Top Solutions To Streamline Inspection Management

While there is a lot to consider when running a business, it’s no secret that maintaining compliance with predefined industry regulations can be one of the biggest things to keep in mind.

Although inspections can be a good way to ensure you tick all the right boxes, human endeavors can sometimes fall victim to poor quality control.

There is a better way to manage these processes, namely AI and intelligent automation technology.

What Inspections Entail

Traditional inspections are typically undertaken on foot and will see an operative defining the areas and equipment that need monitoring and whether checks are being performed to comply with either local or legal regulations.

The person performing the inspection will often refer to a checklist and previous inspection reports and have a notebook to record their findings.

These can also be a little more involved and include safety tours, sampling, site surveys and incident inspections.

The process often requires inspections to be scheduled, specially designed safety forms and checklists to be filled out and a method to record data and keep track of any corrective measures performed.

The information compiled from these inspections can be used to monitor and increase on-site performance, mitigate risks and promote a better focus on future compliance.

With all of this in mind, you may want to take a look at an automated inspection solution to ensure that everything is done correctly and your business remains compliant to avoid potential fines or worse.

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Top Digital Solutions To Improve The Processes Of Inspection Management

As briefly mentioned above, inspectors and similar operatives are not infallible. The bad news is that a lack of efficiency or corrections could result in a host of issues for your business.

This is where inspection management software can come in handy. You can choose one solution or implement an array of tools to keep your business compliant.

Automated Optical Inspection And Smart Cameras

Two of the breakout technologies in the inspection field are automated optical inspection software and smart cameras.

These solutions allow users to define parameters and designate smart systems using AI machine vision and deep learning to perform highly detailed quality checks.

Of course, these are some of the more expensive tools available, so when transferring to digital inspection processes and support, you may want to keep them on the back burner for the time being.

Mobile Apps

A more affordable solution is the wide array of mobile inspection solutions on the market.

Even the simplest apps can design and execute questionnaires, assist with monitoring with interactive dashboards, quickly provide precise data analysis and have custom functionalities that can be tailored to meet specific business needs.

Some can even be integrated with your current software and infrastructure to ensure nothing is missed.

For more in-depth assistance, some inspection-based mobile apps can focus on compliance protocol and risk management, so you can expect help with security, the sustainability of inspections and even take care of company audits.

As an even more comprehensive solution, you could also make use of packaged inspection solutions that speed up data collection and have tools to maximize operational efficiency.

Features to look out for:

  • The ability to design and execute tailored questionnaires
  • Automated, intelligent scheduling
  • Data collection and real-time analysis
  • Inventory management and asset monitoring
  • Management of multiple security standards and procedures
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Simple and intuitive UX and data visualisation
  • Risk assessment and management features

Building Inspection Tools

This form of AI performs keyword searches via text mining techniques to scan previous and new inspection reports for important information regarding damages.

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Users can expect to not only identify potential impairment, but also the extent of damages recorded to determine how best to tackle them and minimize repeat issues in the future.

Vision AI

Manufacturers will have the ability to improve their vision inspection process when using vision AI.

This type of inspection tool can detect anomalies and define product variations beyond what standard machine vision can perform.

These types of solutions won’t only help to improve inspections however – they can also assist in scale production for manufacturers and provide a higher level of overall quality control.

Benefits Of Streamlined Inspection Management

Some of the most noteworthy benefits are the peace of mind that can come with legal compliance, alongside the fact that many of these solutions are affordable and can limit the time and energy spent when undertaking manual inspections.

When you have access to extensive solutions, you could even potentially save money for your business in the long run.

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