A Year In Review: The Best Games Of 2022

The year is not quite over yet, but two things that we can say with certainty are that it has been another outstanding one for games and that gaming continues to grow in popularity. Regardless of whatever else happens in the world, the appeal of playing games online just seems to keep rising among the public.

The numbers speak for themselves. More than 74% of homes in the US have a gamer among the family and the total value of the games industry globally is $197.8 billion.

A lot of that is accounted for by people playing on mobile phones and they are increasingly designed with games in mind. Whatever people are using though, more of them are playing each year.

These are the games that have kept the industry booming throughout the past 12 months.

Best Fantasy Games Of 2022

It has been a spectacular year for fantasy games, with titles that offer cutting-edge graphics and complex world-building hitting the shops.

1. Elden Ring

This game for both consoles and PCs had critics and gamers salivating when it was released. It is an action role-playing game based within an open world that provides lots of opportunities to explore it at will.

Co-written by Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin, the loose plot of Elden Ring has players trying to repair the titular ring so that they claim the title of Elden Lord. Critics and fans praised its stunning visual design and complicated universe.

2. Metal: Hellsinger

Combining graphics and design straight out of 1980s heavy metal album art with deadly serious game-play, this is a fun blend of earnestness and camp. The protagonist is The Unknown, a lost soul seeking to escape her prison in hell and defeat its ruler to reclaim her voice.

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Best Casino Games Of 2022

Slot games tend to be the most popular form of casino gaming and that remained the case this year.

1. Blood Suckers

This video slot from NetEnt offers a return-to-player of 98%. That means a good chance of a win and using an instant withdrawal casino means that any money won can be claimed straight away. Time2play recommends the best instant withdrawal casinos where players can try them out for themselves.

As you might guess from the name, Blood Suckers has a vampire theme. It also has a free spins feature that can be multiplied up to three times, which often proves fruitful for players.

The theme is well realized too, as the icons on the reels include a woman’s neck with dripping blood and a full moon with a dark angel. Blood Suckers combines sharp gameplay with a fun undead idea.

Best Chess Games Of 2022

Chess is an intellectual game of strategy and lots of people love to play it online. These are the games most of them are playing right now.

1. Chess Free

Chess Free is the Android online chess game app that has the highest customer rating in 2022. That is because it is such a comprehensive experience for players.

There are a total of 12 chess levels featured that take you from the starter point to the standard of a professional. There is also a guide featured as part of the app that offers advice about good chess moves, making it a useful way for new players to learn too.

2. Chess Live

This app provides players with the chance to take part in live games of chess against other people. There are five levels of skill and players just choose a username to get started.

It also lets you game in single-player mode if you prefer, where you will be up against an electronic opponent. It has better visuals than many of its rival online chess games, which is another plus point.

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Best Monopoly Games Of 2022

Like Chess, Monopoly has moved into the virtual world now and there are some very good variants on the basic formula.

1. Monopoly Plus

Despite the name, this is really the classic game transposed to the online space. However, it brings the famous locations involved in Monopoly to life in a really impressive fashion.

The graphics allow you to zoom in on them to check out each location in detail during the game. There is also the option to customize the rules to suit preferences, which is one notable difference from the old board game.

2. Monopoly

This version of the game produced by Marmalade Studios is also quite similar to the original game, but no one really wants a version of Monopoly that bears no relation to it.

It has a set of rules that are pretty much the same as the board game ones and that apply to everyone, making the gameplay pleasingly straightforward.

Then there is another aspect that contributes to its status as one of the best games around right now: its different gaming modes. There is a quick mode for those who want to play on their mobile phone during a short break in the day.

Then there is the choice of multi or single-player game mode. The idea of playing Monopoly on your own might sound strange, but the AI opponent you will be up against in single-player mode makes for surprisingly entertaining gaming.

These are the best games of 2022 in their respective categories, but there is some time left this year so a great new one could still come along yet.

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