If You Want to Be a Social Media Influencer Then You Need to Learn Crucial Video Editing Skills: Five Reasons Why

The amount of time we spend on our phones watching video content is frankly frightening, and it’s a behavioral pattern that isn’t going anywhere soon. 

We all spend hours checking out the visual content of others, be that the latest dance craze on TikTok, a podcast on YouTube, an Instagram story, or any number of other videos we can’t seem to get enough of, and this might have led you to the conclusion that you’d like to get more involved. 

Perhaps you want to create your own great content and might even have designs on becoming an important social media influencer.

Firstly, good luck with that. While it may look easy to run a successful social media channel, behind the end product is a great deal of hard work and planning, and any ambitions you have in this area need to be tempered with a bucket load of realistic expectations. 

While you might want to have an entourage or a team to help you in this endeavor, you will more than likely have to wear many hats. One of the key ones being the ability to make the most of video editing software as opposed to outsourcing this crucial area of any social media output you will create.

Here are six reasons why learning how to edit your own video content is so important if you want to make it as a social media influencer.

Learn the Value of Content

When you first start to get your social media channel up and running, and this is true of whichever network you choose to dedicate yourself to (and it’s more than likely more than one), you’ll soon work out just how important and valuable every second of filmed footage can be to your push to make it as a social media influencer.

Learning to edit and perfecting your skills in this area will make it easier for you to cut your overall packages into the appropriate sizes that fit the network you are publishing on. This might mean for longer-form videos, you are able to be liberal with your editing, and on other occasions, you’ll have to be more brutal and concise.

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You’ll also learn the value of teaser material and concise snapshots that will work better on the likes of TikTok and Instagram stories. Being your own video editor will help you understand better what works for both your specific creative needs and the parameters of the networks themselves.

Save Money

Making it as a social media influencer could mean a lot of things. You might have hopes of making a living from such an occupation, and while this is entirely plausible, you should be aware that the odds are stacked against you.

Even if your ambitions are not entirely financial, you may still want to restrict the costs of running your social media activities. Effectively editing your own work will help save you the cost of paying someone else to do so.

Improve Your Own Work

When you produce your own content, it can be hard to objectively judge your work. For some, the ability to honestly appraise one’s own failings can be challenging, and there can be a clamor to simply release the output to the world and hope for the best.

If, after you’ve produced a segment or a full video, you then take the time to edit your work, you will be in a much better position to assess your work. By doing so, you can iron out any issues or problems. These might be to do with your own delivery or even the subject matter you are covering as a whole.

The process then becomes more than simply editing your work; it’s also a chance to re-think and alter any aspect of your work as a whole. You’ll find, in time, that as well as learning how to edit your work expertly, you’ll also improve the end product in its entirety. 

Editing as a Sideline

While your initial reasons for learning how to make the most of your editing skills, and you’ll do this with the help of any number of software packages, maybe to help make your own social media contributions crisper and more professional, you might also find that your abilities as an editor could become highly rewarding.

Being an adept editor could lead to working in this field as a freelancer for others; it might end up being a sideline, an additional venture that could help support your larger aspirations as an influencer.

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These skills will also be sought after, not least because, as touched upon earlier, the amount of video content being pumped out and consumed is getting larger and larger.

Learn What Works

The more you edit your own work, the more you’ll learn what’s working in terms of the way your content is received by your audience. Being an effective editor will be assisted by a deeper understanding of analytical data that you can access when judging the effectiveness of your work.

Editing your work is one step in the chain when it comes to being a successful social media influencer. Once your videos are out there, you can then make the most of all the data that you can access. This will enable you to analyze where you went right and where you went wrong.

For instance, you might peruse this data and learn that viewers are exiting very early, and this would help you edit better; it might lead you to alter the subject matter so as to hook your audience sooner.

Similarly, the analytics might show you that on longer form content, the bulk of your audience is staying up to a specific time frame, and you might then look to cut your videos to meet this accordingly.

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