, but it looks like a blog post after that.

It is a blog post that essentially touts the benefits of buying followers and engagement with so-called social proof and how Instagram is changing.

Is ViralRace Safe? Is ViralRace a Scam?

Unfortunately, we cannot deem ViralRace safe to use. There are simply too many questions regarding their services.

Red flags like very poor reviews from users submitted on a third-party website raise concerns over the viability of the service.

There is always a chance of getting fake accounts and/or engagement when you buy followers and engagement. That is just how it is.

We do not advocate any service where you buy engagement or followers, but if you choose this solution, be aware of the pitfalls.

Another thing that you have to be wary of with a company like ViralRace is that they’re using a bot.

While it’s more than likely fake engagement, if it’s a bot this isn’t that much better.

A bot can put your account at risk of being suspended by Insta, who is always frowning down upon people that go over their daily engagement limits.

While the idea of using a bot is nice and could be helpful for everyone, the reality of its execution is that it’s going to put your content at risk.

Remember that reputation you’ve worked so hard for? Don’t compromise it.

What About the Team?

There’s a lot to be said for companies who can show the faces behind the features.

When we are able to connect to the human side of a company, it makes it a lot easier for us to trust them, and want to invest our time and money.

We don’t think that there is enough on ViralRace’s website about the team behind their service, so this is definitely a letdown.

They could be more forthcoming with this type of information, and then we’d be more inclined to trust them and want to use their services.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, I would avoid ViralRace.

It is vital that you do your research to learn everything you can about an Instagram growth service like ViralRace before you invest your money and time into it.

Research off-site reviews, WOT ratings, Scam Advisor ratings, and TrustPilot reviews and ratings.

Avoid just taking the word of a company on their website. Find reliable sources to test their claims.

Watch out for bots when you are looking for an online Instagram growth service because this kind of feature is no longer viable with most companies.

Only one or two companies that still use bots are compliant with Instagram’s policies and ToS.

When choosing such a service to boost your Instagram page, be aware of the signs that you might be getting into something that is more detrimental than useful for your account.

The website language claims that they can help grow your Instagram with 10 times the growth, retention, and engagement over organic growth services.

Grant it, this service may be faster because you are buying followers and engagement, but it’s difficult to believe that retention rates are better than organic growth.

Since the website is only a little over two years old, it is not likely they can measure retention with organic websites that have been in business longer than ViralRace.

The best thing you can do to do is to be as knowledgeable and cautious about buying followers and engagement as possible.

Top ViralRace Alternatives

While ViralRace doesn’t seem to fit the bill – the good news is that there are always legit companies that I like that you can use as alternatives, that definitely aren’t a scam.

This way, you can take care of your Instagram growth without worrying about your account’s reputation.

Let’s take a look at the top ViralRace alternatives to help with your Instagram’s growth.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

It’s hard to go past a growth company like Stellation Media, because they simply seem to have it all.

They’ve got updated features for Instagram, so you know that you’re always way ahead of your rivals.

Try their mass story engager, and watch your account grow to new heights.



One of the things that we like about Nitreo is that they’re legit – and they explain why on their website.

As well as going into detail about all the reasons why they’re legit, they also go into all the reasons why they’re not a scam.

This way, you can bet that you will receive organic engagement from them.



Ingramer is an excellent Viral Race alternative, because they cover everything to do with your Instagram growth – and when we say everything, we mean it.

They can help you with your scheduling, but they can also help you with your hashtags, and your automated commenting and liking.

There’s nothing that Ingramer can’t do for you.

Task Ant

Task Ant

Perhaps you’re someone who think that they could get a bit of help with their hashtags, because you’re not too sure which ones to use.

If this is the case, go for Task Ant.

This company has been around for a little while, but they’re known for being innovative and coming up with the first hashtag generator.

It’s in-depth, effective, and will change the way you see your hashtags.

Social Clout Club

Social Clout Club

Ever wanted to be promoted by a celebrity?

There’s nothing quite like being connected to a famous influencer or person who can really elevate your chances of doing well and increasing your growth.

Social Clout Club can make this happen.

They affiliate with new celebrities every month, who create campaigns and promotions where their followers have to follow your profile to win the prize.

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
4Flock SocialVisit

ViralRace Coupon

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Do you disagree with my review? Sometimes I do make mistakes. Comment below & let me know what’s factually incorrect and I’ll rectify it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

7 Responses

  1. Viral Race is not at all safe. They were actually called Automatic Viral before and Instagram took them down for obvious reasons. Do not bother purchasing from them, you’ll save a whole lot that way both financially and image wise. Unless you want your profile to be riddled with fake accounts that disappear quickly, I would steer clear from Viral Race.

  2. I was lucky enough NOT to fall for this scam although I was considering using ViralRace for a while. Unfortunately, a friend of mine did buy one of their packs. He said the followers are very obviously fake and don’t stay for very long because Instagram deletes all the fakes eventually.

  3. I always try to test growth services before coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these scam services and Viralrace is one of the bad seeds in the crop. What they offer is too good to be true so that’s probably a dead giveaway that they’re not legit.

  4. Check their trustpilot reviews and you’ll know they’re completely off. This was my mistake as I believed their claims, which I tell you are completely false. Save your money and go purchase a service that provides organic results. Viral Race is a scam of a company, boycott them.

  5. Do not use Viralrace! All the claims they make are fake. I tried contacting them to ask them what was going on and never got an answer. Having searched for a quick way to gain followers, I really thought this was the way but no Viralrace just scammed me and took my money

  6. This website is a big scam I ordered the first time and did not get anything so I ordered from them a second time they sent me fake I tried contacting the company but they never replied you will regret trying their services.

  7. The claims of the site having real active followers- completely false. Everyone wants more likes, so I do. But they provide only fake likes. Real accounts- 100% fake! They do not respond to emails unless you are a first time customer.

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