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Get Twitch Growth is a company that focuses primarily on Twitch and helping its clients get a broader community of viewers on the popular streaming platform. We highly doubt that they’re one of the best options out there.

How long have you been using Twitch for? If it’s been a while, then you might be wondering why your viewer count isn’t as good as other peoples.

The trouble is, Twitch used to be the kind of streaming platform that was only used by a handful of people, but now that we know how much money you can potentially make on there, it feels like everyone is trying to make a name for themselves.

This means that you have your work cut out for you, and there are a lot of Twitch growth companies that are just there for a quick profit.

I’m Jonathon Spire. I know that the Twitch growth industry has had its ups and downs, and even still, there are plenty of scams out there that can take advantage of you, especially if you are naïve and don’t really know too much about the Twitch growth industry yet.

While this means that you can easily be put at risk, there are ways to figure out if a company is legit or not – you’ve just got to learn what they are.

Read the review below of, and see what a legit Twitch company looks like and what it doesn’t. Review 2024 Review - logo is an interesting company for your Twitch growth because they’re pretty blatant about what they offer. They say that they offer a Twitch growth bot, which is brazen and bold.

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Not many people out there recommend a bot for your growth – it brings too much risk to your account. 

What is

We’re actually pretty surprised here that is prepared to be so upfront and honest about the fact that they sell Twitch bots. We can appreciate their honesty because there are plenty of companies out there that try to hide the fact that they’re a bot.

However, honesty aside, you still shouldn’t be using a Twitch bot for your growth, especially if you have a reputation to maintain. They’re going to get you in trouble with Twitch itself, and could get you shut down. Of course, this is the last thing that anyone wants. 

What are’s Features? Features says that they have a viewers and chatbot, and a followers bot. They also say that they have a clip views bot and a channel views bot.

This means that they have divided their bots up into different categories depending on what the client needs so that you can use either just one of them for a specific purpose or all at the same time.

While this is nice that they’re put a bit of effort into the presentation of their features, we cannot get past the simple fact that they’re offering a bot. They shouldn’t be, and you can’t trust a company like this.

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What is’s Pricing? Pricing

So, how much is going to set you back, then? The monthly packages that they offer for their chatbot, for example, come with keys that expire after 30 days, so what you pay for is going to last you a month.

They say that if you purchase 100 viewers, this is going to cost you $50.00. 250 viewers are $100, and 1000 viewers are $340. Again, all of these run out after a month, which presumably means that you have to renew your subscription.

We’re a little confused about how this works, but it does look like they offer a range of payment methods, including PayPal.

How Did do in Tests?

We are always careful to put companies like to the test so that you can see how they work against a real Twitch account.

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This will help you decide if they’re a good fit for your channel or not. We bought 100 viewers for our Twitch account, and while we thought that they arrived in good time, we didn’t really like the results overall.

We thought that they were weak and that most of the viewers dropped off again after just a couple of days. This isn’t a good retention rating, and it means that your channel will look bad. User Reviews

Review Conclusion

What we ultimately think of is that they’re nothing more than your average Twitch growth bot that makes a lot of promises but can hardly keep any of them.

Again, we appreciate that they are so forthcoming about the fact that they’re a bot, but this is where our appreciation for them ends.

It would be nice if they could offer a less risky Twitch service because there’s no way that we can recommend you use a bot for anything. Look elsewhere for your Twitch engagement.

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