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Ella Marcotte

5 YouTube Social Media Strategies Vital For Success

This article covers the vital ingredients for success on social media, which doesn’t mean tricks and hacks, it means the lifeblood of being a social media content creator and marketer. This includes all the headaches, frustrations and difficulties that come with being a creator and marketer. 1.) Sustained Quality This takes the top spot because

Ella Marcotte

Top Business & Social Media Trends This Year

The growth of AI (artificial intelligence) sophisticated in-site apps, social media reach, and the internet, in general, have spurred several trends for businesses and individuals. In a way, the entire development reflects how technology continues to play a central role in every human activity. The entire field of genealogical research has been transformed using AI

The Proper Guide To Holding Valentine’s Day Contests On Instagram

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and as expected, social media sites are abuzz with ideas and activities. Whether you want to spread some love to your business’s customers or simply plan to surprise your partner, creating a Valentine’s Day Contest on Instagram can be an effective way to achieve both. But that doesn’t

Ella Marcotte

Why Should You Be Extra Careful Cybersecurity-Wise With Your Business Social Media Accounts

Millions of individuals use social media platforms to communicate, share information, and advertise their goods and services, making social media an inseparable part of our lives and the corporate world. Nevertheless, the risk of cyberattacks has significantly increased due to the increasing use of social media. In light of this, businesses must exercise extra caution

Ella Marcotte

Emotional Branding In Social Media: Does It Still Work?

Social media marketing has changed the way that brands connect with audiences. Now, instead of simply pushing out content and hoping it’ll resonate with their followers, they’re able to engage with consumers through emotional connection. The art of connecting with the target audience on an emotional level is called “emotional branding.” This marketing strategy helps