Quadency Review 2024 – Is It a Scam? Is It Safe?

Quandency Review - Your Own Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking and Trading Tool

Quadency Review 2024

Quadency is one of the hottest crypto trading bots on the market. But Is It safe to use with your crypto assets?

Today we will find out.

It’s amazing how the interest in cryptocurrency trading has grown in large proportions over the past year and how as each day passes interest continues to grow.

Likewise, cryptocurrency trading bots and the interest in these tools has also exponentially increased. One reason these trading bots have become so popular is that they save you time and even money over trying to manually trade your cryptocurrencies. 

Some crypto trading bots stand out from the crowd, offering unique tools, features, and performance metrics, while some barely touch the surface of offering the basics.

Also, some are safe, secure, and effective, while some are unsafe, not secure, and all but ineffective in the industry.

The differences are vast and wide in this industry, so reviews like this one about the Quadency bot can help you know the differences and discover which one is ideally suited to your crypto trading needs and goals. 

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Quadency Review

Quadency is a pretty new platform in the cryptocurrency trading bot industry that has gained popularity in a short time.

Let’s see why it has become so popular and if its offerings are something you are looking for in your trading life.

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How Long Has Quadency Been in Business?

Quadency is a cloud-based cryptocurrency portfolio management solution and bot. It was launched in 2018 and is based in New York City.

You access this crypto trading bot via your web browser, which means there is nothing to download and install on your computer or device. 

This bot is an automated tool designed to buy and sell cryptocurrency across the most popular crypto exchanges. It also has the unique feature of providing a way to manage your portfolio so you can monitor and track your digital assets across your exchange accounts. 

You can use this cryptocurrency bot and portfolio management system via your desktop/laptop or your mobile devices since you’re going through a web browser to access it.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser if you want maximum performance while using this crypto trading bot. 

How Does Quadency’s Reputation Look?

Quandency Review -Features

Even though Quadency launched a while after other trading bots, it has gotten a lot of attention due to the exchanges it supports and its partnerships with some.

Currently, this automated trading and portfolio management system is officially partnered with exchanges like Liquid, Kucoin, and Bittrex. 

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Being partnered with trusted cryptocurrency exchanges really boosts the public’s trust in Quadency. It also lends to the enhancement of its credibility.

The main reason for this is that partnering with trusted crypto exchanges obviously offers many benefits for people using these exchanges already. Getting free upgrades to Quadency subscription features is one of many benefits. 

That said, we can honestly say that Quadency’s reputation is good amongst its traders.

What Exchanges are Supported By Quadency?

Right now, the Quadency trading bot supports 11 exchanges. The current exchanges include:

  • Coinbase Pro
  • Binance
  • Gemini
  • OKEx
  • Bitfinex
  • Polonex
  • HitBTC
  • Bittrex
  • Kraken
  • Liquid
  • KuCoin

More could be added with the growing interest in this trading bot and portfolio management solution.

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What Does It Cost to Use Quadency?

Quandency Pricing

Quadency offers a free account and a paid version. The free version offers all the essentials in features for trading and portfolio tracking.

The paid versions allow for more features and enhancements including using API. 

Hodler: The Free Account

  • 1 Live Trading Bot and 10 Backtests per Day
  • Unlimited Exchange Connections
  • A Monthly Trading Limit of $10K
  • Email Support

Pro: The Paid Account – $49 per month or $39 per month if billed annually

  • Unlimited Exchange Connections
  • A Monthly Trading Limit of $100K
  • 10 Live Trading Bots and 100 Backtests per Day
  • Access to Save and Load Charts
  • Trade Screen Customization
  • Advanced APIs for Enhanced Account Operations and Connectivity
  • Live Chat and Email Support

Institutional: The Premium Account

  • Unlimited Exchange Connections
  • Zero Trading Limits
  • Access to Save and Load Charts
  • Unlimited Live Bots and Unlimited Backtesting
  • Advanced APIs for Enhanced Account Operations and Connectivity
  • Service-Level Agreements Plus Priority Support

Institutional accounts are an enterprise-level option and therefore are priced upon request.

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Performance Metrics

Quandency Performance Metrics

Ease of Use: This bot offers a perceptive interface that is easy to use, making the integrations of exchanges, portfolio tracking, and bot use with your connected accounts easier. 

Likewise, setting it up is easy since you have nothing to download and install. Unlike installations, you don’t need to have a lot of technical skills to operate this system.

Another thing to make it easier to use is its knowledge base that makes it easier for novice traders to get started. 

Settings: There are ample settings that can be engaged to the automation bots of this trading bot. Stop orders, market, and limit are just a few.

You may get access to bots that engage in strategies like Bolinger Bands, MACD, Multi-Level RSI, or Mean Reversion. 

A Smart Order bot is available as well, which allows for tracking and managing orders against profit targeting, position, stop, and other factors without disclosing anything to the exchanges order data.

Programming bots via Python is available for Institutional accounts. 

Security: Since access is cloud-based there are more security protocols than if you had to manage this system on your computer from an installed program.

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Also, you can connect via APIs for trading on your specific exchange. Quadency never asks for your API to withdraw. Your funds cannot be withdrawn without your permission. You can only withdraw manually.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) for use with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) encrypts your data during an exchange to ensure your information is safe and secure.

This crypto trading bot  uses two-factor authentication for extra account security. It also operates in total compliance with the OWASP top 10 document standards, which offer maximum security on web applications.

Quadency goes to the effort to allow third-party testing to make sure their systems are up-to-date and compliant with all the latest security standards. 

Customer Service: Customer service is available via different methods depending on whether you have a free or a paid account. Additionally, this system tends to be quite active on its social media accounts, which is another way to reach out for support. 

Most users say the customer service is high-level and credible.  

Profitability: Quadency, like other credible cryptocurrency trading bots, do not commit to the generation of any specific percentage of profit from using their system. This follows a gold standard across other credible crypto trading bots. 

This factor doesn’t mean this service doesn’t generate profit, it simply means they cannot make guarantees in such a volatile market. It’s the most ethical thing it can do.

The digital asset market is wildly unpredictable, making it futile to make any promises of profits. After all, what works for you  may not work for another trader and vice versa. It’s not wise to set unrealistic expectations from a bot. 

That said, Quadency’s bot tends to be a good solution with its partnerships and connectivity to the giants in exchanges and its free offerings through said credible exchanges.

The free account would allow you to check it out and see how it performs for you.

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Review Conclusion

As we usually do, we like to remind you to test and research these services on your own. You want to feel confident about how you trade in the crypto market.

We DO recommend Quadency – wholeheartedly in fact. If, however, you do need an alternative, Bitsgap is also great for your cryptocurrency trading needs. 

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