Outline For 5 Recruitment Strategies For Effective Hiring

70% of the global workforce is a passive job seeker. Companies need to actively seek candidates out to be able to hire qualified talent.

The recruitment process is a crucial aspect of any company’s business. You want to build a team of extraordinary individuals that take your enterprise to new heights.

However, finding the right fit for your team can often be challenging with the introduction of so many platforms and digital workspaces. 

If you are looking to hone your recruitment strategies to hire the best talent, this post is for you. We have prepared the outline of recruitment strategies for effective hiring.

Outline For 5 Recruitment Strategies For Effective hiring

A recruitment strategy is a process of identifying and hiring the most suitable candidate for a role in your company. The goal of recruitment is to find candidates that are not only suitable for the job role they are being hired for but also fit into the company’s culture.

It also aims to create a pool of qualified candidates that can be approached for future open positions. It does this by streamlining the recruitment process and searching for candidates proactively.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce employee turnover and create a team that comprises extraordinary talent that grows your company. Here are some strategies that can help boost your recruitment process effectively:

1. Honest Advertising

The best recruitment methods begin with the honest advertising of your company and its culture. Many companies focus on what they want their perfect candidate to be like, but forget that it’s a two-way connection that empowers that relationship.

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An employee would want to join a company that provides them the environment and opportunities to hone their skills and grow. They would look for a company that promises them a bright future.

By making your recruitment process solely about hiring the best candidates without focussing on what you offer to the candidates, you hurt the effectiveness of the process. You need to show candidates why you are the best choice for them just as much as they are for you.

You can do this in three ways:

1. Treat Candidates As Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. So are the employees that run your company. Just as you advertise your product to customers to make them buy it, advertise your company to candidates to make them choose you.

Start from the job description as it is usually the first point of contact between you and your potential employee. Dedicate a section to elaborating on what you bring to the table. How can candidates gain from working with you? 

68% of Millennials and 54% of Gen Z visit social media to evaluate an employer’s brand. It is another platform where it becomes important to display your culture. Post employee-related content such as office parties and outings.

Make sure that you maintain a positive online reputation. Monitor what is being said about you by past and current employees. If you come across any negative posts or comments, don’t ignore them. Acknowledge them with the steps you intend to take to improve situations.

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2. Clearly Define Duties And Responsibilities

Be honest and forthright about what you are looking for in a potential employee. Clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and duties of the employee for said position. However, be wary of making it a long list or too convoluted.

Job posts that have under 300 words lead to around 8% more applications. You don’t have to strictly adhere to the word count, just try to keep it short and to the point. Have a contained job post that defines what is needed of an employee in clear terms.

If you can, try to be flexible in the qualifications and experience you ask of them. Many times, companies miss out on great candidates simply because they place the threshold too high. Remember that you can always evaluate candidates in the tests and interviews and job posts are simply to attract a broad pool to choose from.

3. Prepare Clear Job Descriptions

Keeping the above two points in consideration, prepare short and clear job description posts. You can always leave specific or finer details for the hiring tests and interviews and keep the job posts general in nature.

Your post should clearly state:

You may choose between a formal or informal tone. Try to not veer off in either direction too much. Candidates may not be interested in it. Keeping the tone somewhere in the middle helps attract a broad spectrum of candidates.

2. Invite Referrals From Employees

Employee referrals are some of the most cost-effective recruitment strategies. Most companies usually have an employee referral program in place that rewards employees for recommending qualified candidates for open job roles.

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You can expect the candidate quality to be good with employee referrals as no employee would recommend an unsuitable employee to the best of their knowledge. They would run their personal candidate filter, so to speak, before sending anyone to you.

More importantly, the candidate is more likely to fit into your company culture. This is because your employees are well adjusted to said company culture to know if someone they know would fit into it or not.

That said, you should be wary of biased recommendations. Many times, employees refer someone simply because they want to work with their friend or because they want to receive the bonus of the referral. Watch out for such recommendations in the hiring test and interview.

3. Hunt Talent Pools And Niche Boards

While posting an ad brings candidates to you, searching for them side-by-side doubles the pool of potential employees, improving your chances of landing the most suitable one.

You may begin by searching your company’s talent pool databases. These are the employees you have already evaluated. It helps you save time and resources as you don’t have to go through the evaluation process with them again.

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As you search popular job platforms, make sure to also explore niche job boards. They can be beneficial in finding specific employees. Smaller job portals are often dedicated to a few distinct job roles that may not be available on bigger platforms.

Niche portals often gather a community of candidates and recruiters. This is especially common for smaller companies looking to hire for specific roles. Reddit is one of the most common platforms to house niche communities that you may take a look at.

4. Leverage The Power Of Social Media

This hearkens back to the earlier point about building a presence on social media. Companies are increasingly using social media to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate with them. It offers an informal way of recruiting.

Simply share your job post on social media as you would on job portals. If you can, make it attractive and eye catchy. Make sure to tag it appropriately so interested candidates can find you as well.

Social media recruiting allows you to share vacancies with your entire network. Even if the people seeing your post aren’t interested in the role, they may know someone who is. They can easily share the job post with them as social media is innately shareable.

The biggest advantage of hiring through social media comes with the opportunity to connect with the dormant workforce that isn’t actively looking for a job. Such people may never visit job portals but are likely using social media regularly to see a lucrative job offer from you.

5. Streamline Tests And Interviews

It’s important to simplify the recruitment process to make it effective. Prepare tests according to roles in advance to save time and resources. You can always leave space for adding specific questions later.

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Similarly, conduct compact interviews to save both your and the candidate’s time. Prepare a list of topics to cover beforehand so that you don’t wander off and keep the interview on track. That said, it should only be a guide and not strictly adhered to.

Allow the candidates to speak freely. Ask questions that spring into your mind but aren’t on the topics to cover. The goal should be to get to know the candidate well and assess them well for the role.


The recruitment process is one of the most crucial cogs in a company’s functioning. It is the foundation of building a team of extraordinary individuals and cultivating positive company culture.

The best recruitment strategies are built on honest advertising of your company and realistic expectations of your potential employee. Make sure you search appropriately on both popular and niche platforms and streamline the hiring process to save time and resources.

Let us know in the comments what you think is the best strategy to recruit suitable employees for your team and how companies can create a positive work environment.

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