TokSocial Review 2024 – Does it Work?

TokSocial Review – Does it Work?

TokSocial Review 2024

If you are on TikTok, you will know that the platform is rapidly expanding and may soon be the number one social media platform around the globe.

With the rise of TikTok’s success has come a plethora of companies offering staggering account growth and the ability for users to go viral on the app.

With so many businesses offering their services it can be difficult to work out who to put your money on, but TokSocial shouldn’t be a service to overlook. 

Why TokSocial?

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TokSocial’s entire premise is based on providing users with real, targeted followers that represent their market segment and niche. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is full of users that are Gen Z.

This particular generation are notoriously difficult to market to and seek refuge in communities within the app.

TokSocial help you build a coherent TikTok strategy that will help you embed your account into these communities which will result in a following of people who are actually invested in your TikTok’s. 

How Does TokSocial Work?

TokSocial Work

TokSocial provides you with your own dedicated account manager that can help you build a strategy to grow your TikTok account, this can be from the market you want to work with, how often you want to like or comment on others posts or if you want to direct message.

TokSocial will deploy an organic growth strategy on your account to maximise its reach but only to accounts that will like your content.

This is in contrast to other services that use a blind follow methodology, which only seeks to increase your numbers rather than the quality of your followers.

Quality of followers is imperative on TikTok, as you want to be able to turn them into leads or other business opportunities, so there is no point in filling your account with users that have no interest in your content.

The multi dimensional strategy ensures that the target market you gave to your manager will be exposed to your content, this could be via interactions, follows, comments or likes.

It is this multi-dimensional strategy that will see your account grow.

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Toksocial Pricing

Toksocial Pricing

Toksocial makes the entire process of paying for their services super easy. They say that their regular plan is going to set you back $15 a week, while their pro plan is going to set you back $25 a week.

Their regular plan includes moderate growth, as well as real results and smart targeting. They also say that this package comes with their personalised account manager and support around the clock.

Their pro plan includes maximum growth, along with all of the features that you can get in their basic plan.

We think that overall their pricing is more than reasonable, and what you can expect to pay for a service like this that is really high calibre.

You might be tempted to go for something more affordable, but trust us when we say that cheaper usually equals lower quality.

How Did Toksocial Do in Tests?

Toksocial was put to the test by our team of professionals, just like we do with every other company that we review here. We decided to sign up for their basic plan, which as you know cost us $15 a month.

We were pleasantly surprised at the results. They got in touch with us more or less straight away to talk to us about what our goals were for our TikTok profile, and what kind of engagement we wanted to see happen.

We love that all of the engagement that we got from them initially stuck around and actually interacted with our videos. This was impressive.

What About Their Team?

The sign of a good growth company for TikTok is the ability to say a lot about their team on their site.

It is one of the surest signs of accountability, and it means that you will be able to get to know them as a company before you sign up for anything and realise what’s really going on.

We are pleased to say that Toksocial is more than willing to be upfront about their team and what’s going on behind the scenes, and is happy to answer any questions that you might have in the beginning.

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Why Go Organic?

You would be forgiven to think that it would be far easier to buy followers to boost your number on TikTok, but this could damage your account.

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TikTok works on the follower to engagement ratio, so the more followers you have the more engagement you should have.

If you have more followers than engagement, your account looks suspicious and TikTok may limit its reach.

This is one of the many reasons you should trust TokSocial to grow your account, as they will ensure they maintain this follower to engagement limit and ensure your account reaches the maximum audience.

Furthermore, the followers that you get from using TokSocial are real users that meet your demographic requirements, they do not work with bot accounts, so the followers TokSocial generate for you, will be real followers that are interested in your content.

Final Thoughts

TokSocial is a TikTok growth service that can provide you with a method of growing your account in a safe manner, with followers that represent your target market.

You have your own account manager who can help you build a coherent strategy that will help you reach new audiences, while you can get on with what is important, creating content.

TokSocial are a trustworthy organisation who wont fill your follower list with fake accounts or bot accounts, as some businesses do.

You can be sure that when you employ them, you are employing one of the best services on the market that will make your TikTok growth seem effortless. 

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- Jon

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