Mudrex Review 2023 – Is This Bot Safe? Is It a Scam?

Mudrex Review - Is This Bot Safe? Is It a Scam?

Mudrex Review 2023

Cryptocurrency is huge right now, in case you hadn’t heard. While Bitcoin is still on top, there are other coins that are doing pretty well like Ethereum.

That said, the cryptocurrency trading arena is wildly and globally popular, but it’s also wildly volatile. The fluctuations across crypto isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Today, there is a growing interest in cryptocurrency trading bots that allow you to automate your trades.

These services are designed to help you make better decisions and to create custom strategies and bots for trading.

The biggest issue with these automated trading services is that they aren’t all legit. Some are less safe than others.

That said, there are industry standards that you need to know before you forge ahead with any crypto trading bot. 

That all said, this trading market comes with massive gains when the values are up.

Yes, that can also equate to low values being less desirable, but that is why you need to know more about the market before you start trading.

Some traders do the safe thing and just hold, put more funds in, and now and then they will make trades across their digital assets. Others go all in and love the ride. 

If you aren’t an experienced trader, but want to be, you will need to not only learn more about this market, but also the trading bots that are commonly used to make trading easier. 

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Mudrex Review

Mudrex logo

Mudrex is one such trading bot that can be used for trades via settings and features. We will discuss this platform so you can make an informed decision about whether this crypto trading bot is for you.

How Long Has Mudrex Been in Business?

Like most cryptocurrency trading bots, Mudrex launched in 2017, but wasn’t really actively used until 2019 when the people behind it updated their product.

So, it was just getting warmed up in 2017 for making trades on a larger scale. 

We can garner from its recent activities that this platform has built some credibility amongst tech-savvy traders.

The connections and relationships with the titans in this industry are likely to help it stay around for many years to come. 

Novice and expert traders alike seem to be drawn to this bot.

Under its hood, you will find an array of trading strategies and algorithms as well as the ability to create your own and introduce them to the market as well.

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Some are even making money from that arena in the digital asset market. So, people can buy your strategies and pay you for them monthly.

We believe this trading service is pretty simple which is probably why its audience is growing.

By keeping it simple, you will find access to demos, a free plan, and a premium paid plan for your trading needs.

If you’re new, it might be wise to start free, play with the demos, and learn before you risk your funds.

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What Kind of Reputation Does Mudrex Have?

It seems that by doing the right things and having the right connections have helped its reputation.

There is a lot of positive commentary regarding this platform with a little negative mixed in there.

That’s pretty common for any kind of service. It seems to have positive reviews on reputable blogs and across the internet.

While this cryptocurrency bot has a good rep among its users and the industry at large, it doesn’t seem to have the prestige that comes with the more prominent services.

Supposedly, this system may gain traction over time and catch up, but that is to be seen.

What Exchanges Does Mudrex Support?

Most of the major leaders in the exchanges are supported by this platform.

  • Derbit
  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Bybit
  • BitMEX
  • OKEx

If this company does gain more popularity, it’s likely going to be due to the addition of more supported exchanges and upgrades.

How Much Does Mudrex Cost?

Since simplicity seems to be its current model, you will have two plans, which include the free and the premium plans.

Free: This free version gives you access to strategies, exchanges, indicators, email and discord support, and up to 100 backtests for one week.

You will not be able to publish on the platform and the min tick resolution will be restricted to 15 minutes. This is good enough for a try before you buy it.

Premium: This plan is a minimum cost of $16 per month. You will have access to all the features, exchanges, and settings.

You also get access to strategies, indicators, and unlimited backtests. Support for this package offers live, email, and Discord.

The min tick resolution is one minute, you will have a lower monthly fee when you fund above $2500. The Premium plan allows you to publish and make money on this platform.

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Performance Metrics

Mudrex Performance Metrics

Ease of Use: Because simplicity is the pattern that Mudrex follows, it makes sense that people like this bot. There aren’t an overwhelming number of features, but only the ones you really need the most for crypto trading.

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The interface is also simple. You will easily navigate through the labyrinth of the cryptocurrency realm. 

Going into this also means you should be aware that this service will evolve over time. Hopefully, it will stick to its simple model. You can use this trading service from your desktop application or mobile app. 

Settings: Again, simplicity is the name of the game here. You will be able to use the indicators and the trade execution in this app with relative ease.

You can modify the settings a little bit in the interface to make it work for you. This system is designed to be simple, straightforward, and streamline. 

Security: Your security will be as good as you enable on your device or computer. The system itself takes the industry standard security measures. 

Customer Support: Support comes from Discord, live chat, social media, or email. Only the free version restricts live support.

Priority support is for premium users. However, we have heard that the support team tries to respond in a reasonable time.

Profitability: Profitability is your responsibility, so you cannot expect anything from any automated trading bot when it comes to gains.

Your own strategies and decisions for strategies will be how you gain or lose. This is the industry standard. No bot can promise or guarantee profitability percentages. 

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Review Conclusion

Remember that you can use this bot for free for one week before deciding to upgrade to the premium paid version.

Some restrictions to the free option will apply, but you should be able to get a good idea if this cryptocurrency is suitable for your trading needs.

We have found out that sometimes, this platform allows the free version for two weeks, so you can be on the lookout for that deal, if you so choose. 

While we have no doubt that this company strives to offer the best crypto trading bot features and service possible, we still prefer to recommend Bitsgap or Quadency for your cryptocurrency trading needs. 

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  1. Well I’ve had an issue with not being able to withdraw funds for a week now. I have taking several steps myself and support should of been able to fix this issue on day 1. Mudrex needs to help the customers better.


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