Twitch Booster Review 2024 – Is Twitch Booster a Scam?

Twitch Booster Review – Is Twitch Booster a Scam?

Twitch Booster is a company that says they know a lot about growing your Twitch account and helping you find the right people to watch your streams.

While they might sound like they’ve got a good thing going on, unfortunately, we believe that they’re selling fake engagement. 

The industry of Twitch streaming has taken off over the past few years, with more and more people seeing the merit in being able to stream live to their viewers and receive donations in return.

If you’re one of these people, then you might have been doing this for a while, without any real results. It’s harder than you think to grow your Twitch channel, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

This is where you need a legit company that can help you find the right people – but how do you know which companies are legit and which are scams?

My name is Jonathon Spire. I have spent a lot of time in the social media growth industry, and as a result, I know a lot about it – both the good and the bad. I know that there are legit companies wanting to help you with your growth, but I also know that there are scams, too.

Let’s review Twitch Booster and decide which camp we think they fall into. 

Twitch Booster Review 2024

Twitch Booster logo

Twitch Booster is a company that promises great engagement for its clients so that they can grow their Twitch streams and find people who are going to love their content for what it is.

While this is all well and good, we think that they are selling fake engagement, which could hurt your reputation. 

What is Twitch Booster?

Twitch Booster

One of the first things that we noticed about Twitch Booster is that they have a chatbox on their webpage. This means that you can get in touch with them if you need to, in order to fix a technical issue or get advice on how best to grow your channel.

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We like this level of accountability, but we don’t think that it’s enough for some companies to prove their worth.

Twitch Booster says that they can help you with your views, followers, and viewers, but we have our suspicions that these are fake and will only hurt your account. 

What Are Twitch Booster’s Features?

Twitch Booster Views

They say that they send legit Twitch followers or viewers to any Twitch channel using some of the safest practices out there.

They say that their premium service is completely automated, and it comes with customer delivery so that you can get high-quality Twitch viewers with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

This is telling a good tale so far, but what it really means is that it’s a bot and sells fake engagement – neither of which you want to be affiliated with.

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What is Twitch Booster’s Pricing?

Twitch Booster Pricing

So, how much is Twitch Booster going to set you back, then? Well, you can buy 100 Twitch followers for $3.95, which is more on the cheap side than affordable.

They say that these are high quality, that they don’t require a password to send them – a red flag – and that the fee is one time only. They also promise instant delivery and real permanent users.

All of these things are hard to fulfill, which makes us wonder just how legit they really are. We don’t think that you can get real engagement with any company out there for $3.95 – it’s too little. 

How Did Twitch Booster Do in Tests?

We make a point of putting every company that we look at, like Twitch Booster, to the test, so that you can figure out what we are thinking about them.

We bought 100 Twitch viewers to see how they would do on our channel. Can you guess what the results were?

They were bad. They took their sweet time delivering them, and when they finally did come through, they started to drop off just as soon as they came on.

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This company is showing too many red flags for us to comfortably think they’re worth the time or money, even if their prices are low.

Twitch Booster User Reviews

Twitchbooster Trustpilot

Review Conclusion

So, what do we ultimately think about Twitch Booster for your Twitch exposure and growth? We think that you should stay far away from them.

While they might look like they care about their clients, this couldn’t be further from the truth – in fact, they are most likely just out to make a quick profit, and nothing more.

They don’t have any real reviews on their website, and they don’t require your password – which means that they’re not sending through real engagement.

We think that it’s much better for you to find a company that cares about you as a client and isn’t ready to jump on your money and run with it. 

Top Twitch Booster Alternatives

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