Social Drift Alternative (HELP it’s been shutdown!)

SocialDrift Alternatives (HELP it's been shutdown!)

UPDATE July 31st

SocialDrift is not accepting new customers due to operational changes.

This is the message that greeted SocialDrift’s customers this morning.

This might come as a shock to many – but it’s nothing new. These types of services are regularly shut down by Instagram. In April 2018, Instagress was closed and masses of people went looking for an alternative – and since then, many services have followed suit and been forced to close on a regular basis. Just a few weeks ago, Boostfy was shutdown.

Most people just jump from one service to another. The key is to find an effective replacement that isn’t risky.

The operations over at Social Drift had a murky background at best. And now they have been shutdown alongside their other websites such as ViralUpgrade and Instaheap. So finding an alternative isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you in this case.

Easier said than done.

Best SocialDrift Alternatives

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info

Our (Former) SocialDrift Review

The ever-increasing popularity of automating social media activities, especially on Instagram and Facebook is driving business owners to automation software like Social Drift for handling their social media tasks.

There is an ongoing debate regarding whether or not to use such automation or bots for social media activities due to violating the ToS of social channels.

This review will help sort out this debate and help you make an informed decision.

What is Social Drift?

SocialDrift is your average Instagram bot that can be configured to perform all the basic functions you would normally do manually on the social media platform.

It allows for likes, comments, follows, and the other functions you expect this automation to provide.

Just like other Instagram growth services on the market, this one also claims to perform these tasks to help grow your presence organically.

Claims like its affiliation to top brands like Forbes and McDonald’s raises red flags and eyebrows amongst influencers. They also use the claim that they are “Recognized and used by over 10,000 plus successful clients and brands.”

What are Social Drift’s Features?

  • Smart filters to target users by username, hashtags, locations, and more.
    Activity automation that you customize to meet your needs, then the program
    does it for you.
  • Grows your base at “blazing” fast speeds while the program handles the tasks
    24/7 to level up your Instagram presences.
  • Turbo Mode is designed to speed up the growth process.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize the appearance of real engagement.
  • SecureBoost is their boosting engine that they use to grow your account.
  • The premium account offers a dedicated proxy.
  • Growth reports to keep an eye on the growth of your account.
  • Instagram ToS compliance is a feature that is supposed to keep your account safe from being banned.

These features are taken right from the website, paraphrased, of course.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram

Here’s my list of top tools to grow your Instagram account. Did they make it?

RankGrowth ServiceMore Info


Social Drift offers a free 3-day trial and then a subscription for 7 days or 30 days.

Is Social Drift Safe?

On the surface, this program is self-proclaimed as safe, but there are some problems
reported by users. They use a lot of elaborate language to skirt around the fact that they are a basic Instagram bot service.

  • For instance, its claim that it is affiliated with Forbes is questionable since Forbes doesn’t advocate social media automation in this article.
  • Entrepreneur does give it a mention in an article about Instagram Tools for 2018, but it is just an article mentioning 9 other tools as well.
  • IG Reviews has received dozens of customer complaints about this program.
  • RepDigger gives Social Drift an poor reputation score of 34 percent with some eye-opening user comments on the site.
  • This user on Medium claims it is a scam.
  • This user on Reddit claims it is a scam.

Final Thoughts

As far as this reviewer is concerned, the red flags and other included information leads to the impression that Social Drift is not a safe bot for your Instagram account despite its wild claims of endorsement & touted functional features.

SocialDrift Coupon

I have tried to contact SocialDrift for an exclusive coupon or discount code but has been unsuccessful so far. Have you found a working coupon? If you have, please share it below.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

17 Responses


    SocialDrift have set up a new company in the form of who operate the same services as well as a scam that promises you to get verified by Instagram.

    They can’t get you verified by Instagram because they have NO link to them. Instagram shut down SocialDrift and they will shut down Skweezer, too. They operate outside Instagram’s terms of service, so they will receive a legal letter quite quickly.


  2. Hi. I signed up with Social Drift, but when I log in, I don’t have the account settings option, and I’m only on a trial. How does this work?

  3. I was a Social Drift user for some time. They are no longer active but I felt it was important to offer some advice as far as these platforms go:

    Social Drift worked wonders for me, and I think part of the issue with some of these reviews, is that you absolutely MUST have some social media know-how in order for these apps to work for you.

    For myself, I posted quality and custom content as much as 4 times per week. I engaged with everyone brought to my page either with reciprocal comments or likes. When they responded to my automated comments, I engaged.

    I went in once a week and switched up poorly performing hashtags. To name a few things. Also, in signing up for a service such as this, poor client care is kind of a given. But again, if you know a bit about the landscape this is known par for the course. It is frustrating of course, especially when money is involved. My experience has been to just be diligent in seeking resolution to your issues and refunds. But don’t expect world class client care worthy of a 5 star google review. It is rare for platforms like this.

    So moving forward, as a small business owner I would invest in these sorts of tools again. My best advice would be to research best practices for social media and use those skills ALONGSIDE these platforms and you will probably see optimal results!

  4. Also tried SocialDrift. I already have a decent sized account – started with 16k followers. They projected that at the end, I would have “38,381” with “78%” post engagement and a 125% increase in audience growth. After 2+ months, I barely have gained 1,000 followers and my engagement has barely gone up. I continuously tried optimizing, and there was a point where I lost followers & their automation bots stopped even doing anything. Their “fast” mode promises up to 2500 actions PER DAY, and my account barely hit 8-9k actions the entirety of my premium subscription…in about 70 days…which should have been up to 175k actions….I also got the 15% off coupon when I started my subscription and didn’t notice that they didn’t apply the coupon until last week. Thankfully, they were responsive in applying the discount for both months, but they were no help when asking for advice or why their service wasn’t working. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this service.

  5. Do Not Use! This is a terrible company. I have been overcharged 3x even after cancellation. I have contacted customer service for almost a month now trying to get this resolved. It shows that the messages are read but no response is provided. Happy to provide screenshots for further proof. Literally one of the most frustrating experiences…

  6. stay FAR AWAY from social drift. i am not sure how forbes mentioned this company. im pretty sure they must’ve pulled some strings, favours, or even paid a lot of money. DO NOT USE social drift. the results are horrible, compared to the results from competitors. they trick, lied and delayed my payment as long as they can. i have emails for proof. if anyone needs proof on why not to go to them, email me at [email protected]. i spoke professionally and maintained an assertive tone, but was still treated like the folder from 80’s unsolved cases shoved all the way in the back where no one can see them.

  7. They promise me good amount of actions a day , and they says try the WEEK offer. then i tried it and nothing works at all. Then they says thats its normal that nothing move because i have to wait 2 weeks . So they are just thieves .

    By the way they use chatbots, it is so disrespectful

  8. SocialDrift is wasted money, i got only a fraction of actions that were promised :/ disappointing

  9. i tried socialdrift – the numbers they are promising in regards of daily actions executed significantly differs from the actual number (more like 200 actions per day than 2500 actions as promised) … very disappointing

  10. I have paid for one full month as one day later have been charged another payment. And guess what – 2 days after that another!

    Stay away as fraudster will take your money!

  11. Tempted to try to use Social Drift after seeing it reviewed on some major news publications. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a better review score from you. There are so many different IG services to use it can leave one very unsure which one is best. Thanks for your reviews, I’m still searching for the best one for my motivation/success related IG.

    1. Jess, have you found any others that you like? I signed up for SocialDrift and have been disappointed by the growth so far.

  12. I tried out Social Drift and it didn’t work for me. I didn’t gain as many followers as they’ve promised. At first, I thought that it’s because the theme of my Instagram account is kind of niche specific. But after reading your review I think that it’s just a scam not worth spending your money on.

  13. I personally have used Social Drift (which was not a very smart move to do) — their packages seemed very well put together and enticing that I fell for it. They promise so much but they don’t actually deliver, it felt like the followers were not legit and it didn’t help my brand in promotions and reaching out to a wider audience at all. I wanted a refund but they did not give me any. Important to always read reviews from reputable sources and experiences from others who tried the product, I strongly discourage anyone to use Social Drift if you want your money’s worth it’s best to try a company that’s reliable and aims for organic growth like RiseSocial.

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