TikTop Review 2024 – Is it a Scam?

TikTop Review

TikTop Review 2024

We all know that there are tons of automated tools, systems, services, and websites where you buy engagement for social media growth. This does make it challenging to weed out the less desirable options for the best ones.

TikTok, being new to the social media game, has fewer companies offering these services, but it is still challenging to choose which one will work best for your needs. While not all of these growth tools come with risks, some do when you buy followers and engagement even though it has become a common practice.

We do not recommend buying your followers or engagement, but we also do not make your TikTok engagement strategies for you. If you plan to use TikTok growth tools, be sure to check out the companies you choose first. Read professional and user reviews from third-party websites and know the red flags of a scam site.

The following TikTop review will discuss what we learned through our research and using our metrics to determine its safety and performance.

What is TikTop?

TikTop -logo

TikTop is a new website with an unknown reputation that allows its members to buy exclusively TikTok fans and likes. The website content claims that the team has more than five years of experience with social media platforms.  Since is a new site with an unknown reputation, it is wise to be cautious.

TikTop claims to give you the chance to become an almost overnight online celebrity. In internet terms, they strive to help your content go viral.

What are the features of TikTop?

Every business website that allows you to buy engagement has a process of getting started, similar features, and similar packages and pricing. We will take a look at what the TikTop website has to tell us about this company.

Getting Started

  • You start by browsing through the offered packages for fans and followers.
  • TikTop only needs your TikTok username and your preferred package to help you get started.
  • Then your order is processed, which can take up to 24 hours depending on the package you choose.
  • Monitor your progress and see how TikTop helps you get new fans and likes.
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The features are not much different from other similar websites, but the content for this section is detailed and thorough.

  • Easy payment process
  • Lightning fast delivery
  • Top-tier quality
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service and support
  • Higher chance of being featured
  • 100% safe and secure
  • High ratings
  • Competitive prices
  • Effortless ordering process


TikTop -Packages

The packages are about what you would expect from this type of company.

  • Fans or Likes: 100 for $3.99 to 5,000 for $69.99

TikTop has kept it quite simple. Each package on the website states the timeframe for order delivery.

Top-rated Growth Tools for TikTok

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Is TikTop Safe? Is it a Scam?

We question some of the features the website claims for using TikTop. We found no resources or user reviews related to their website or services. Scam Advisor gave this website a 58%, which is mediocre. That does not mean it is a scam, but it does require that you use due diligence and common sense.

Scam Advisor also did not report any positive highlights on the website but reported seven negative highlights. One of these highlights shows the website was set up less than five months ago. More data and research will be needed before we will determine the safety of this website and service.

However, we will provide you with the pros and cons we uncovered just by reviewing the website.

Pros and Cons

  • It is using the https secure website address protocol
  • It does a contact form under the “Get in Touch” menu option
  • The packages and prices are easily found and understood
  • There is a blog on the website
  • There is a dedicated FAQ page, but it has no FAQs on it
  • This is a website and company in its infancy with no reputation or third-party reviews
  • We cannot be sure the on-site reviews are real

There is too little information about this website to accurately rate it safe or unsafe. We also noticed some misspellings and mistakes in the content of the website. That does not make it unsafe, but some things are in the details.

TikTok and Marketing

TikTok is a great social media app for marketers if you want to reach out to the new generation of buyers between the ages of 16 and 34. TikTok’s user base is mostly made up of people under 34 with a small fraction of over 35.

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TikTok allows you to be creative which sending your message and giving a face to your brand or business. It is widely used by already popular influencers from other social media channels as well as celebrities.

It is a smart decision to get on TikTok while it is still young so you can reach out to a new generation of consumers. The only decision you need to make is how you will engage on this new platform. You can choose the DIY method and enjoy engaging on there on your own. You may want to outsource your engagement to an agency or person. TikTok automation tools are an option. Finally, buying your engagement is another option.

Reviewer’s Final Thoughts

We do not advise anyone to use any company that allows you to buy TikTok followers or other engagement. We also advise against trying out a virtually brand-new website with no reputation and a high-risk rating from Scam Advisor. However, none of these factors make the website or service specifically harmful. It is always wise to avoid taking chances.

Regardless of which way you choose to engage on TikTok, be sure to check out the website and look for professional and third-party user reviews. It is not always easy to recognize a scam or unsafe website. Therefore, you should learn more about how to find the red flags on the websites.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your TikTok account, but you do want to outsource your growth, there are alternatives to buying engagement that could be fake or questionable.

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