UseViral Review – Is UseViral a Scam?

UseViral Review – Is UseViral a Scam?

UseViral is one of those companies that claim to be able to do it all. We will unpack this more in-depth in our review below. 

When it comes to growing your social media accounts online, there is a lot more to it than you might think.

The hours upon hours of following, unfollowing, liking, viewing, commenting and otherwise engaging on social media is simply too overwhelming to manage on your own.

If you try to, it will take years before you enjoy any desirable level of success in popularity. If that is your ultimate goal then there is no harm in enlisting some help from a third-party service.

The reality is, there are so many people using social media these days to market their brand that if you are not outsourcing your engagement or getting help from a third party, you can very easily start to fall behind.

There’s no doubt that everyone knows that  the competition is fierce across social media platforms today. 

A few years ago, it might have been a lot easier to do everything yourself, but now there is just no way to get away with this.

This is why a lot of people choose to rely on expert companies that come with all the features that they need to be successful on social media. It’s not always a walk in the park, though.

While there are many companies out there that promise their clients high-quality features that are going to help with their brand being online, at the end of the day, there are always going to be scams as well.

That’s one of the reasons that reviews like this one for UseViral exist. We strive to provide you with valuable information to help guide you to your ideal method for social media growth and engagement.

So, how do you figure out which companies are scams and which ones are legit? You read reviews like the one we have below.

Let’s review UseViral and determine whether we think they are a great company for you to use for your social media growth or not.

UseViral Review

UseViral logo

UseViral is one of those comprehensive social media growth companies that claim to be able to help you with everything. They say that they have high-quality features, and the good news is that they actually have clients reviews to back this up.

What is UseViral?

UseViral’s promotes its services as a “Social Media Marketing Service”.  They understand that you want your great content to be seen by the right audience who will engage with you and help you grow and develop your brand, business, or cause.

UseViral says that you can boost your social media through its expansive network. They say that they help their clients get famous on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Clubhouse, YouTube, and several other social media platforms out there as well.

You could be forgiven for thinking that their website comes across as simple and not complete, but a lot of times, we find with companies like this have put all of that effort into their features instead.

It’s been our experience that some of the simplest services provide the best features and support. That may not be a standard model, but in this case, it’s a good thing.

There is always a risk that companies like UseViral are just automating their features, but if their customer reviews are to be believed, then we have come across a rare gem in the industry.

One of the issues that comes from using automation, bots, or buying engagement is that some of these features may pose the risk of getting your account suspended or banned. Thus far, that is not an issue with UseViral.

Many companies similar to this promise the same thing, but they don’t follow through with it, which is why it is always good to read reviews like this one before you commit to anything.

One thing you should know about UseViral is that it’s been around for several years and have built a reputation for reliability and dependability.

This company has satisfactorily served many clients who have shared their positive experience through reviews on the site as well as through third-party review sites.

A good sign that UseViral delivers as promised is that the positive reviews well outnumber the negative ones.

What are UseViral’s Features?

UseViral Works

One of the things that we like the most about UseViral is that they have divided their features depending on which social media platform you need help with right now.

Within these categories, they also offer a variety of different packages to give you the best value for that platform.

For example, they offer help with your views and likes on TikTok, which means that you get to choose the plan based on whether you need TikTok views or likes.

If you don’t see a plan there that suits you, they say that you can get in touch and talk about customizing one that fits your particular platform.

When you enter your information and sign up for a package, they promise never to require things like your password. All they need from you is your username and your email address.

Once you have placed your order based on the platform that you need help with, they will get started for you. It really is this simple.

Some of the engagements you can enjoy from this service include:

  • YouTube likes, shares, subscribers, and views
  • Pinterest followers
  • LinkedIn connections and company page followers
  • TikTok video views, likes, and followers
  • Twitch followers, viewers, and video views
  • Twitter is a fully managed growth service that allows you to interact with real Twitter users
  • SoundCloud followers and plays
  • Spotiy plays, artist followers, playlist followers, and monthly listeners
  • Facebook followers and likes
  • Clubhouse followers
  • Instagram likes, views, and followers

As you can see, this is a comprehensive service with features that make it unique in this industry. You aren’t likely to find another company like this that brings expertise and experience to the table.

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What is UseViral’s Pricing?

UseViral Pricing

So, remember how we talked about how they divide their features depending on which platform you need help with the most? They have done the same with their pricing.

Let’s stick with our TikTok example, and for the rest of their pricing, you can easily access it through their website.

If you want video views with quick delivery for your TikTok account, they are offering 100 views for five cents. This comes with day and night customer support, and they promise that they are active and high quality.

They also promise that they will be delivered within one to two days, which is always nice.

Again, remember that UseViral can help you with every single one of your social networks, so you can get it all done under one roof. Additional pricing: 500 LinkedIn connections will cost you $25, while 1000 SoundCloud plays will cost you $3.

One thousand monthly Spotify listeners are going to set you back $3, and 2000 YouTube views will cost you $17. 500 Twitch video views are $3, and 500 Pinterest followers are $29.

All of these features come with day and night customer support and a delivery time of one to two days.

How Did UseViral Do in Tests?

We decided to put UseViral to the test to make sure that they were the kind of company we wanted to recommend to our readers. Honestly, we were amazed at how efficiently and effectively they were able to help our networks from beginning to end.

We signed up for services for our TikTok account and can confidently say that they delivered all of the engagement within one to two days.

They also made it really easy to get in touch with them, and we could tell based on the response of our existing audience that the engagement was high quality.

What About Their Team?

Another thing that we really like about UseViral is that they have quite a lot of information on their website about the team behind the features.

With a company that can help you with all your social networks at once, this kind of information is important as it sets up a trusting, accountable relationship between them and the client from the beginning.

We appreciate UseViral’s superior customer service and support team. You can get help 24/7. This means that day or night, weekday or weekend, you can get help when you need it because this team is present and responsive.

What About Their Network?

You already know that you get your real engagement from the company’s network of users. But, did you know that this network is an established network of influencers, peers, clients, and an array of people from all walks of life.

This network of real people not only engage with you, but they also share and promote your content across social networks so that your online presence is seen by even more relevant people. 

Review Conclusion

So, all in all, we think that UseViral is one of the best companies out there to help you with your social media growth, and if you’re not making the most of them right now, we highly recommend that you do.

You won’t come across companies like this very often, so we suggest that you make the most of this opportunity.

They are of high quality, and they have a great turnaround time for their engagement, so you can rely on them to help with all of your platforms in a satisfactory and efficient manner. 

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Review Summary


UseViral is one of those comprehensive social media growth companies that claim to be able to help you with everything. They say that they have high-quality features, and the good news is that they actually have clients reviews to back this up.

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