Practical Tips for Starting Blogging and Promoting Your Content

Practical Tips for Starting Blogging and Promoting Your Content

There are basic principles that every successful blogger has to use. These principles create a successful path for every blogger.

Proper Blog setup

Every blogger needs to make his or her blog as appealing as possible. However, this is not enough. After achieving the desired feel of the site, you can’t just sit back and write all the time.

You will need to make changes every now and then. You will learn of new things that you can do to make your blog even better.

The best way to keep learning and improving your blog is by visiting other blogs to get information. From them, you can learn what is popular and glean new ideas.

This will help you to keep making tweaks and changes to implement and continuously make your blog better.

One mistake you cannot afford to make is to think that you have to be perfect before you can start blogging. Start anyway and keep growing.

Amazing Content

The ultimate tip to successful blogging is writing great and appealing content. You cannot succeed if people don’t want to read your stuff.

A good way to find good content is by addressing certain topics or consulting with different writing services like Fresh Essays.

Chances are that what you find interesting or unanswered is a mystery to many people as well. Perform a comprehensive research and provide information that is valuable, and of quality to your audience.

Apart from the information, you need to remember that a great content does not revolve around writing alone. It is enhanced by images, fonts, and videos that are eye catching.

More than just good text is needed to catch and retain the interest of the reader.



There is a lot of competition today. Having great content is not a sure way to guarantee you traffic. There is a need to market your blog to succeed as a blogger.

Promote Your Blog

This is the step where most of bloggers fail. You will agree with me that there are many bloggers that have great content but have not made it to the limelight, and very few people know about them.

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They remain unknown simply because they do not promote their blogs or they do it incorrectly. The greatest tip to making it in blog promotion is by not shying off to tell people about your blog.

Once you have launched your blog, there is nothing else that you need to wait for. Start promoting it right away. Let people know about it even when its design has not yet been optimized.

Do not wait until you have ten or more posts. Let people start the growth with you. You should not make a site and make the mistake of waiting to market yourself when you have enough posts.

Show people that you value what you do and are proud of it. After all many of the most effective methods of promotion are free.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Social networking is the easiest way to connect with people. So it is good to post a link of every blog post you make to your social site accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

This will increase your traffic and the chances of like-minded people reading your content. It is also wise to request friends with bloggers in your niche to share your posts with their audience.

Sharing your post links on social media may add on the people that will find it good and share it to other friends that could out of your reach.

Commenting on Other Blogs

It is important to read what other bloggers in your niche are doing. Make sure that you also leave a link that connects to your own link. It is, however, advisable to resist leaving poor comments on other blogs.

This may only hurt your blog rather than building it.

When you read posts on other blogs that are related to topics that interest you, leave sensible remarks that will make people want to read posts on such topics by you, show them that you have knowledge on the subject matter and that you may also have content that they may find useful.

Link to Other Blogs

You can get linked to other blogs by writing responses to previous posts from those blogs. You can write to add some information or even disagree with these posts.

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This is what is called a trackback. People that visit the other blog to read a post there will also see the link to your

blog and are likely to click and find out what you write about.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting

This is when you request other bloggers to give you a chance to write posts for their blogs. When you get bloggers who agree to this idea, you can then add a link of your blog in the post.

Provided that you deliver a quality post, the reader will want to click your link and see more of your content. You can also outsource this work.

Online Forums

Find various online forums that relate to your topic. It works in the same manner as blog commenting and you can sell your blog by making relevant and meaningful comments.

Your forum posts should be of high quality and interesting so as to have people that will want to visit your site.

Frequent Posting

While promoting your blog, you need to keep the reader eager to come back. You can retain readers by maintaining a stable regimen of frequent, quality blog posts.

If you take too long to post new content, people will certainly forget about your site regardless of the quality of your posts. You, however, have to balance between quality and quantity.

This may be hard for many bloggers as it is not easy to find quality material to write on every now and then.

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My diverse background started with my computer science degree, and later progressed to building laptops and accessories. And now, for the last 7 years, I have been a social media marketing specialist and business growth consultant.

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  1. Great advice! I have never had much success with blogging, but perhaps this will help me if I decide to try again. Awesome advice for any writer trying to get started with blogging; I might have to share this with some friends. Awesome post!


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