TrendGrow Review – Is It Legit and Safe or a Scam?

TrendGrow Review – Is It Legit and Safe or a Scam?

TikTok is not your mother’s social media. At least not yet. This social platform was created by Chinese developers and was originally called

Today, it is TikTok and it is designed to allow people to create and share short music videos.

For instance, users are known to create and share videos of themselves singing, dancing, lip-syncing, and being comedic.

TikTok’s primary audience is young with 60 percent of its users ranging from 16 to 24. However, there are some younger and some older users on TikTok. For many users wanting their 15 minutes of fame, this platform can be challenging to grow, though it is possible.

TrendGrow Review

TikTok users are using TrendGrow to grow their accounts, but how safe and effective is it? The following review will explain how this system works.

What is TrendGrow?

TrendGrow - Logo

TrendGrow is a TikTok-specific tool that includes a fully managed service that provides post interactions targeted to your audience.

The idea is that the more engagement they provide to your targeted audience, the larger your following will grow because it will be seen by others within your niche. When they see your content, they will likewise engage with you and your account will grow even more.

TrendGrow’s website says, “We’ll help you grow your TikTok… FAST – just don’t forget about us when you’re a famous influencer, okay?” Of course, this includes two emojis tacked onto the end of that statement.

That statement alone shows that they are familiar with TikTok users.

What are TrendGrow’s features?

It takes more than just knowing the social media audience’s age to engage and grow on TikTok. What else does TrendGrow bring to the table that is good for growth?

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According to the website, TrendGrow simply knows how TikTok’s algorithm operates. They claim that their team has dominated Instagram and helped some of the biggest influencers there.

Since Instagram’s user base has changed from mainly the younger crowd to parents and grandparents, they have chosen to use their “ninja programming skills” to do the same on TikTok and move away from Instagram.

Many of the same methods used on Instagram are useful for TikTok as well. The steps outlined on their website include:

  1. Invest in a Package
  2. They Do the Work
  3. You Grow Famous

In our view, they leave out some pertinent information when it comes to how they work, but that is not a deal-breaker. They say they are trying to protect their tactics and formula from their competitors so they can remain number one in this venue.

TrendGrow offers three, easy to find packages with affordable pricing that ranges from $4.97 to $14.97 per month. They bill you monthly and you can cancel anytime without question.

They limit posts from between 2 to 4 per day depending on the package you choose. Views can range from 80-100 to 600-900 depending on your chosen plan. Likes and followers are also dependent on the plan you choose for your account.

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Is TrendGrow Safe? Is it a Scam?

As far as TikTok growth services go, TrendGrow is pretty safe with a few exceptions.

  • For instance, their website isn’t secure, which we hope they remedy soon.
  • They may be using TikTok bot technology for engagement, though at this point, we cannot affirm this as fact.
  • Scam Advisor gives them a 73%, a fair rating claiming they don’t think it’s a scam website.
  • They don’t ask for your password or other sensitive information, which is indicative of services that are not using fake accounts. Just your username and then customize your package.
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Overall, this system seems safe, but as always, we recommend caution when choosing any kind of growth tool or service for any social media network.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

TrendGrow seems to be an affordable and safe solution for growing your TikTok account with relevant users.

We always suggest that you do your own investigating when it comes to choosing and investing is TikTok automation companies. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but you don’t want to get scammed or caught up in something you cannot get out of, which can happen sometimes.

To avoid such issues, a little research goes a long way to keeping your TikTok account safe. That should be first and foremost in your mind when outsourcing your engagement.

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Thanks for reading.

- Jon

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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