The Proper Guide To Holding Valentine’s Day Contests On Instagram

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and as expected, social media sites are abuzz with ideas and activities.

Whether you want to spread some love to your business’s customers or simply plan to surprise your partner, creating a Valentine’s Day Contest on Instagram can be an effective way to achieve both.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a walk in the park! It can indeed be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time doing so.

Thankfully, here’s a guide you can use to make it a tad bit easier, from creating rules to flower decoration ideas, and promotional strategies that will help make sure your campaign reaches its maximum potential.

Read along for some insider hacks and tricks on how to hold an unforgettable Valentine’s Day contest over IG!

1. Rules To Follow When Holding A Valentine’s Day Contest on Instagram

Despite how fun and exciting it can be, holding a Valentine’s Day Contest on Instagram is no small feat.

To make sure your contest runs smoothly and efficiently, there are some rules to consider following.

For instance, you must outline the duration of your contest – including the start time and end date – before submitting it for review by IG.

Also, you may want to ensure your entrants provide their dates of birth, alongside accurate contact information.

Unless otherwise mentioned in the official competition rule set, it’s good practice to ensure all entries comply with local laws, and that all participants have read through privacy policies before entering the contest.

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You’ll also want to have measures in place to ensure copyright laws are respected, especially if you’re going to use video content.

Finally, make a point to clearly communicate any entry costs, to avoid breaching consumer trust at any level.

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2. Use Flowers To Make Your Valentine’s Day Contest Extra Special 

Flowers are an iconic gift for Valentine’s Day. They’ve been regarded and used as a symbol of love, and the best Valentine’s gift for ages! So, why not use them to make your contest exciting?

To get started, you can order the perfect bouquet or several from a trusted flower delivery service.

There’s a big chance you’ll come across a discount during this time. Once the flowers arrive, you could use them in multiple ways, including:

  • Creating backdrops full of color and beauty
  • Decorating the physical location where your event is being held
  • Or even offering exclusive prizes by hiding special coupons inside Flower Pots!

 These are just but a few great ideas to get everyone excited about participating in your contest, right?

3. More Creative Ways To Create An Engaging, Rewarding Valentine’s Day Contest On Instagram 

Creating an engaging and rewarding Valentine’s Day contest on IG indeed requires some creativity, but it isn’t as hard as you may think! Here are some creative ideas you can use:

  • Opt for a photo or caption challenge
  • Offer prizes such as gift cards or vouchers
  • Select weekly winners from individuals who submit their entry the week before (show appreciation and interest in those taking part)
  • Involve celebrity influencers within our community
  • Create challenges specifically designed for couples
  • Pair up with a charity for donations based on the outcome of your competition
  • Join forces with another brand to double reward points/entries

Whatever you decide to do, it’s good to make sure that it’s relevant and fun, and that it brings out your uniquely-branded flair! That way, followers will remember your original campaign each year.

4. Promoting Your Valentine’s Day Contest: Effective Strategies For Reaching The Maximum Number Of Potential Participants 

On top of getting creative with your contest and organizing beautiful decorations, you’re going to have to promote it, so you can reach more people on IG and tap into a broader audience.

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The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do just this! 

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Some effective promotion strategies include:

  • Creating catchy hashtags related to your brand or particular challenge, such as (#ValentinesDayContest)
  • Engaging influencers who use IG regularly & asking them to repost on their own accounts
  • Running ad campaigns within Instagram itself through stories, ads, or boosted posts
  • Posting updates with interesting content and relevant topics, and encouraging followers to share them
  • Most importantly, make sure everything looks coordinated and visually organized before publishing anything online!

5. Don’t Forget These Last Steps After Hosting A Successful Valentine’s Day Contest 

Congrats! You did it – your Valentine’s Day Contest was smashing! But wait… there’s still some very important steps you must complete before ending it all.

First off, pick out the winners that have been randomly selected, so they can choose their bottled or won items.

Give transparency to participants by updating them on how and why each winner was chosen.

This can be revealed by conducting solid post-event analytics on the number of entrants, types of people involved, engagement, and so forth.

Finally, it’s also important to give proper recognition and credit to everyone who took part – at least one way or another – in making the event a huge success!

And, there you have it. With this guide, holding a proper Valentine’s Day contest on Instagram shouldn’t be rocket science.

Hopefully, this article will allow you to create an unforgettable Valentine’s experience that will last years ahead!

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