Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure: Understanding Azure Cloud Managed Services

Cloud infrastructure management is vital, but due to focusing on the other aspect of your business, you might be unable to do it properly.

Azure cloud managed services can safeguard you from this hassle forever. The time you spend managing your infrastructure decreases dramatically as Azure takes care of many basic day-to-day duties for you. 

Let’s dive into Azure and see how Azure cloud infrastructure management tools can help you.

Understanding Azure Cloud Managed Services 

Azure Cloud Managed Services is a collection of services that help you manage your server infrastructure, databases, networking, and more.

The goal is to reduce costs by taking some of the burdens off your shoulders as an IT professional.

With Azure cloud infrastructure management services, you can focus on higher-level strategic tasks directly impacting your company’s bottom line rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operational tasks like software updates or hardware upgrades.

Explore The Different Types Of Azure Managed Services For Cloud Infrastructure Management

Azure offers a full range of managed services to help you build and manage your cloud applications.

Managed services are available for the following areas of cloud infrastructure management:

Azure Cloud Management

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Azure Cloud Management is a managed service that makes deploying and managing applications across multiple Azure subscriptions easy. 

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With this service, you can create an application with a single command or point-and-click in the Azure portal.

You also have access to Azure services from the same interface so that you can manage all your resources from one place.

Azure Cloud Migration

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Azure Cloud Migration is a managed service that helps you move data from on-premises storage to Microsoft Azure storage services.

This service can help you migrate on-premises storage resources such as files and folders into Azure Files or Storage Accounts for long-term retention.

Cloud Architecture

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This service helps customers plan the architecture for their on-premises data center infrastructure migration to Microsoft Azure IaaS.

It includes architectural design planning, assessment of current infrastructure, cost analysis, and migration planning.

Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS)

IMS provides the support you need to manage your infrastructures across all Azure regions, including computing, storage, and networking.

This service helps ensure that your infrastructure stays up and running so you can focus on building great applications instead of maintaining them.

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End-to-End Security Management Services

This service provides unified threat management (UTM) capabilities for all workloads, including web and custom applications running Azure Resource Manager (ARM) virtual networks.  

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Effortlessly Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure With Azure Managed Cloud Services: Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you automate and orchestrate your cloud infrastructure with Azure:

Use Automation And Orchestration

With Azure Automation, you can create a central console to configure, manage, and monitor all your virtual machines in Azure.

This enables you to automate common tasks that are time-consuming to perform manually.

Monitor Performance And Optimize Resources

The Azure Security Center gives you visibility into your cloud infrastructure security status so that you can monitor performance and optimize resources across multiple environments.

With this tool, it’s easy for you to identify potential threats within your environment before they become problems.

Use Azure Advisor For Recommendations And Optimization

Azure Advisor is a free service that provides recommendations to optimize your Azure resources and improve performance, security, and reliability.

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Use Azure Advisor to identify potential issues and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Leverage Azure Security Center

It provides unified security management and advanced threat protection for your cloud workloads.

Use Azure Security Center to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities, monitor security posture, and protect against cyber threats.

Monitor Performance And Optimize Resources

Monitoring the performance of your cloud infrastructure and optimizing resources can help you reduce costs and improve application performance.

Use Azure Monitor to track performance metrics, analyze logs, and use Azure Resource Manager to optimize resource allocation.

Azure Cloud Managed Services: Your Solution For Easy Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Managed Services take away many issues you must deal with when provisioning and maintaining your virtualization infrastructure.

In the long run, this extra time and money can be applied directly to other areas of your business (or back into your business by helping you scale). 

Cloud Managed Services allow you to focus on what’s most important for your business, whether growing revenue, cutting costs, or increasing profitability.

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Our expertise in cloud development, DevOps, digital product design, quality assurance & testing, and legacy updates can help your business leverage the full potential of the cloud. 

Contact us now and learn how we can assist you in achieving your cloud infrastructure goals.

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