3 Tips For Raising The Funds To Start Your Own Machine Shop

The process of launching a new business is fraught with tough decisions and administrative obstacles. Accessing the capital to get a machine shop off the ground is an undeniably tricky hill to climb, as costs can be steep.

To prevent your dreams of machine shop ownership withering on the vine, we’ve put together some advice on how to keep startup costs low, raise the funds you need and build a thriving business.

Reduce Your Costs By Buying Used Items, E.g. Press Brakes

Before you even think about finding a way to finance your fledgling company, you need to know what costs you’ll face to open up and start taking orders.

For machine shops, it’s the equipment that’s the biggest budgetary burden, meaning that any savings you can make will leave you in a stronger position going forward.

The ideal solution is to buy second hand machinery which has been well looked after and still has plenty of life left in it.

For example, if you’re looking at premium brands of press brakes you can get a more affordable price with used units, rather than paying through the nose for new models.

Have A plan

However you fund your machine shop, you need a business plan to underpin your efforts. Without one, you’re more likely to accumulate business debt without having a viable way of justifying it, or paying it off.

With a business plan, you will know what your company needs to succeed, and you’ll have the framework for working towards this.

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Writing a business plan will also let you sell your idea to potential investors more easily. A solid pitch relies on this, and it will help with things like business loan applications as well.

Review All Your Options

You don’t just have to fund your machine shop in one way, as there are many avenues to consider, and a combination of capital from different sources can be the best solution. So what are the types of funding to weigh up? There are various choices available, including:

Personal Savings

Plenty of people have started businesses using their own money, so if you’ve got savings that are sitting there earning minimal interest, it could be wise to invest in your own machine shop startup.

There are risks with this approach, of course, as if your entrepreneurial project doesn’t work out, you might not be able to recoup the money you put in.

Friends & Family

Anyone with the luxury of having friends and family they can call upon to invest in their business ideas should definitely think about doing so.

Just remember that as soon as you get large sums of money involved in your personal relationships, this can create strains and conflicts.

Private Investment

Investors are always looking for new opportunities to make their money work for them, so working with private individuals or groups is a way to fund your business and also access expertise from money men who want to get hands-on with this process.

The problem is that investors want a return on the money they put up, and will also take a stake in the company, which gives them control, so you won’t have your own way on every decision.


Funding your business through a crowd-sourced method makes sense for some machine shop operators, as you can incentivize contributions by offering participants something in return, such as a discount on the services you provide.

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Where crowdfunding gets complicated is the amount of promotion you need to do to generate interest in your campaign.


There are all sorts of government grants available to small businesses, with both regional and national schemes available. Machine shop operators can make use of this type of funding to cover some costs, although don’t expect a grant to pay for everything you need.


Bank loans are well suited to small businesses, and don’t require you to kowtow to investors when making decisions. The drawback is that interest rates and repayments will eat into your earnings in the short term.

Final Thoughts

The more time you spend planning your machine shop business, the clearer your funding options will become. Forging ahead before you’re ready, meanwhile, is the quickest way to make a misstep.

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