Profit Trailer Bot Review 2024 – Is ProfitTrailer a Scam?

ProfitTrailer Review - Is It Worth Installing?

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The introduction of cryptocurrency has resulted in the launching of multiple cryptocurrency trading bots.

Due to the nature of these services, it’s important for every trader to find one that matches their needs, while also having a good reputation, credibility, dependability, and reliability in its functions.

When you are researching for the best crypto trading bots, you will find some that meet all the criteria and some that don’t for whatever reasons.

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Profit Trailer Bot Review 2024

That said, we need to discuss Profit Trailer and what it has to offer, and if it’s safe and reliable.

How Long Has Profit Trailer Been In Business?

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This cryptocurrency trading bot rolled out to the public in September 2017, around the same time that many others were launched.

The home base of this automated crypto trading service is in Curacao, the Caribbean island. During the big Bitcoin boom, this bot reached its max in popularity but has since lost some of that popularity for various reasons. 

Where most similar services are web-based or cloud-based, Profit Trailer is a download you install to your PC. Supported devices include Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Mac, and other VPS options. 

While this program is still well-known to active, seasoned cryptocurrency traders, it’s virtually unknown to the new crowd of traders just getting started with their digital currency trading journey.

Is Profit Trailer Reputable?

Profit Trailer - Performance Metrics

ProfitTrailer is not exactly a popular cryptocurrency trading bot these days, but among its loyal users, that loyalty extends to its reputation among these subscribers.

At one time this program had more than 30,000 active traders, but this was its peak and today, there are only around 5,500 or so left, according to its Reddit and Twitter communities. 

The team has been active since its inception, though its active users have dropped in numbers over the years. This is likely due to some traders finding the web-based and/or cloud-based solutions better for their needs.

Otherwise, the team consistently updates the platform and provides support with positive feedback from subscribers. 

Though its subscribers give it a positive reputation and status within the crypto market, it’s only preferred by its loyal users.

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What Exchanges are Supported By Profit Trailer?

Several exchanges are supported by Profit Trailer, which include the following:

  • Bybit
  • Bittrex
  • Polonex
  • BitMEX
  • Kucoin
  • Huobi
  • Binance
  • Binance DEX
  • BinanceUS
  • Binance Futures
  • Binance Jersey

As you might expect, you may only use this program with exchanges where you have an account. You can create accounts as necessary for trading your crypto via this service.

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What Does It Cost to Use Profit Trailer?

ProfitTrailer Bot Review - Pricing

The plans available from ProfitTrailer are as follows:

  1. Free/Paper License Version: The free plan offers trials across the supported cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers 2 bots, 40 buy/sell strategies, and storage for 3 configurations.
  2. Signals Edition: This plan offers the same as the free version plus 2 months of free TB and free signals for €30 per month.
  3. Basic Plan: This plan includes 40 buy/sell strategies, all the features from the Signals Edition (with the exception of the TV and free signals addons), and 5 storage configurations. The cost for this service is €49 per month or a lifetime license for €799.
  4. Advanced Plan: This plan provides for everything in the Basic Plan plus notifications, advanced statistics, and 10 storage configurations. This plan costs €69 per month or you can choose the lifetime license for €999. 

Each one offers support across its supported exchanges, including live support on the Discord platform.

You may also use paper trading and signals subscriptions via the more sophisticated paid plans. So, you can choose the one that fits your needs the best. 

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Performance Metrics

Profit Trailer Bot Review - Stats

Ease of Use: From our research, we found the GUI easy to use. Since the last few updates made to the graphical user interface and the bot, it’s more intuitive. 

While there is some ease of use with this bot, setting it up is not so easy. If you are tech-savvy, you may have few problems setting up the trading bot, but otherwise, it’s quite difficult to do it by yourself. 

Profit Trailer does have a pre-configured VPS, but that is not easy to set up for novice users of such software.

Settings: The range of settings includes SMA SPREAD, LOWBB, GAIN, HIGHBB, CHANGEPERCENTAGE, and others used in trading cryptocurrencies. 

This is a nice array of settings, though this depends on your level of access regarding how many configurations you can store.

Security: While its VPS helps to make this a secure cryptocurrency trading bot, your software is still only as safe as you make it through your system. For instance, who has access to your computer?

Therefore, you would need to either prevent unauthorized access to your system, avoid letting the bot run without your presence, and ensure you have used solid password protection.

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The standard security industry measures have been used for this bot and it never requests withdrawal permission. It only uses APIs for trading, so it is pretty secure.

Customer Support: This service seems to have a dynamic support system if you have a Discord account. Its Twitter and Subreddit accounts are not very active. The team seems very active on Discord since they moved the support solutions to the instant messaging option.

You should be able to reach out any time, day or night, on Discord, though the response time will vary depending on whether anyone is active at the time. However, you may be able to get a response via its official channel.

Profitability: While the name Profit Trailer seems to represent profit, the company does not guarantee or promise any level of profitability, which is another industry-standard protocol. This is ethical and proper since the nature of cryptocurrency is so volatile and constantly fluctuating. 

It’s wise to note that you understand the benefits as well as the risks involved with cryptocurrency trading before you open an account on ProfitTrailer or any crypto trading bot. Only trade with the money/funds you can afford to risk.

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Review Conclusion

Overall, Profit Trailer is secure and it seems viable if you are skilled with using this type of trading bot.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to learn and use. ProfitTrailer is hard to set up, so it’s best for seasoned traders and those with savvy technical skills. 

If you want to try the Profit Trailer crypto trading bot, try it in its free version to get an idea of the difficulty of setting up and using it for you.

All that said, it’s always imperative to do your own research to determine which cryptocurrency trading bot will fit your needs. 

As for our opinion, we recommend that you check out either Bitsgap or Quadency for your cryptocurrency trading needs.

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