Twiends Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?

Twiends Review – Is Twiends a Scam?

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TwiendTop Alternative
Safe & SecureYesYes
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Good ReviewsNoYes
Real FollowersNoYes
High RetentionNoYes
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Twitter Engagement

Before we get into this Twiends Review, we need to cover some things about Twitter and engaging on the platform.

Chances are that if a company is selling Twitter followers and engagement, it’s not likely all real. While some followers and engagement may be real, not all of it will be, and that’s where things get sticky. 

We don’t recommend that you buy followers and engagement from certain services because we have expertise in what’s safe and what’s risky when it comes to this kind of service. 

When you know, you know. You know?

Not only is the engagement often fake, some of these companies even use bots, which are not safe and often very spammy on Twitter. Bots are not allowed on Twitter, even though this practice is often widely accepted and used by some Twitter users

Twitter’s terms of use may not be as restrictive as Instagram’s, but they still have rules that must be followed.

Twitter can suspend or ban your account for breaking the rules. It’s better to find a service that poses little to no risk (preferably no risk). 

Just like you would protect your reputation on your other social sites, you should be protecting your Twitter account.

No matter how you use Twitter, your reputation is on the line. People can tell when you’re real and when you’re not. 

People are smarter nowadays about engagement and when it looks fake, they know it.

Now that we have some important things covered, let’s get into this Twiends Review.

Twiends Review 2024

Twiends is a company that claims to be able to help you with engaged, targeted Twitter growth features.

The website claims that they help you grow your Twitter responsibly, but do they?

However, we have our doubts, which we’ll talk a little bit more about below in our review of them.

Have you noticed how frantic people get about followers on Twitter?

While the competition is fierce across social media outlets, Twitter is a favorite among those who love this short-burst, quick-post platform.

This is why people turn to technology to grow their followers.

It’s when the competition gets so fierce that Twitter users panic and get desperate enough to use less than reputable methods to get followers. It can happen to anyone, but you don’t need to get caught in that trap.

Before you invest in such services, be in the know.

It’s important to know the difference between legit and a scam – the better you get to know how to tell the two apart, the better a choice you can make for your Twitter page.

If you’re serious about the right Twitter growth, you’ve got to be discerning.

Twiends is the Twitter-based growth service on our pallet for review.

What is Twiends?

Twiends logo

Twiends advertises itself as a responsible Twitter growth service, but they aren’t clear about what they do or how they do it. Since the site isn’t clear about how they “responsibly source” Twitter followers, we have our doubts and suspicions.

Before you can use this service, the first thing they try to get from you is your password, which sets off red flags for this reviewer.

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A good rule of thumb: Never give any such service your Twitter password. As a matter of fact, never give any social media growth service any of your social accounts’ passwords. You should run from these services. 

They claim to be seen on sites like Forbes, Mashable, SocialMediaToday, and such, but after trying numerous searches on them, I didn’t find anything recent on any of these sites about this service.

In our experience, when a company claims to be associated with any notable website like news sites, they are not legit, but they want you to think they are. They name-drop to gain your trust.

Any mention of them was from 2011 and 2015.

Keep in mind, a “mention” doesn’t mean something is good. If they did something good in 2011 and 2015, that’s great, but now, they are just using that to grab your attention.

We use a system of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst for reviewing services.

What are Twiends Main Features?

Twiends Review - Features

It’s difficult to find anything about particular features on their site.

They claim to grow Twitter followers responsibly and offer a free learning page, which is okay.

The basic idea on their homepage that comes closest to being ‘features’ are these aspects of the service.

  • Grow Your Audience according to Twitter policies
  • Learn How to Grow using their articles
  • Social Home Pages with your own social wall on Twiends
  • Connections with their community
  • Awesome Directory on Twiends
  • Guides for setting up your account and using Twitter’s features and tools

What I get out of it is you get connections by being part of their community for free and they don’t add followers to your account. (or so they say).

If you pay to get featured on Twiends, here are the features of that upgrade (see pricing next).

  • Country Targeting
  • Twiend Moderation
  • Human Support (7 days per week)
  • NSFW Removal
  • Daily Statistics
  • Speed Control at which your account grows
  • No Eggs
  • Pause, Resume, or Cancel Control over your account

Once again, this website offers very little about the service and the company. This is another red flag. It’s making us wonder what they might be hiding from potential clients, or even their existing clients.


The site says this service is completely free to use unless you want to get featured where you can get started with a $1 trial and then upgrade to the $9.95 a week subscription.

There isn’t much transparency on pricing or what you get when you’re featured.

Perhaps it’s a secret.

One of the many metrics we use to measure the safety and reliability of sites like Twiends is transparency. We are especially suspicious of sites that feel the need to hide their pricing. That should be one of the things they openly provide.

If you look at the second set of features in the above paragraph, that is what they claim you get when you upgrade to being featured.

They claim to ensure your profile will be displayed prominently.

They also offer a money-back guarantee, easy cancellation with no obligation, and any unused services are refunded.

Is Twiends Safe? Is It a Scam?

Twiends claims to be a risk-free Twitter growth service that stays within the confines of Twitter’s restrictions and guidelines.

Here is what I found out just from looking around at the site.

  • HTTPS secure site

Email, contact form, and phone contact present

  • No clear pricing or what’s included
  • No FAQ or Help page
  • 24/7 active customer support inactive or unavailable
  • No real onsite testimonials or reviews (The keyword is ‘real’)
  • No verified payment gateways are in place to protect your payment information
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When there are this many red x’s on a site’s inspection on user reviews, it’s a sign to watch out for it.

Asking for your password first is a big no-no in my opinion and is the first and worst red flag for Twiends.

It’s too risky. I give it 1/10 for safety and transparency.

Review Conclusion

As for final thoughts, it’s risky to use any Twitter bot or growth service that doesn’t look right.

You can find real, off-site reviews here and here.

You can also read the experiences people had here and here.

If you’re having your doubts, it’s always worth checking up on the Twiends reviews that we’ve linked to above, and make sure that you can see how other people feel about services like this.

You always use companies like this at your own risk, but we definitely recommend doing your homework before diving in the deep end.

This way, you can give your Twitter profile the best chance of success.

Disclaimer: We do not run these other sites, but they do provide some good insights you should know before investing in Twiends for Twitter.

We do advise you to do your own research and protect your Twitter account at all cost.

Top Twiends Alternatives

Don’t worry – if you don’t like the sound of Twiends too much, we can help you out with some alternatives.

Let’s take a look at what we think are some great options for you in lieu of Twiends.

1. Twesocial

TweSocial - buy real Twitter followers

If you want a company that’s never going to let you down no matter what, then we suggest you check out Twesocial.

This company lets you buy real Twitter followers and has its ducks in a row and comes with the kind of features that you need if you really take your Twitter account seriously.

They have some great pricing that’s super competitive, and they also have really good customer support, so that you can feel taken care of every step of the way.

Their reviews are excellent, and they go by the ethos of simplicity.

Twesocial, as you can see, has it all, which makes them a great Twiends alternative if you need them.

2. Tweeteev


Are you looking for targeted followers that you can engage with to get the right kind of people for your tweets and content? Then you need to check out Tweeteev.

Tweeteev is actually really similar to Twesocial, and go the extra mile to match your profile.

One of the things that they promise is organic growth, so you don’t have to worry about bots or fake engagement.

They promise that they don’t grow your account with anything other than genuine features, so you can feel confident you’re getting the best service.

They are also 100% safe, which is a nice little bonus.

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info
1Media MisterVisit

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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6 thoughts on “Twiends Review 2024 – Is It a Scam?”

  1. Lost my account tonight not even the activation code on email would work(and its meant to be 2 hours but instantly expired)
    Twiends are the scum of the earth DO NOT USE

  2. I was looking for a service to grow my Twitter following and considered trying Twiends but after reading your review I’ve changed my mind. I think that this company isn’t trustworthy. They are not transparent about what features they offer and what strategies are applied to growing your following.

  3. My friend fell for this scam. He used Twiends to grow his Twitter following but lost his account instead. Twitter is very quick to detect and lock accounts that use botting services. To be fair they don’t even guarantee any results on their website. It’s like they are admitting themselves that it’s all just a scam.

  4. Thank you for giving us reviews on these kinds of services. It helps us make more informed decisions before making a move. The reviews just show how twiends is a waste of a purchase, gosh I can’t believe they charge a dollar for the trial. And using the names of Forbes and other big names does not really change the fact that what they’ll really serve you are fake followers. Not worth my money nor my time.

  5. My account is restricted right now because of using this botting service so their claim to grow your account according to Twitter policies is a complete lie. If I knew that this would be the case, I would’ve never used this service. It’s not worth the risk of losing your account.


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