MetaTrader 4 – The Best Platform For Forex Introducing Brokers (IB)

Now, investors have many ways to realize themselves and earn money in various financial markets. We will consider one of those methods in this article.

Any investor who understands trading and has good marketing skills can become an Introducing Broker (IB) in the Forex market, regardless of location. This is an effective way to increase your regular income.

Numerous Forex affiliate programs allow experienced investors to build a global community of subscribers and earn through various reward models depending on their preferences.

One of the most accessible and easy ways is to become an IB with MTrading! Next, we’ll take a look at what makes this Introducing Broker platform stand out and its key benefits to help you succeed!

What Does An Introducing Broker Do?

Before we proceed, it is worth mentioning that the Introducing Broker is an intermediary between a large Forex Broker and the client, he receives commissions by working with the brokerage company to attract new clients and trade using the company’s platform.

You do not need any documents or licenses, you do not need to pay a special commission, it can be either an individual or a legal entity.

An Introducing Broker leverages its client base and establishes partnerships between this base and the trading platform, which allows you to expand the choice of services provided, as well as to increase profits through commissions and other reward models.

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The Key Point You Need Is To Understand Trading

As an IB, you must have communication skills and the necessary qualities, as they are the focus of modern marketing. The most common payment model for IB is discounted.

The principle of operation is that the commission grows depending on the number of transactions made.

Some platforms also use a one-time fee model. This means that as soon as a new trader registers and starts trading, IB receives a one-time payment.

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An Introducing Broker does more than just makes more money for their partner. For example, IB advises and monitors the actions of clients in the market.

If it’s easy for you to build an audience and you already have the opportunity to attract potential customers, then this method of increasing income is promising for you. All you need is to choose a quality MetaTrader 4trading platform.

Benefits Of Metatrader 4. How To Become An Introducing Broker?

MetaTrader 4 is an industry-leading platform that provides everything a trader needs to operate, view real-time exchange rates, place orders and manage positions, and obtain technical and fundamental analysis. MT4 has useful tools to help beginner traders learn as they begin their careers.

For example, one of its most convenient available tools is its ability to copy Forex signals by Telegram Forex from Telegram to MT4.

This feature can be an invaluable time-saver when it comes to understanding data and making informed decisions, allowing new traders to gain confidence as they get comfortable with their new hobby or career choice.

With MT4, beginner traders have the resources they need to begin making progress towards their goals from day one.

The MT4 platform is easy to use and has an intuitive and very simple interface, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. You can access basic information such as charts, indicators, or prices with just a few clicks.

The MetaTrader 4 mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android allow you to trade anytime, anywhere. You can analyze the prices of various currency pairs and make trading operations from any place convenient for you.

Advanced MT4 trading features:

  • Allowed automatic strategies
  • Live broadcast news
  • Activity reports
  • Improved charts and indicators
  • Managing orders, positions, and capital online
  • Monitoring of prices for financial instruments and exchange rates.

It is worth saying that MTrading has developed the award-winning Forex IB program, which allows traders to promote themselves, earn daily commissions, and build an ever-growing network of traders.

This Forex IB program is simple, transparent, and with user-friendly algorithms. In addition, MTrading offers a wide range of options and various support tools for those who decide to become an Introducing Broker.

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These partner tools include tracking tools, promotional materials (logos, banners), referral links, and other advertising solutions.

To get started with the Mtrading IB program, you need to create an account and confirm its verification. You will also get access to a pool of advertising resources.

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Clients can become IB Masters and create a community of referred traders (sub-IBS), thus creating a multi-level community. The larger the community, the higher the earnings.

This company offers its IBs perks such as instant payouts and multilingual support. In addition, the platform stands out for its intuitive user interface, ultra-fast order execution speed, highly competitive trading fees, and prompt customer support.

There are 3 models of remuneration when providing commissions. They include revenue share, payment per lot, and cost of acquisition (CPA).

Thus, we can highlight the main thing about the MTrading IB Program:

  • Dynamic and transparent system that allows IBs to earn up to 60% simply by attracting new active clients;
  • Additional remuneration up to 10% of the net deposit;
  • 10% commission from sub-IBs;
  • Automatic weekly payments;
  • Intuitive control panel and detailed reports;
  • Dynamic and transparent IB model;
  • Marketing support of IBs;
  • No commission limits.

Climb the career ladder, get more than 50 active clients and reach the highest level with 60% spread and 10% net deposit.


In getting started, try to build a successful business strategy to actively increase the number of clients that you will represent as a specialist in the field of trading.

Various online marketing tools, media, and other online channels will help you. Other means of promotion include email marketing, social networks, newsletters, and direct communication with potential customers.

When you manage to attract enough customer traffic, you can turn it into a stable cash flow.

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