7 Reasons Streaming is Better than Cable

Streaming has taken over the way we enjoy entertainment. With the sheer amount of specialized services out there, you can find streaming apps that will keep you fully loaded with the exact type of content you want.

Whether you enjoy watching pop-culture hits, are a horror nut, or prefer more edu-tainment style shows, streaming has got you covered. If you’re still stuck in the woefully underwhelming world of cable, here are seven reasons that you should finally make the switch to streaming. 

1. Watch What You Want, When You Want 

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for a show to air at a specific time slot, on a specific channel, and then hoping that you have access to a channel.

Modern cable is a known nightmarescape, where packages change at the drop of a hat, and the time slots are programmed in a way that’s completely incompatible with most people’s daily schedules. Even if you have a DVR, you’ll still need to wait, record, and mess with storage space issues to watch what you’re craving. 

2. Increased Flexibility in Terms of Content Access 

Even streaming services have obstacles to overcome when it comes to watching what you want and accessing the full plate of content that you’re paying for. For example, did you know most streaming services have region locks that split their content up over different parts of the world?

Netflix is especially notable in this case, as you’re likely only getting a third of their overall content depending on where you’re living. Thankfully, if you jailbreak your streaming device and remove these region locks, you can access a library big enough to ensure you’ll never find yourself straining to find something of quality to watch. With cutting-edge programs and apps, such as Kodi, you can do so with ease! 

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3. Customize Your Costs 

Cable costs are massive right now due to how much of their consumer base has fled the model. Even the base packages will usually cost you upwards of $50, and that comes with barely any premium channels. The fact that most content you have to pay an arm and a leg for on cable is readily available on streaming services makes this problem even more severe.

By going the streaming route, you can simply choose a handful of streaming services, and get access to way more content for often half the price you’d be paying for a cable subscription. This is just one of the many amazing benefits the digitalization of entertainment has provided the world with. 

4. All the Hot New Shows and Films are on Streaming

Most pop-culture mega-hits are located on, and produced by, streaming services nowadays. If you’re looking for all the phenomenal Star Wars and Marvel shows, after all, you have to get a Disney+ subscription to stay up-to-date.

Even if a show you love is airing and premiering on a cable network, it’s likely somewhere in the streaming world within 24 hours. Hulu is especially great for this situation, as most network channels upload their shows’ recent episodes within hours of them premiering on live television. 

5. Skipping the Ads 

Having to watch advertisements is hands down the most frustrating aspect of watching cable. Even if you DVR your episodes, you’ll have to fast-forward, and hope you don’t accidentally spoil upcoming scenes as you navigate this UI nightmare.

With streaming services, the vast majority of them are ad-free (and nearly all of them can be for a small upcharge). Many people find advertisements straight-up infuriating, so if you’re in that group, joining the streaming revolution is your guaranteed way to avoid the constant deluge of annoying, repetitive advertisements. 

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6. You Can Stream on a $0 Budget 

Even if you’re completely broke, you can gain access to a ton of amazing content for free through streaming services. Tubi, in particular, has thousands upon thousands of films, tv shows, and other entertainment options from around the world on a completely free basis.

While you will have to watch advertisements if you use Tubi’s free model, you can even take these out of the equation for a very small fee. There are other less popular free streaming services out there as well, so research them to your heart’s content if you want to make the switch from cable to streaming without straining your wallet. 

7. You Can Watch Your Content from Anywhere 

Another huge issue with cable is that you need to be at home, and in front of your TV to enjoy it. With streaming, you can take your content anywhere, as long as you have some sort of mobile device. And in today’s world, who doesn’t?

Free yourself up from the constraints of your living room, and start enjoying quality entertainment wherever you want, and wherever you want in 2022. Just make sure you have access to a strong, reliable internet service to support your binge-watching habits. 

The Streaming Revolution Needs You

As more and more people join streaming services, the benefits, and amount of content, on the platforms will only continue to increase. If you’re looking for a change that will give you way more bang for your entertainment buck, switching to a streaming model of viewing is your best possible option. 

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