More Torrents Being Blocked In 2023: How To Access Them

With the abundance of streaming services came the inability to watch TV shows that you want to watch.

You can, obviously, but the action requires a permanent subscription to at least 5 platforms.

Netflix, HBO, and Disney, all these companies put billions into their own shows to create an incentive to spend more money on your bills.

Why not watch shared movies, you may ask? Torrents were the last bastion of free and accessible content on the internet.

IP holders like the ones mentioned above spend millions in order to delete or silence these websites.

Torrents like the pirate bаy are being blocked, and the act of simply downloading a movie has become a crime in most western countries.

Learn about the most effective ways to access free content online. The updated list of the best torrents is included below.

How To Request A Mirror

Then looking at the term «Torrent Tracker» look closely at the word «Tracker». The website itself is not hosting any movies, software, etc.

The main purpose of the torrent is to list all the content being distributed by the users.

The technology itself lets you download a file partially, from multiple users simultaneously, making the download 5-10 times faster compared to centralized hosting sites.

This characteristic alone allows web developers to create torrent mirrors. The concept is pretty simple, they copy all the data to a different server.

It can be automated to the point that new mirrors will be created the moment its address is blocked. To request it from the tracker, it is possible to reach out via email.

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Another source of these links is various private chats or chatbots. Torrent links in the list below are always up-to-date, use them to access the best trackers freely at any moment.

How To Reroute Your Traffic

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and proxies are the only solutions left if the torrent developers are not able to make their site’s mirror.

VPN can be installed as a browser add-on as well as a desktop or mobile application.

It reroutes all the internet traffic to a server located in a different country. It allows you to bypass any local block placed by the government. Top VPNs in 2023:

  • Surfshark;
  • NordVPN;
  • ExpressVPN;
  • Mullvad;
  • TunnelBear.

When looking for a VPN service, keep in mind that most of them are free. Your traffic will be routed through the most crowded gateways, reducing your upload and download speed drastically.

To get a priority or even access private gateways, you must buy a subscription. Most of them are cheap enough, and the best way to download content is via torrent in countries where it is illegal.

Proxy servers are similar to VPNs, yet they require a setup first. While a VPN connects you to a service after pushing just one button in most cases, the proxy server must be chosen manually.

You have to open the list, pick up the one you have bought access to or a free server, then copy it to your network settings.

Video guides on this topic are plenty, so you can easily set up a proxy in an hour.

Which Tackers To Use

While getting free access to a torrent website is the problem itself, finding a good tracker to use is another common one. Look at the best 2023 torrents trusted by millions of users:

  • Piratebay;
  • 1337x;
  • Skidrow;
  • EZTV;
  • Rutracker.
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While the four of five sites are international, the latter one is primary for the Russian-speaking audience.

Yet, the forum topics can be easily translated via browser extensions with one click. And it is rarely blocked.

Take your time to learn about these places and the ways to bypass blocks to save thousands of dollars for the more important items.

In conclusion, the increasing number of streaming services has made it difficult for viewers to access the content they want without having to subscribe to multiple platforms.

As a result, torrents have become a popular alternative for accessing free and accessible content on the internet.

However, IP holders are spending millions to block these websites and make the act of downloading movies illegal in many western countries.

To access these sites, users can request mirrors from torrent trackers, reroute their traffic using VPNs and proxies, and use trusted torrent trackers like Piratebay, 1337x, Skidrow, EZTV, and Rutracker.

By using these methods, users can access free content and save thousands of dollars.

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