SEO For Dentists: 5 Starter Tips

SEO plays a massive role in the process of bringing in more patients into a dental practice. No matter what type of practice you run, as long as you have a website, you will need SEO to drive traffic and gain a loyal following and client base.

Google understands the importance of relevance.

Therefore, it will try to present to people the most relevant results for their search queries. This is how even geographically irrelevant results are screened out.

Read on to find out more about SEO tips for dentists.

Why SEO Is Important for Dentists

It is important to understand that as a dentist, you need SEO just like any other business. The higher visibility that SEO awards you with translates into more web traffic and more qualified leads.

This, in turn, will give you more patients and translate into increased production.

Your goal as a dentist should not just be to attract all traffic to your website. Instead, you need to focus on attracting the right audience.

Even if you get thousands of visitors to your website, as long as they are not looking for your services, you will not benefit much from that traffic.

The right audience will turn into patients, and that is the purpose of SEO.

What Signs or Facts May Indicate that You’ll Benefit from SEO for Dentists?

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy. This means that your website will only be visible to people who have entered search terms that are in line with the services that you provide.

That’s why it’s a fact that the traffic you get from SEO consists of qualified leads.

This is different from outbound marketing strategies that just show your business to people who might not be interested in your services.

This is an important factor. You can throw away a lot of money to try and show your practice to people who will not give you the ROI you are looking for. 

Local SEO is another strategy that qualifies SEO as part of your dental practice’s marketing tools.

Since your website will be shown to people reasonably close to you, there is a higher chance that you will get the ROI you are expecting from your practice’s website.

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Five Key Starter SEO Tips for Dentists

Keyword Research

For your keyword research, you can use Google’s free keyword planner tool. This is the first step towards optimizing the pillar pages of your website for your target keywords.

Google’s free keyword planner tool is a very effective tool that you can use to research keywords for your website.

It can be used to discover new keywords related to your dental practice. You can also use it to see estimates of the search traffic that those keywords receive.

Lastly, you will be able to see how competitive you need to be for you to rank.

This tool will give you monthly search metrics and suggestions for new keywords, and it will help you to organize keywords.

For instance, you will be able to see how your keywords fit into the different categories of your dental practice’s website.

Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Page.

The Google My Business page is also an important SEO tool. It will make it easier for people who are looking for you to locate you online. A Google My Business listing also enables you to keep your business information current.

When your existing and new patients search for you, they will be able to see your contact details, location, and opening hours.

To make life easier, it will also give your patients driving directions. Google my Business is one of the most important aspects of local SEO for dentists.

Start Blogging

Once you have managed to set up your Google My Business listing, you can then look into how blogging can benefit your dental practice. It is important to start producing useful content that will attract visitors to your website.

Within your blog, you can add a call to action that will influence people to contact you and schedule appointments.

Apart from just driving traffic to your website, a blog will also deepen your connection with your patients.

When your patients see that you are a trusted source from Google, they will respect your brand, and that increases patient loyalty.

Basically, showing up at the top of search results for articles relating to your field establishes you as an industry leader.

Submit to Dental and Medical-Specific Directories and Get Links from Them.

It’s also important to submit your medical practice to medical-specific directories. This will enhance your local search ranking. Apart from that, it is a cheap way of marketing.

One of the challenges that most businesses face when it comes to marketing is budget.

Submitting your business to a local dental and medical-specific directory is quite cheap, but it can also yield the results you seek.

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Apart from that, it will also help you to gather testimonials and reviews.

Another important aspect of SEO for dental offices is getting backlinks. This essentially establishes your domain as an authoritative name in your field.

Dental-specific directories will contain links to your website pages, and this is good for your SEO.

Focus Your Attention on Gaining Positive Reviews on Your Google My Business Page.

Nowadays, most people who are looking for businesses online want to go through reviews before they can choose a service provider.

This is why you must ensure that your existing patients leave reviews on your Google My Business.

When other people read about the good work that you are doing, they will want to become your patients too.

Therefore, you must ensure that you give your patients the best treatment and encourage them to leave a review on your Google My Business.

These are some of the tips to make SEO work for your practice.

While there are some things that you can do for yourself, i.e., asking for reviews, there are also other things on this list that are best left to the professionals.

Trying to DIY everything might not give you the results you are looking for.

When you have your SEO strategy executed by a professional, you can rest assured that all your bases are covered and that your SEO work is in the right hands.

Therefore, it is critical to know digital marketing companies like Devenup Health that you can trust.

Final Thoughts

Are you failing to get the traffic you want from your practice’s website? If your answer is yes, your solution lies in SEO for dentists.

You need to start optimizing your site right now. You also need to engage the right professionals who provide SEO services for dentists.

Dental SEO has a lot of benefits. You will be able to get a lot of traffic from your website, and all these visitors can potentially turn into patients, and this will boost your business. 

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