How To Make A Painless Transition From Field Branch To Corporate Office

If you work at a business, then you might find that you get started with your job at a field branch. Somewhere far away from the main office, but still connected and a place where you can learn the ropes of the job and grow.

Still, as you work on your job in the field branch, you might learn the ropes much quicker and eventually become promoted.

That might entail a transition from the field branch to the corporate office, but how do you make the transition painless? Not only are you probably accepting a promotion, but you will also be leaving your team at the field branch and also meeting a new team in the main office.

It can be very hard to make the transition for yourself and everyone else around you, but thankfully there are a few ways to walk into the corporate office and make it seem like you have belonged there all along!

Plan The Transition Beforehand

You don’t just want to show up at the office on the day of your transition and announce your presence. Instead, you need to come into the office a few days or even a few weeks before you transition fully.

Get to know the team, see what you will be doing within the office, bring coffee and donuts, and learn the office culture.

There’s nothing like getting to know the team well beforehand, so that when you transition from the field office to the corporate office, you will be welcomed and everyone will know who you are and will look forward to your coming.

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Plus, it is just nice to integrate yourself into the team so you can get to work without having to learn everything first.

Be Sure To Make A Good Introduction

Even if you’ve spent some time getting to know the team and the office before you fully moved in, make sure to clearly define your role in the company.

Make sure to write down your roles and responsibilities and make sure the team knows about them. That way the team knows how you will fit into the corporate office, and you also know what you will need to get done each day.

Additionally, if the transition from the field branch to the corporate branch is something that your employer is mandating, then you might have received a letter of relocation to employee which will give you the reason that you are moving, for how long you will be moving, and any changes that will come as a result of the move (such as payment changes). 

Be sure to use the letter to your advantage as an employee and let the corporate office know why you have come into the office. If you can talk to your new team and tell them everything about why you have come into their office and how you can help them out, then you will make everything much easier.

Go Above And Beyond For Your New Position

Finally, once you get settled into the corporate office, you might want to go above and beyond in order to impress your new team and also get a head start on the work that has probably been building up since the person you replaced left the office!

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Get your head down and get to work, and you will find that your transition will be all the easier. While you will likely get some training and support to help you move from the field office to the corporate office, you don’t want to be passive in the office.

So try to go above and beyond and reduce your training time. While you can ask questions and connect with the people training you, the faster that you train and get back into life in the corporate office, the easier it will be for everyone. 

Know That You Aren’t Alone

Transitions can be hard, because even if you have all the time in the world and you have intrigued yourself with the team, it can be hard to take on all the responsibility of the corporate office. While you might miss the work of the field office at some times, you aren’t alone.

Countless people have made transitions both up and down the corporate ladder and have dealt with the emotions and responsibility of the major changes beforehand.

So if you find that the painless transition is turning out to be more painful than you thought, don’t be afraid to get help until the transition becomes painless again!

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