10 Niches For Beginner Youtubers

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to YouTube for income. However, creating and maintaining a YouTube channel requires dedication, so people are not uncommon to get discouraged and give up.

Many beginner YouTubers asked us, “what are the easiest YouTube channels to start?” and “what is the easiest niche on YouTube?” 

In this blog post, we will explore the ten most popular YouTube topics that are perfect for beginners. It is also essential to do more research about the most profitable niches that we’re going to share shortly.

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So, which is the best free desktop VPN? What is a good niche for YouTube? To get answers to these questions, keep reading this guide!

10 Best YouTube Niches for Beginners:


Traveling is a popular topic that people are always searching for new information on, and it can be a lot of fun to film. Plus, there are so many different aspects to travel that content creators can focus their channel on whatever interests them most. 

For example, people could do vlogs from their trips around the world or advice videos on how to plan the perfect vacation. Here is a small tip! Don’t forget to mention the need for a VPN on a smartphone while traveling to keep data safe online.


Technology is constantly changing and evolving, so there will always be new content to talk about. Plus, there are a ton of different sub-niches within technology that you can explore, like tech product reviews, app development, and more. 

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One option is to start a channel that reviews tech products. This can be anything from smartphones and laptops to gaming consoles and smart home devices. If you’re good at giving clear, concise reviews, this could be the perfect niche for you.


If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get started on YouTube, a food channel might be the perfect niche for you. Food channels are always popular, so you’ll have a built-in audience from the start. 

Plus, there’s no shortage of content ideas – you can film recipes, cooking tips, food hauls, restaurant reviews, and more. There is a ton of valuable resources and ideas available on the internet. 

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Another popular topic is fashion. Fashion YouTubers show their personal style and give tips on how to dress for different occasions. They often collaborate with other fashion YouTubers, which can help you build a following. 


Gaming videos are some of the most popular on YouTube, with top gamers like PewDiePie earning millions of dollars per year. And, best of all, people don’t need any expensive equipment to get started – just a webcam and a good internet connection.

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Motivational videos are always in demand, and there’s no shortage of people who are looking for inspiration and motivation. Plus, the barrier to entry is relatively low – all people need is a camera and some editing skills.

Beauty Tips

It’s a popular category with plenty of room for growth. Plus, there are endless opportunities to film creative and informative videos. People can start small and grow their channels organically. The most important thing is to provide value to the viewers by sharing helpful tips and advice.


Fitness is another trending topic, but you really need to have authority in this niche. This topic is recommended to only those who are already fitness trainers and know all the stuff.

Educational Content

Educational content is always in demand. People are always looking for new ways to learn and improve their skills, so your videos will always have an audience. Just pick a skill you’re master in, and start teaching it.

Make Money Online

This niche is perfect for beginners because there are so many different ways to make money online. You can start an affiliate marketing channel and tell your audience how they can earn with it as well. Further, people can teach freelancing or blogging as well.

In conclusion, these are ten great starter niches for YouTubers. They are broad enough to give you a lot of content ideas but specific enough that you can grow a following by catering to a specific audience. So get out there, start filming, and have fun!

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