Upleap Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Upleap Review - Is It a Scam?

Upleap Review 2024

Upleap says they can grow your Instagram for you. Is it true?

Substantial Instagram growth comes with persistence, patience, perseverance, and your time and effort.

Due to the amount of time it takes to garner followers and engagement on Instagram, people are happy to use a growth service that claims to work faster and better than doing it yourself.

While doing your own Instagram engagement is ideal, you cannot always find the time.

For those times, you have options like these:

  • Digital Agencies – Agencies with real people who manually act on your behalf according to your needs to boost your engagement and growth on Instagram.
  • Virtual Assistants – A Virtual Assistant (VA) with specific expertise in social media, especially Instagram, works much like the digital agency, except you only deal with one person who engages for you.
  • Buy Followers – This is not the best method of engagement and growth on Instagram, but it’s become a widely accepted practice among marketers, influencers, brands, businesses, and individuals. However, this is not an accepted method by Instagram because of the likelihood of fake profiles and fake followers.
  • Instagram Bots – Botting technology is another accepted method for Instagram growth and engagement among marketers, influencers, businesses, brands, and individuals that use Instagram for promoting themselves. Instagram is on high alert when it comes to bots, so beware of using those known for being spammy.

Upleap is one of these growth services and one that we will discuss in this review. It’s wise to do your research and learn everything you can about such a service before using it.

Let’s get started.

My name is Jonathan Spire, and I’m passionate about giving reviews to both companies you should use and those that you shouldn’t so that hopefully you can tell the difference.

We know that there are a lot of shady companies out there that you need to avoid, and the best way to do this is read reviews like the one.

This way, you can figure out for yourself whether they’re legit or not, and use this information to make an informed decision.

We love helping people find the right companies for them, and hope that you use this review to make a safe, confident choice.

The bigger the industry grows, the harder it is to find companies that are worth your time.

You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you, and without reviews like this, you would find it a lot harder to avoid those companies that are nothing more than a scam.

Upleap Review

Upleap Followers

Upleap uses a 100% human-only service, but after some digging and checking, which of course is going to make all the difference to your Instagram growth.

They did delve into a bit of botting for a while there which isn’t the kind of thing that we can recommend to our clients.

It’s simply just not safe enough, especially if you have an existing reputation among your followers.

HOWEVER, since 2019 they have changed to a manual only service!

Upleap also says you “get more Instagram followers with a dedicated account manager,” but what do they mean by that?

It seems they are claiming to connect you with a dedicated account manager, according to their homepage.

This is great news and the kind of thing you want to use for your Instagram growth when you can.

Having a personal account manager who can help you grow your profile according to its content and your niche is going to make a huge difference.

You really don’t want to settle for automation after this – you want a company that can put you in touch with a growth expert directly who is personally invested in the growth of your account.

There’s really nothing better, so it’s pleasing to see that Upleap is willing to include this feature in their portfolio.

If you want to take your Instagram growth seriously, you really need to be able to find a company like Upleap that’s legit enough to include a personal account manager.

This way, you can communicate with them directly about everything you need, and not waste your time with multiple people to get the right answers.

The website has some high-profile, popular brand logos on it to boost its credibility. Off-site reviews I have found are pretty good.

There’s nothing quite like finding a company who can offer off-site reviews – this is the cream of the crop. If you want to know what a model Instagram growth company is, it’s one that has third party reviews.

There aren’t too many companies out there that can say they’ve been able to achieve this, so this definitely helps us feel good about Upleap.

It also means that any reviews they share on their website will be real as well, as they can be verified elsewhere.

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They are “loved by thousands” – sounds good to me!

Now, we will learn about the features, pros, cons, and safety and risk factors of Upleap.

👉 Get Started with Upleap Risk-FREE

Upleap’s Main Features


Power Your Growth

They claim to grow your personal and influencer accounts with consistent organic growth using their account gurus.

Organic growth is the key advantage here. There are a lot of companies out there that claim to offer organic growth, but at the end of the day don’t really.

We think judging by what we’ve seen so far that Upleap’s growth really is organic. One of the biggest reasons why we think that Upleap is being honest about their real growth is their third party reviews.

This means that people have already come through, tried out their features for themselves, and discovered that they’re holding tight to their promises and guarantees.

It’s always nice finding a company that’s actually organic as they claim to be.

Build Your Brand

They claim to help you build up your audience from the ground up with the use of hashtags, similar users, geolocations, and relevant followers.

Remember, the more information you share with them, the better they will be able to target the right people for you.

If you can’t give them what they need to work with, then their growth for you isn’t going to be targeted, and you’re not going to have people checking out your account that are personally interested.

Get More Followers

Relevant users that engage with you. The key here is relevant users – remember that engagement information that you need to share with them so that they can do their job?

This will directly result in relevant users.

The more relevant users are checking out your profile, the more people are likely to actually engage with your content, and sustain it over a long time.

Always Notice Real Results

They claim to ensure they only work with real users that are part of your targeted audience. Again, we cannot emphasis enough how important it is that the people checking out your account are real.

Otherwise, your account isn’t going to go anywhere, because it’s not going to actively be interacted with by real profiles.

There are so many companies out there that are more than happy to provide their clients with fake engagement – and if you’re seasoned in this industry, it won’t take you long to spot this.

Stay far away from fake engagement, as it only serves to hurt your account, not help it.

Smart Targeting

Claim: Your account manager engages with posts that provide the best results. This is the only way to really grow your account with a third party, unless you want to manually do everything yourself.

We can verify that this is true, and as a result all the targeting that they do through personal account managers is manual. They have real humans doing everything for you, so that your account looks legit.

Engagement Boost

They say they will help you grow your account with other related users to achieve natural engagement – over time.

Easy Setup

Just sign up and they will let you get started in a few minutes. If you find a company that you think is legit, but then they take a long time to get set up, they’re probably just a scam.

It shouldn’t ever take that long to get sorted with a company like this. They also shouldn’t be asking for more of your information than they need.

If they are, then they are more than likely a blackhat company that’s not legit, and intends to just steal your information so that they can sell it on.

View Stories

They will view Instagram stories of users you don’t follow to expand your exposure. This is of course one of Instagram’s latest features, as well as Instagram reels.

It’s always nice to see companies like this taking note of Instagram’s updates, and adjusting their features accordingly.

We appreciate how Upleap is keen to keep up to date with what Instagram’s doing, so that you can stay ahead of the crowd and always be relevant.


They claim to track your engagement, but the information on the website on this subject is vague at best.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t do this – they have just forgotten to talk about it on their website.

We’re confident that you’ll find out more about this aspect of your engagement when you sign up with them.

Dedicated Support

Upleap claims to provide a support team. We don’t recommend ever going with a company that can’t provide good customer support.

Upleap touts themselves a good fit for students, business professionals, athletes, celebrities, companies, photographers, and other types of customers, so, basically everyone.

We believe that they have customisable features that can accommodate different needs and preferences.

No matter which category you fall into, they can help you with your growth and make the entire process a lot more manageable.

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Upleap Pricing

👉 Get Started with Upleap Risk-FREE

Upleap offers a 3-day free trial without a credit card, then you pay for services.

While this feature might seem small, it stands out to us as being one of the reasons why we like Upleap the most.

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Not every company out there that is offering a free trial will make sure you can try it without sharing your credit card number.

This indicates to us that Upleap is legit, and cares about the security of its clients. If Upleap was a scam, then they would ask for your credit card information before they offered you a free trial.

From here, they would be able to charge your account after you’ve finished the free trial, and you wouldn’t even know about it.

This is the only reason that a company would need details like this, which is why we don’t recommend signing up for one that does.

Lite – Designed for Personal Accounts and Up-And-Coming Influencers

  • $39/mo
  • Account manager
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Similar user targeting

Standard – the Next Step up For Up-And-Coming Influencers and Businesses

  • $69/mo
  • Same as Lite
  • Faster organic growth
  • Instagram story views

Premium – the Quickest Option for Businesses and Influencers to Get the Most from Instagram

  • $99/mo
  • Same as Standard
  • Targeted locations
  • Excluded keywords
  • Premium support

Is Upleap Safe? Is Upleap a Scam?

Upleap Satisfaction

When you see something like “smart targeting” on an Instagram growth service website, that mean’s they are either using a bot or a real person. Upleap are using a real person.

That being said, here are the pros and cons.


  • Https Secure Website – Most websites nowadays have transitioned to the https secure protocol, so this is not a surprise, but it is a positive element, therefore it goes in the “pros” column. This protocol also serves its purpose for Upleap by upping their search engine rankings. It also means that you can securely share information on their website, without the risk of it being stolen.
  • Transparent Pricing – It’s always good to know what you’re getting and how much it will cost you upfront. This is usually a sign that the service has no hidden costs or fees. What’s more, you can argue their prices if you’ve seen them from the beginning and they claim otherwise. We also think that Upleap is offering great deals with their pricing as well. They start from just $39 a month, and go up to $99 a month. This indicates to us that they have priced their features fairly, and don’t intend to rip off their clients. On the flip side, they aren’t offering prices that are too low, either, which would indicate that their features are low quality.
  • Verified Payment Gateway – Upleap’s developers have gone to the effort of using verified payment gateways to keep their customers’ payment information safe.
  • Help/Support Page – There is a help and support page. With an ongoing service like this that is bound to have technical issues from time to time, having a support and help page is vital.
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Support – People like to know the services they sign up for have this option. The peace of mind in knowing you can get help whenever you need it, day or night, cannot be measured. Upleap has this. It’s going to be hard for you to find a company that offers a personal account manager as well as 24/7 support – it’s almost unheard of.


  • No Phone/Email Form – Email form was not working at time of writing. However, this might have changed. It’s also not the biggest deal, either – you can always give them this kind of information later if you want.

I cannot say the website itself isn’t safe, since they do have a secure site and verified payment gateways.

That means your personal and payment information is protected.

👉 Get Started with Upleap Risk-FREE

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

This review is a representation of my opinion of Upleap from the information and research I did on the service. I can recommend it.

I always recommend that you seek out reputable and reliable methods of Instagram engagement. Upleap appears to be one of these.

Make the most of Upleap for your next Instagram growth campaign, and know that no matter what you’re going to be in good hands.

They are personable, have great pricing, and really seem to care about their clients. Make the most of that free trial, too, so that you can get to know them before you sign up.

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Upleap Coupon

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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8 thoughts on “Upleap Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. I tried their free trial and didn’t get any new followers at all. I doubt that I’ll get better results if I actually pay for this service. I’m expecting to see good results even when signing up for a trial. Their service isn’t cheap so I want to know what I’m going to be paying for.

  2. I didn’t have a great experience with Upleap. They claim to target similar users but that’s not what I’ve experienced. The accounts that were following me had nothing to do with my niche and just seemed random. This is not what targeted following is supposed to look like.

  3. I used these automation bots when I first started my Instagram account and wanted to get a lot of followers quickly. I’m lucky that I didn’t get my account banned back then. I no longer use that tactics and don’t recommend it to anyone. It’s not that effective anyway because you’re mostly buying fake followers.

  4. No FAQ and help page is a big turn-off for me, I can see that their Customer Support is poor — who would want to purchase from a company like that? I read that support doesn’t speak proper English if they do reply. I think I’ll put my money in a better place than this. Automated bots are used so that doesn’t make that happy at all either….. I’m gonna have to look for better options.

  5. Good review. Good to know that they use bots. Do you know any alternatives that use real users interactions? My main fear is that once I stop using the service that my engagement will plummet.

  6. Upleap services are pretty pricey and they’ve only got a three-day free trial. I think that’s not enough to decide whether to use the service or not. And they do seem to use bots. I wouldn’t want to risk getting my account banned just to get more Instagram followers faster. It’s a known risk but there have to be better ways.

  7. I’ve actually been reading a whole lot on companies that help on Instagram growth as I need to work only with reliable companies. I have a friend who works in social media marketing who strongly advises that if the package has to make use of bots instead of organic growth, it’s not worth risking your accounts for. Though I do not know anyone who has tried Upleap personally, I’d take with your view and The Instagram Authority’s view on it as you’ve provided strong points that discourage me from using this, 3/10 is risky enough.

    • I have personally used Upleap and can attest to their services not living up to their claims. Please note that Upleap will in fact pay (ie: give discounts) bloggers who sign up for their service and then give good reviews of them on their blogs. You’ve been warned.


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